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Family Time at World of Fun Bacolod for Arcade Games


An afternoon of family fun at World of Fun Bacolod

One afternoon, our little family went to the World of Fun Bacolod at the third floor of Robinsons Place Bacolod. There we had a fun family bonding over games and even prizes.

World of Fun - family time - family bonding
Papa and Dindin are all smiles while having an afternoon of fun arcade games at World of Fun.

An Afternoon of Family Fun

We went to the World of Fun Bacolod for an afternoon of arcade games. We played in those piso machines and tried our hand in those other games that asked for tokens. I still preferred those piso arcade machines where you just drop coins. And so does Dindin because they are easy to handle.

This is something new to us because Dindin had not played in the arcade in the past. We would just go in, look around, and go out. But a couple of weeks ago, we played at World of Fun and this is already our second visit.

Winning World of Fun Game Prizes

We tried to collect enough tickets so that we can get this set of Dora dolls! Of course, Dindin loved them. It was something that she could relate to. Just don’t ask how much we spent in order to get that because definitely, it costs more. But well, I guess we just paid for the experience. haha

World of Fun Bacolod
Dindin got this box of Dora dolls with a clock. We got this for the tickets that we earned from playing arcade games. Dindin was so happy!

It was a fun family bonding for us and something that we shared so that we can make happy memories with Dindin. But I don’t think we will be doing this regularly because it’s also expensive. haha

World of Fun Promo

Incidentally, World of Fun is celebrating their 25th anniversary. So every 25th of the month until August 25, 2012, you can get P25 worth of tokens if you are member. And then you can have a 25% discount when you redeem the prizes that are worth 500 to 10000 tickets. That’s more toys for all the tickets you get!

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38 thoughts on “Family Time at World of Fun Bacolod for Arcade Games

  1. My little boy loves arcades too! And one of our favorites is World of Fun also. He loves to ride the small carousel, and play the different ball games such as mini basketball, bowling and the likes. A great way to have fun and bond with the family, eh?

  2. i haven’t played in world of fun cause i’m a loyal timezone guy. but this experience of yours was really rewarding in terms of the joy given to dindin. seeing her smile on the picture seemed she really enjoyed the experience and of course her dora doll. 🙂

  3. I will definitely bring my baby girl there! I want her to experience the fun that me & her daddy had when we’re at amusement places like this. Such a nice way to get young again! 😀

  4. we’ve been to World of Fun on several occasions + my little man totally loved the basketball hoops, even though he cannot shoot a basket just yet, he get all excited watching me + his dad shoot hoops + will just throw the ball unabashedly!

    reading this post made me miss those fun moments we had + i guess, a visit to World of Fun is in order 😉

  5. On our last Philippine vacation ,one of the places we went was the game arcade. They enjoy the rides and the games and even collected some tickets just ot get some free stuff. This place is a heaven for kids .If given a choice ,they would just love to stay there forever.

  6. I just became fond of playing in arcades when I entered college. I love playing the basketball shootout booths.

  7. My husband and I used to play those piso machines… ang saya! I remember we got a cute clock using the tickets we got from the piso machines. Sarap maging bata =)

  8. Me and my kids love going to arcades during weekends or family day. We love playing basketball and coin dozer. Of course, the tickets are for kids to enjoy the equivalent prize. It’s good to know about the World of Fun promo.

  9. My 2 kids are arcade enthusiasts too…if only they could stay playing arcade games the whole day at the mall, they would (because I won’t allow them lol). It’s nice seeing the kids play and really having fun, esp. when they get their tickets and decide which stuff to get in return with those. Good thing World of Fun has that promo. Kids will love it.

  10. My nephew loves to play arcade games. Almost weekly I let him play that’s why he has so many tickets which he exchanges for stuff like pencils, sharpeners etc.

  11. I never realized that they have great prizes to exchange with at World of Fun! It’s great that you had a perfect timing and was able to get most of what you spend in those machines. We might try this out soon.We will see. hahaha!

