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Personalized Piggy Banks: Gift Idea for Kiddie Savings


Having personalized piggy banks for kiddie savings

Personalized piggy bank are great gifts for kids. Not only are they cute, they speak of ownership. And they encourage kids to save their money so that the piggy won’t go hungry. Kiddie savings is just the start of a great financial future.

kiddie savings - personalized piggy banks for kids
Personalized piggy banks is a great gift idea for kids.

Personalized Piggy Banks: Gift Idea with a Purpose

Whether you need a gift idea for a birthday or a holiday or you want to offer a way for children to start saving money, a piggy bank is an option to consider. And what’s better than a piggy bank is a personalized piggy bank.

kiddie savings - personalized piggy banks for kids
Encourage kids to save early on with personalized piggy banks. Kiddie savings is just the start of the road to financial literacy.

You can paint your own design on the piggy bank or order one of the numerous designs available online. These feature a fun theme or have attractive colors that your child will surely enjoy. After finding personalized piggy banks for the occasion, you can add initials on the side or on the bottom to make it a special, customized gift.

Fun Designs Motivate Kiddie Savings

Fun patterns and bright colors are an idea to consider, if you don’t know what kind of character the child likes. You might also want to consider the design of the child’s bedroom.

kiddie savings - personalized piggy banks for kids
Din’s very own cutie piggy bank that she named “Piglet”. It’s not personalized though.

But in any case, start with a plain background color before adding anything from stripes in different colors to flowers that are in different sizes. Superheros are an idea to consider for a boy. You can get anything from Superman with wings on the side to a Spiderman piggy bank that is half blue and half red plus black in the iconic web design.

Black and White Piggy Banks

A simple idea to consider if you’re purchasing the bank as a gift for a new baby is a white pig with the name of the child in black letters. You can then add small details in colors that match the gender of the baby, such as a pink crown or a blue bear.

kiddie savings - personalized piggy banks for kids
This black and white piggy bank is a nice idea for those who are saving for travel plans.

The name of the child could also be designed with large colorful letters on a white background. A phrase can be painted on the side of the piggy bank so that the child remembers who gave the bank as the gift. Another fun option would be Disney characters, such as Mickey or Minnie Mouse or Winnie the Pooh.

The ideas for customized banks are endless if you use your imagination.

Start your kids early with their kiddie savings. And personalized piggy banks can help them. Their financial management skills will be a key factor in their greater happiness and contentment in life.

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