Teaching Kids About the Uses and Purposes of Money


I am not really sure how much Dindin understands about money and how it functions. She knows that sometimes we use money to buy things that we need while most of the time Mama uses a credit card for purchases.

She also knows that coins go to piggy banks while paper money is deposited in the bank as savings. She knows the concept of sending money that one time I sent money online, she asked me, “How can you send money? You’re not in the bank.”

At the same time, she is aware that money is also used to help other people as well as to give as church offering (the tithes will be explained later).

While I know that there are already debit cards for kids, I think Dindin would still be too young to completely understand its use and purpose. So for now, we exposed her to the different uses money and we just pray that someday, she will be a good steward of all the resources that God will bless her with.

How do you teach the concept of handling money to your children?


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