Promoting Healthy Digestion in Children with Probiotics


What comes in must come out. That’s how a healthy digestive system works. But how do we promote healthy digestion in children, especially with their growing palate and unhygienic practices?

promoting healthy digestion in children - probiotics - kids' health - wellness- kids nutrition - Bacolod mommy blogger- Bacolod blogger
Shane’s tummy is kept healthy with probiotics.

What Constitutes Normal Poop

As concerned and responsible parents, we try to look out for anything unusual in our children. It could be skin conditions, their appetite, their energy levels, and of course, their poop.

Normal poop can come in different shapes, sizes, and even colors. Yellow, tan, dark green, or brown are normal. They just vary because the color of waste matter is just greatly influenced by the food that we eat.

promoting healthy digestion in children - probiotics - kids' health - wellness- kids nutrition - Bacolod mommy blogger- Bacolod blogger
All these representations of wastes are normal and healthy. Colors differ because of what we eat.

Constipation vs. Diarrhea

As they grow up, children may experience different bowel movements. Sometimes, they will experience constipation or hard poop. If symptoms continue for days, it could be really painful to defecate and might need interventions. Ask your paediatrician about what you can do.

If some signs worry you, then consult with your pediatrician.

However, constipation can be avoided by giving your child a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Remember to always keep them hydrated with water all day long. Children tend to forget to drink water, so as parents, we have to continually remind them to drink throughout the day.

promoting healthy digestion in children - probiotics - kids' health - wellness- kids nutrition - Bacolod mommy blogger- Bacolod blogger
High-fiber foods like fruits and vegetables plus lots of water aid in the healthy digestion of children.

On the other hand, they could also have diarrhea. When the stool is loose, give them food that is high in starch but are soft to digest. Some examples would be rice, biscuits, and banana. Avoid giving them oily foods.

When your child experiences diarrhea, give them starchy food.

Taking Probiotics for Healthy Digestion in Children

Probiotics are helpful bacteria that are safe to be consumed by people. When ingested, they propagate in the tummy and promote healthy digestion.

There are many over the counter probiotics sold in the pharmacy. Your paediatrician may recommend a certain product if your child experiences some digestive problems. You can easily add these to food or drinks so that the child can consume it without fuss.

promoting healthy digestion in children - probiotics - kids' health - wellness- kids nutrition - Bacolod mommy blogger- Bacolod blogger
Supplement your child’s food or drinks with probiotics.

After antibiotic treatment of certain infections, probiotics are also often administered to restore gut health. 

How Nestogrow Promotes Healthy Digestion in Children

Meanwhile, there are certain food products for children that are loaded with probiotics to help kids have normal bowel movements.

There are milk products like Nestogrow that are already fortified with probiotics.

Take for example Nestogrow. It is enriched with Lactobacillus Comfortis (L-Comfortis), a probiotic, which aids in proper digestion.

Plus, it also keeps the child’s immunity up.

When the digestive system is healthy, it leads to better absorption of the minerals in the food that they eat. The child also develops better milk tolerance and food acceptance. All of these results in the healthy growth of your child’s muscles, bones, and the brain.

That is probably why Shane is performing well at Kinder School. She is currently enrolled at the Bright Kids Preschool. She also takes ballet classes at the Garcia-Sanchez School of Dance.

No More Tears

Additionally, there will be no more crying because of constipation, colic, and even bad or hard poop because of a healthy tummy. For overall wellness, a healthy gut is imperative.

Immunity Booster

What a lot of people don’t know is that, a healthy tummy also keeps the child’s immunity up.

That is why we are confident that even if our little Shane plays in the mud or with animals or goes swimming, she remains safe and healthy. She can grow happy because her playtime doesn’t get limited with our common concept of what is “dirty.”

Family Travel

It is easy to bring the kids around when they are well. We just love to travel as family, discover new places, and learn new things together. We are a homeschooling family so after her kinder school, Shane will also be educated at home. Just like her Achi Shawna.

Check her photo below, taken during our stay at the Delfin Ledesma Ancestral House Silay Airbnb. She played in the pool, went around the garden barefoot, and collected insects.

We give Shane the freedom to play, especially outdoors. It helps to make her #GrowHappy and healthier, too.

We just encourage her to not put her hands in her mouth or touch her face while playing. Afterwards, we wash her hands with soap and water. That’s it. So palagi syang happy (she’s always happy) with undeterred play. 🙂

How about you, mommies? How do you maintain your child’s healthy digestion?

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9 thoughts on “Promoting Healthy Digestion in Children with Probiotics

  1. Oh gosh stumbled onto this post and kinda wish I may be different. Not that it’s not good btw, it’s brilliant! But just that MrsFrugalSamurai and I aren’t really looking forward to dealing with “this” side of having kids yknow? I think we are still in the romance stage… of laughter and fun and lots of hugs…

  2. I don’t have kids, but I myself use probiotics…and I love them. They’ve helped with many digestive problems I used to have- that and I’ve starting eating vegetarian, so a lot of my food intake is fruits/veggies with lots of fiber.

  3. I learnt something from this post. Now, I consider giving probiotics to my children especially when traveling abroad. We cannot be too sure about the food preparation and water source. Better be safe than deal with tummy problems while traveling.

  4. I so agree about the uses and benefits of probiotics for our health. My daughter was really ill recently in Turkey and we were prescribed probiotics to help her get better. They really are important part of your health.

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