  12. wow.. Dindin looks so happy with her dolls.. We are also a fan of worlds of fun here in Cagayan de Oro City, but I never knew about memberships. Thanks to this post, I will check it out for Lili and River. You know how kids are with the wonderful prizes that they get.. If membership can give them a chance to get better prizes, then I think it will be a good move..

  13. I still have unredeemed tickets from our one and only arcade in Baguio City, Quantum in SM.. 😛 We don’t often play there because it’s always so crowded during the weekends, the only time we ever go there is when the husband is on leave and it’s a weekday so it’s not too crowded. 😛

    The kids love the basketball shooting thing and the shoot the duck game, but I love those piso machines.. 😛 Sayang we don’t have WOF here! 😛

  14. my son loves arcades too and he would never stop from asking me for money every time we are in the mall. but the good thing is, he knows when to stop. LOL

  15. That’s what i mean why it is important to have both parents under one roof. Life of the kids is a lot better (unless parent/s is/are cruel). Parents enjoying with the games for kids…they love it!

  16. it’s always a perfect bonding experience for me and Rem at the World’s of Fun. not only she enjoys it, but it’s also a perfect way for me to feel young and be merry…i’m sure, you two get s to visit there often.

  17. wow, sounds like you had a great time. dindin is so cute, she looks so happy with her prize! 🙂 my kids loves arcade…timezone is our fave, may malapit kasi! 🙂 but been to WOF and Tom’s World na din…always fun! we never missed going to arcades everytime we are here in manila! 🙂

  18. It was so sweet of you and your husband to play just to get what your darling baby wanted. I know a lot of parents who would move heaven and earth just for their children and I am really glad that you and your husband showed so much compassion and empathize with your child. Keep up the good work in raising your kid.

  19. my kids are not fond of WOF or Tom’s World.. most probably because we dont frequent the place at all. I didn’t grow up frequenting these places as well.. so that is probably why I hardly take them there to play.

  20. World of Fun is one of our favorite place to go when we want our lil kiddo, Kimy, to enjoy and have fun. We let her try all the rides since the token is only 5php. 🙂

    Anyway, I bet Budindin is so happy to receive her prize! One time bla, play sila ni Dindin and Kimy pra maka borrow man kmi sng Dora toys nyo. Hahaha! :))

  21. Hey! I also love WOF(World of Fun)

    Actually I am a VIP member. They give 5 free coins monthly and I enjoy them so much especially when it is your birthday they give away 20 coins 🙂

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  22. What a very beautiful Dora doll you got there Din. Elijah loves Quantum but we don’t go to SM anymore. 7 months of no arcade for Elijah. But it’s alright. We also have lots of tickets collected by my sister. Too bad we didn’t exchange it right away.

  23. waaH~~ we really love World of Fun! But we never had the opportunity of winning lots of tickets ;(
    anyways, congratulations !

  24. I also love playing at World of Fun! For the past few months, di na ako masyadong nakakapaglaro because of my hectic sched. And this post reminds me na I need to find time for WOF. It’s good to see na masaya ang afternoon nyo 😀

  25. me and my kids loves to go to world of fun too. My peachy loves to ride and mommy would usually play bowling. This simple week end activity bonding gives us lovely memories.

  26. I love going to WOF to play and so my kids too. in regards with the games, my isang game tlga ako ng gusto dun. ung machine na pabilisan ng press matalo mo lng kaaway mo. kc in return nun pag nnalo tokens makukuha mo.. and i was so lucky one time when i played it, i got the bonus round. wherein everytime i drop a token in the machine, na dodouble ung naibabalik sakin. hahah oh how i wish i can go back to WOF again. busy mama na kc .. hehehe

  27. This looks like such a fun way to spend the afternoon with some family! I bet your kids had a blast playing those arcade games at World of Fun!

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