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Normalize Breastfeeding in Bacolod Campaign


Normalize Breastfeeding in Bacolod City

Breastfeeding is a natural and beautiful occurrence between mother and child. Here in Bacolod City, breastfeeding moms share their photos while breastfeeding as well as their ideas about doing it in public. This is to normalize breastfeeding in Bacolod.

Normalize Breastfeeding in Bacolod - Bacolod moms
Beautiful breastfeeding moms of Bacolod share their portraits. #NormalizeBreastfeedingBacolod

Breastfeeding is Best for Babies

Most of us know that breastfeeding is the best way to feed babies. But the present situation in our society is that, the natural feeding act by mother and child is being overshadowed by the convenience of formula milk. It is more common sight to see a babysitter feeding a baby from the bottle than a mom feeding her baby directly from her bosom.

Because of that, people are no longer used to seeing moms opening up their blouses to breastfeed their kids in public. Now, breastfeeding moms are expected to cover up while feeding in a public place because it is considered “scandalous” or even “immoral” if they just simply “bare” themselves while feeding their hungry baby.

Normalize Breastfeeding in Bacolod - Bacolod moms
Mommy Trixie breastfeeding in the park with her son, Lucas.

If ever there are some brave breastfeeding mothers who don’t care about what other people say, their pictures are taken without their consent and posted online where they are taunted, mocked, and bullied on social media. I was even a victim once when I posted a breastfeeding photo on Instagram. And I didn’t expect that the bullying would even come from another mom!

Normalize Breastfeeding Campaign

The Normalize Breastfeeding movement is a worldwide attempt to change people’s perspectives. It’s intended to make the act of breastfeeding a normal everyday sight so that people will get used to it.

Normalize Breastfeeding in Bacolod - Bacolod moms
Mommy Gheurch and husband RB with their son Agnus, breastfeeding in a restaurant.

So you see, what used to be normal was breastfeeding. But decades of using feeding bottles while feeding babies have rendered the mom’s bosom merely as an object of desire now. People would accept photos of women showing their cleavage provocatively in billboards, magazines, or on social media but they would smirk or even look with disdain if it was a mother feeding her child.

Where is justice in that?

Normalize Breastfeeding in Bacolod

Let’s help breastfeeding moms in Bacolod become confident by making the act acceptable again in the community. It is an instinctive act, a beautiful bond, a natural process to breastfeed babies and toddlers from the mother’s bosom.

Normalize Breastfeeding in Bacolod - Bacolod moms
Mommy June breastfeeding baby Jeorgy after swimming.

And they cannot choose the time and place to do so because babies can get hungry anytime, anywhere. It would also be inhumane to force them to feed their babies in public restrooms for fear of humiliation. Nobody in his or her right mind would eat in the toilet. Why should we then let our babies be forced to feed amidst the stink and germs of a public restroom?

My Beautiful Breastfeeding Portrait

For me, my most beautiful personal portrait is my breastfeeding portrait taken by my brother, Iman, who is a professional photographer. Our little Shane was just more than a year old then. I have breastfed her for 3 1/2 years before weaning her. It was just so full of emotions.

Normalize Breastfeeding Bacolod - Bacolod moms
My breastfeeding portrait.

For a Healthier Bacolod

Let’s be supportive of this online campaign to normalize breastfeeding in Bacolod for a healthier next generation. Our hashtag is #NormalizeBreastfeedingBacolod.

Normalize Breastfeeding in Bacolod - Bacolod moms
Mommy Tiffany breastfeeding baby Theo at her cafe, Tiffany’s Confections.

If you are a breastfeeding mom, I would encourage you to submit your breastfeeding in public photo. We can feature you and your baby on our FB page to help normalize breastfeeding in Bacolod. With your submission, please furnish us with your complete name, address, age, and a short testimony about breastfeeding through PRIVATE MESSAGING. Link below.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of breastfeeding for both the baby and the mommy, visit this link: Benefits of Breastfeeding

Note: The moms featured submitted all the photos on the Normalize Breastfeeding in Bacolod FB page. These photos were published with permission to become public in order to help the movement.


30 thoughts on “Normalize Breastfeeding in Bacolod Campaign

  1. Yasssss ?????? When I saw this post I couldn’t be happier. The other sexualisation of breasts makes something natural somehow seen as disgusting. Keep up the Normalize Breastfeeding in Bacolod campaign and feed your child anywhere and everywhere if they need it!

