SM Christmas Bears of Joy: Teaching Kids the Value of Sharing


Like last Christmas, we are once again letting the kids take part in the SM Christmas Bears of Joy. It’s part of teaching them the value of sharing.

Note: This is not a sponsored post but rather written in support to SM Malls' Christmas Bears of Joy campaign. There are many ways to teach kids how to share. This is just one of them.
SM Bears of Joy
The kids chose their bears at the SM Bears of Joy display. Dindin picked red while Siobe chose yellow.

SM Christmas Bears of Joy Campaign

SM City Bacolod, along with the other SM Malls in the country, have a yearly campaign called the SM Bears of Joy. This is under their SM Cares program.

When you go to their special SM Christmas Bears of Joy display, you will find teddy bears in different colors tied together. You purchase these two bears for only P200. Then you get to keep one and opt to share the other.

Personalized Note

You will be given a gift card where you can write your name. I read somewhere before that it is a nice thing to sow in kindness in the name of your children. It is like your legacy to them, for eventually they will know what your priorities and values are.

SM Bears of Joy
After paying for the bears at the cashier, we were given gift tags to fill out so that I could write the names of the kids.

Do it for your kids, too. 😀


These bears are gathered and then these will be given to a special beneficiary by January 2016. The SM Bears of Joy 2015 campaign already started last November and will end on December 31, 2015.

SM Bears of Joy
Dindin and Siobe put in the bears that they were giving away in the box for the beneficiaries.

Yesterday, we brought the kids to the SM City Bacolod mall and explained to them how the Bears of Joy works. They got to choose the bears that they like and after paying for them, the kids put the bears in the box that keeps the toys that will be given away.

SM Bears of Joy
Even after being left with only one bear each, they were still very happy. I think we got the point across.

For our toddler, I believe that it is just the motions, but as such, she was able to accept the fact that she would not be keeping both bears for herself. So I think that even in this little act, we have already shown her the value of sharing.


It was a happy time for the kids to be able to do so. But I am more excited to take part in the actual turning over of the bears to the beneficiaries in January of next year. I wonder which of the charities in Bacolod City would be very happy.

SM Christmas Bears of Joy
SM Christmas Bears of Joy

I hope Dindin and I could make it so that she will see for herself the reactions of the beneficiaries when receiving their bears. There is just so much joy in giving, not only on Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!


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