Expo Mom 2018: #Mompowerment Campaign


Expo Mom 2018: Mommy Mundo Inspires Moms with #Mompowerment Campaign

Mommy Mundo, the pioneering multi-platform community for Filipino moms brings Expo Mom 2018 to Negros Occidental! After advocating healthy pregnancy, breastfeeding, active parenting, and mompreneurship since 2003, Mommy Mundo launches 2018 with #Mompowerment.

This new campaign aims to empower moms in whatever stage they are now in life.

Expo Mom 2018 - #Mompowerment
Expo Mom 2018 – #Mompowerment

Expo Mom 2018 is happening on June 23, 2018 at The District North Point in Talisay, Negros Occidental.


The campaign “Mompowerment is the heart of Mommy Mundo’s mission. “We have always been about providing information and support to moms in the various stages of their mommy journey. These ways are inclusive, inspiring, and empowering.  This year, we’re very excited to share our #Mompowerment campaign,” said Janice Crisostomo Villanueva, founder and CEO of Mommy Mundo.

Why #Mompowerment?

Villanueva believes that empowered moms build empowered families who raise empowered children. These kids, in turn, grow up to make a difference and create an empowered nation. In 1997, she was a newbie mom who started her parenting advocacy borne out of the simple need to have on-hand resource. By 2003, the Mommy Mundo brand was formalized.

Expo Mom 2018 - #Mompowerment - Bacolod
Mommies, please join the Expo Mom 2018 at The District North Point on June 23, 2018.

Recently, Janice was awarded as one of Southeast Asia’s 17 Women Icons for her work in helping moms to realize their immeasurable value and capabilities. Her advocacies include Mompreneurship, Momfluence, and Momshare all lead to Mompowerment.

The #Mompowerment Campaign

The #Mompowerment Campaign is all about the power of sharing stories that connect moms to each other. The events aims to make them feel that they belong to something bigger. This empowerment will make them want to do better.

Through Expo Mom, #Mompowerment is set to be a 7-month long, multi-platform campaign highlighting the stories of more than 50 moms from Manila as well as from around the Philippines. Areas includes are Cebu, Davao, Bacolod City in Negros, Cagayan de Oro, and Baguio, sharing their #mompowerment moments so they can inspire others.

These are stories of success in the everyday pursuit of balance; stories of courage from moms who’ve undergone major trials in life. There are also stories of moms who have gone beyond their hearth and homes to make a difference for others. Cumulatively, these are all stories of moms who empower other moms.

These are real moms, mompreneurs, influencers, experts, trailblazers, or philanthropists.

Lovingly Mama Supports #Mompowerment

Meanwhile, I am one who supports the empowerment of mothers everywhere, especially in the area of breastfeeding. I have been vocal about and active about the Normalize Breastfeeding in Bacolod campaign.

Additionally, I want moms to feel empowered to the choices they make in life, especially in the area of choosing happiness. You can read my post, Making Mama Happy.

homeschooling in Bacolod- Expo Mom - #Mompowerment
Homeschooling in Bacolod moms, Laksmi, Tracy, and I at the Expo Mom 2017. We talked about our experiences as well as the benefits of homeschooling.

Last year, I appeared with other homeschooling in Bacolod moms, Laksmi Flores and Tracy Divinagracia, as a #TeamMom. We talked about our experiences as we homeschool our children as well as the benefits of homeschooling. Read about our guesting here: Homeschooling in Bacolod Moms at Expo Mom 2017.


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