  2. Breastfeeding is a natural way of life that many people have an aversion against. I don’t understand why. Even in the U.S. people will sometimes give you a weird look if they see you breastfeeding. 10 years ago when I had my son it was even worse. It appears that people are gradually becoming accustomed to breastfeeding and it is becoming more mainstream which is a great thing. It’s good to have such campaigns like the Normalize Breastfeeding campaign because there’s a bit more openness now.

  3. This is such a great advocacy and I really hope that we can normalize breastfeeding in the city. Supporting your cause and let us know how we can help.

    1. Thank you so much Clarice! Please do share the photos of the brave breastfeeding moms who came forward to share their stories. 😀

  4. It saddens me that in this day and age people still have an issue with breastfeeding. It is totally normal and it’s shocking not everyone sees it that way!

  5. I remember being all awkward with my firstborn when I breastfed her but then when my second child came, I was less awkward in public and then the third? I was like whatever. I think it’s a natural occurrence and it’s totally fine to be ladylike about it – I mean it’s not like breastfeeding moms flap out their entire breast for a show, we are feeding our babies!

  6. I love this normalize breastfeeding campaign! this initiatives are so important for everyone starts to see that breastfeeding in public for example as is just as normal as anyone eating at a restaurant!

  7. This is an ongoing issue around the world. I don’t see anything wrong with breastfeeding in public and I think the discrimination should end! It’s really nice that you’re raising awareness on this. Thank you for spreading the word.

  8. Normalize breastfeeding campaign is a great campaign! I was enjoying what I could do with my baby, when he had only a few months, strolling, on the beach, or in town every day. I did not have to hide or go home every 3 hours, breastfeeding, hidden from other people.

  9. This is such a nice campaign. Breastfeeding should be normalized in any places of the country but I did not mean to show off your entire breast in the public because right now we have stylish cover for those breastfeeding mothers.

    1. I agree with have stylish covers. But some kids, like my daughter, dislikes covers. So I just try to turn away from people if she needs to feed. 🙂 Cover or not, hopefully, we will reach a time when mothers would not be ashamed to breastfeed in public. 😀

      1. Maybe if the breast were not such a big issue all the time, feeding wouldn’t be a problem. From the start of this country the female body has been a big deal. If it didn’t make so much money maybe things could normalize and going topless wouldn’t land you in jail. Keep going ladies things will change.

  10. This normalize breastfeeding campaign has been active also in Italy for a couple of years. I think moms and women should create a true critical mass and make the world more Woman friendly, since today it’s not, even when it looks like it is.

    1. Yes, more effort is needed and should not be impeded by anything or anyone. We need more hands and brains to normalize breastfeeding in the modern world.

  11. First of all, I was so excited to read your post because I was born in the Philippines and lived there until my late teens. You’re so right, it needs to be more accepted in the Philippine society. Growing up, I don’t recall seeing anybody breat feed in front of me. In fact, the aunties would make us leave the room when they had to breastfeed. I’m glad you’re doing this campaign and bringing more awareness to this.

    1. Ay wow, you were shooed out of the room? No wonder. One time a lady visited me at home because I just gave birth. When I breastfed my daughter, she sent a text message to her friend (who also happens to be my friend), that she was offended that I breastfed my daughter in front of her. Imagine that! We were in MY BEDROOM. How prudish is that?

  12. It’s ridiculous at how prudish people can be about something as natural as breastfeeding. I think that we need to feel comfortable breastfeeding in public and not ashamed to do it. It’s a simple thing – feeding a young child.

    1. Exactly. I wonder why people are not making a big fuss of racy photos, ladies wearing barely nothing, but are squeamish about breastfeeding.

  13. I have breastfed my twin daughters until they were 2 years old. I love that your post is highlighting positive motherly images in order to normalize breastfeeding.

    1. Wow twins! Kudos to you mommy! If there’s a will, there’s really a way. Thanks for sharing your breastfeeding story 😀

  14. This campaign is so pertinent to new and experienced mothers, breastfeeding is a natural part of motherhood and should not bring shame! I totally support it, I mean baby needs to eat and breastfeeding helps with the bonding process between mother and baby. Very important topic, I hope your campaign helps introduce change.

  15. I totally love the normalize breastfeeding campaign Sigrid. Just the other day, I read of a woman who was forced to breastfeed her son from the toilet because apparently, the child was crying and she had to feed him in that restaurant. People should definitely find this normal and appreciate it!

    1. Oh my! I hate that! And I would not have agreed to that. I am squeamish of public restrooms, even in nice restaurants, because of the keyword public. That’s so horrible to do to a breastfeeding mom!

  16. I always hate when people make an uproar about breastfeeding in public. It’s totally natural and babies need to eat! C’mon guys! Normalize breastfeeding1

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