Experiencing Breastfeeding Cyberbullying from a Fellow Mom


While everyone was glued to the Miss Universe 2015 drama, I was attacked online. I experienced breastfeeding cyberbullying from a fellow mom.

breastfeeding selfie - breastfeeding cyberbullying
My breastfeeding selfie that stirred so much hate from another Mom. Never thought I would experience breastfeeding cyberbullying from another supposedly breastfeeding mom.

Breastfeeding Cyberbullying

On the same day that Filipinos are over the moon because Miss Philippines Pia Alonso Wurztbach snagged the Miss Universe crown, I dealt with hate. It’s hate from another mom and I experienced breastfeeding cyberbullying. We really need to normalize breastfeeding and remove the negative stigma related to this beautiful and natural act.

Lovingly Mama on Instagram

The contents of my IG account, is usually mundane. I am not very active there, actually, so the posts are few and far between.

Mostly, it contains posts about my family, gifts, shopping, our activities, food in Bacolod restaurants, and many other things in between. The contents are mostly helpful, especially the where to buy and where to eat part. I rarely tag people, just those friends who may have concerns connected to my post.

Moreover, I don’t campaign for likes or follows either because I would rather that my IG account has organic followers. These are the kinds of people who are really interested in my content. And that’s fine with me.

So the last thing I expected was to experience breastfeeding cyberbullying. And from another mom at that.

Normalize Breastfeeding on IG

But one of the things that I have promoted on IG is breastfeeding awareness and the campaign to normalize breastfeeding. I am one with millions of women and moms all over the world who are actively breastfeeding. Plus, I am also encouraging others to do the same because of all its practical and emotional benefits. There are just so many qualitative benefits of breastfeeding for mom and baby.

I had posted this photo, a breastfeeding selfie, taken a couple of months back. My daughter turned 2 years and 2 months at that time. While I also have my official breastfeeding portrait, this one is more natural.

A Natural Photo

For me, the snap was simply a loving and innocuous breastfeeding photo. My daughter Shane adores my breasts so much. Sometimes she talks to these two lumps like she has a close personal relationship with them.

I guess you are like that if you are breastfed. And I believe that other moms have their own stories to tell. I am proud of my breastfeeding success because I worked hard at it. Read my breastfeeding story: Perseverance is Key to Breastfeeding.

But still, I posted the photo in black and white so that people won’t be so offended with a graphic display of half an areola.

Experiencing Breastfeeding Cyberbullying

Then yesterday, I was shocked to suddenly find a very vile comment left on this particular photo. That comment, however, was since deleted. I have to admit, I had to take a step back because I am not used to such language.

But I have to clarify that I am not angry with this person, because I don’t know what she is going through at the moment also. But this is breastfeeding cyberbullying.

@alyssaaenyart commented: Eww your nipple is ugly you stupid wh*re (censoring mine)

hateful IG comment - breastfeeding_selfie - breastfeeding cyberbullying - motherhood
The screenshot of the comment that IG user @alyssaaenyart left on my breastfeeding selfie.

Wow! I consider myself rather sane and pretty older than most ladies who have toddlers. So I am not into this cussing and stuff online.

Still trying to think that the comment might have been left in jest, I replied jokingly:

lovingly_mama: @alyssaaenyart hmmm I don’t see a nipple. Wow you have Xray vision! Are you a cousin of Clark? 🙂

breastfeeding selfie - breastfeeding_selfie - breastfeeding cyberbullying - motherhood
My silly reply to a hateful comment.

I said this because obviously, only the areola can be seen. The nip is inside my daughter’s mouth. And again, this is about breastfeeding.

So anyway, she replied with more hate and that’s when I realized that she was not joking at all. This is already plain breastfeeding cyberbullying. Please read our conversation below:

hateful IG comments - breastfeeding_selfie - breastfeeding cyberbullying - motherhood
Our IG exchange that proved to me that @alyssaaenyart was not kidding. She even said something bad to another breastfeeding advocate @mjrebulado who tried to defend me.

Cyberbullied by Another Mother

I cannot fully get @alyssaaenyart because according to her previously public profile, she seems to be a loving mother who bottle-fed her baby. She also posted a lot of selfies highlighting her cleavage. @alyssaaenyart even mentioned one time that she missed her boobies, probably the ones before she had children.

