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Iwas Amoy Kulob with Downy Baby Gentle

Downy Baby Gentle Fabric Conditioner I may have found the perfect fabric conditioner for my family — Downy Baby Gentle Fabric Conditioner , the baby pink variant. A personal experience. Products were given for review. Family Experience In my family, I grew up to my mother throwing freshly ironed clothes back in the hamper if they smelled… Read More Iwas Amoy Kulob with Downy Baby Gentle


Unilab Products We Love

Our favorite Unilab products When you get a package of your favorite Unilab products in the mail, you are ecstatic! And this family just loves Unilab! A Surprise Package Yesterday, Dindin and I were so happy to receive a package from Unilab — P500 worth of products that we regularly use! Here is what the package… Read More Unilab Products We Love