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Our favorite Unilab products

When you get a package of your favorite Unilab products in the mail, you are ecstatic! And this family just loves Unilab!

Unilab products - Myra 300E lotion - Allerkid
Dindin with our Unilab products. Thank you very much!

A Surprise Package

Yesterday, Dindin and I were so happy to receive a package from Unilabย — P500 worth of products that we regularly use! Here is what the package contained:

  • For Lovingly Mama: 500 ml Myra E lotion. I have very dry skin, too, and so it is no surprise that my daughter got her dry skin from me. And applying Myra E lotion really helps to hydrate my skin. I apply it on my body after taking a bath and on my hands after washing.

In my bag, I always carry around a small bottle of the lotion because I easily get wrinkled hands whenever I am in an air-conditioned room and the lotion helps maintain the moisture on my hands. I adore its scent, too. It is mild and unobtrusive.

  • For Dindin: A 60 ml bottle of Allerkid (Cetirizine). It went straight to our first aid kit to keep allergies at bay. Allerkid is recommended by her pediatrician because it does not have steroids. And she specified this brand maybe because our doctor also trusts Unilab products. Dindin likes the taste, too.
  • For Papa (and occasionally for Mama): 20 tablets of Kremil-S (Aluminum Hydroxide 178Mg and Magnesium Hydroxide 233Mg). We love to eat and in fact, we eat a lot and sometimes, this quantity and diversity of our food intake cause heartburn and even indigestion. But what can we do?

We find pleasure in eating and so to prevent or ease heartburn, we take Kremil-S. hehehe When I was pregnant, I took some of this antacid, too. ๐Ÿ˜€ It helped relieve my suffering because of my growing belly.

Thank God for these simple blessings from local sponsors. I truly cherish them. ๐Ÿ˜€ Yeah, it is easy to make mama happy. hehe

โ€œAll statements and opinion contained herein are those of the author and independent of the sponsors.โ€

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