Plus, she also posted a quotes image saying something about how people should not accept verbal abuse. So then why the hate? And the bigger question, why single me out? I think she is one sad mama.

But I dunno, I guess I still believe that she was just not properly educated about breastfeeding. So I still replied to her.

What do you think of my reply?

breastfeeding selfie hate - breastfeeding_selfie - breastfeeding cyberbullying - motherhood
My response. What do you think about it?

lovingly_mama @aalllyyyyssssaaaa Wow. But you see girl, that is just the kind of hate that’s discouraging many young mums from breastfeeding their children. Breastfeeding is healthy and normal. I don’t know how to explain it you, but we campaign for breastfeeding not to show off our breasts but so that others mothers will be encouraged to do the same. If I just wanted attention for my boobs, I should’ve done it while I was in my 20s (when) they were still perky, not when I am (already) 40 and after breastfeeding 2 kids.

I have (NOT) even worn push up bras nor taken photos of my cleavage to post in public. And I have never even worn a bikini top to go swimming. I have lain with only one man in my life and If posting a photo of my areola while my little one is sucking on my nip makes me a “wh*re”, then alright I’m pretty bad ass.

Mommy Sigrid

lovingly_mama @alyssaaenyart For breastfeeding mums, this is a loving photo between mother and child. A time to bond, comfort, and soothe. A time to show affection with the hope that someday your child will grow up to be a loving individual who do not spew hate to others.

breastfeeding cyberbullying - benefits of breastfeeding - breastfeeding mom - Bacolod mommy blogger - Bacolod blogger - motherhood

As of this writing, I can no longer access the profile of @alyssaaenyart. First she locked her profile but now it seems she has deactivated it. I just hope though that deactivating her account is not the end of it. I hope she has changed her views about the campaign to normalize breastfeeding. She really needs to focus her energies on something positive and not on breastfeeding cyberbullying.

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11 thoughts on “Experiencing Breastfeeding Cyberbullying from a Fellow Mom

  1. Oh my god. I’m logging on to IG to bitch slap this woman who dare shame a breastfeeding mother! Kudos to you for keeping your cool! I have a similar photo like yours but mine is only on Facebook. You should never feel ashamed of breastfeeding!

  2. Probably iya nga nipple ang sapagka law ay law ay..nahisa sya ya sa Nakita nya sa imo ginpost! Basi advocate na sya ya sng manufacturer sng feeding bottle??!! Kag kulang na sya info about breastfeeding advocacy. Iya nga boobsie para lng sa pleasure sang mga boylets nya guro!!

    1. I never can tell. She deleted her messages after probably realizing that she was wrong, but she never apologized. I don’t get it really.

  3. It’s sad that people would hate someone who is doing the most natural thing in the world. People have become very accustomed to artifical things that “artificial” has become the new normal and “natural” is the odd one out. This world is so crazy!!! Now we have to struggle to “normalize” a natural thing…Huh? To quote a popular song.. “haters gonna hate… shake it off”… Let’s stay brave and proud ladies!!! We have chosen to do the right thing. Let’s bask in the pride that we are giving our children the best milk in the world. Let them hate for all we care! More power to all my fellow breastfeeding moms!!!

    1. Thank you for the support! I really didn’t know if that lady who bullied me was also having some sort of break down. She claimed she was a breastfeeding mom but still managed to bully another one. 🙁 Hooray and indeed more power to breastfeeding mommies everywhere!

    2. Thank you for the support Ching! How twisted is it huh? Breastfeeding is normal and should be hidden in this modern world. But as long as we keep advocating breastfeeding, eventually the society’s perspective will change and lactation will become “normal” again. 🙂

  4. That person is really immature! I wanted to slapped her. She doesn’t know about how the being of motherhood is so triggered!! Breastfeeding is advisable for the baby. You’re so brave to share this post! Go girl fight for motherhood and breastfeeding!!

    1. Thank you Maysz! I will continue to advocate to normalize breastfeeding in my blogs and social media channels. It is best for mom and babies.

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