Vintage Hello Kitty Telephone from World of Fun


World of Fun Prizes

Do you like collecting tickets at the World of Fun? What are the prizes you like? For us, this Hello Kitty vintage telephone toy is the best prize that we have gotten so far. And it didn’t cost us a lot of tickets, too.

World of Fun prize - Hello Kitty
This vintage Hello Kitty telephone is a really nice prize from the World of Fun.

Fun Day for Family

Last Friday, I brought Dindin to the World of Fun at Robinsons Place Bacolod in order to play arcade games again. This time, we went there with my parents, so that we can all have a bonding time.

I exchanged P100 worth of piso tokens in the hopes that we can still play at Dave’s Fun House after. Then maybe, the family can eat at Jollibee.

The Grandparents

But that was the first time that my parents had gone to the World of Fun and my Nanay got addicted with the arcade games. She especially liked the game where you just put in coins and watch tickets come out! hahaha

She kept on playing and playing and finally, we got a little more than 1,500 worth of tickets. With all the tickets we collected, we were able to exchange them for this nice vintage designed Hello Kitty Telephone toy!

I really like it because my daughter will get to know how the old phones look like–as opposed to the push-button phones and mobile phones that the younger generation is so familiar with. And well, Hello Kitty is too cute!

A Clock in a Phone Design

Actually, this Hello Kitty Telephone not really a toy phone but a clock. As you can see in the picture, the digits on the phone are up to the number 12. The Hello Kitty figures are magnetic so you can move them around. Dindin really likes playing with them and letting them stick in the magnetic areas

I think this is a really cute find at World of Fun. Don’t you think?

P.S. We ran out of cash that afternoon at the World of Fun! The games are so addicting! haha

World of Fun Bacolod

3rd Floor, Robinsons Place Bacolod
Lacson Street, Mandalagan, Bacolod City


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