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Iwas Amoy Kulob with Downy Baby Gentle


Downy Baby Gentle Fabric Conditioner

I may have found the perfect fabric conditioner for my family — Downy Baby Gentle Fabric Conditioner , the baby pink variant.

Downy Baby Gentle - fabric conditioner
Laundry will never be the same again for us. Thanks to Downy Baby Gentle.
A personal experience. Products were given for review.

Family Experience

In my family, I grew up to my mother throwing freshly ironed clothes back in the hamper if they smelled like the laundry didn’t properly dry. She hated the smell, especially on the thick towels, because it worsens when you wear it and you sweat. She wants our home, and us, always smelling good. And I can’t blame her.

I am not sure if it came from her, but I also developed an aversion for such. Whenever I would encounter somebody who’s wearing clothes that smell like they were properly dried, my nose itches and waters and my head spins.

Downy Baby Gentle - fabric conditioner
Discovering Downy Baby Gentle. This is the laundry area of our home. We hang our clothes here. Notice that this doesn’t get hit by direct sunlight. Our clothes are air-dried.

So when the labandera turns in clothes that are amoy kulob, I also put them back in the hamper. I always tell her to make sure that our clothes dry very well because otherwise, she will have to do the same thing all over again. And that also adds to the wear and tear of our clothes. Same goes for our sheets and towels, too. Imagine having to wash queen-sized sheets, blankets, and pillowcases all over again!

Talk about my nose being maselan!

Downy Fabric Conditioner

When Downy Fabric Conditioner was introduced in the market many, many years ago, my mother started using it. Since then, we have enjoyed wearing nice smelling clothes and lying down on freshly smelling sheets, whether or not they were sun-dried. I also especially relish the moment each time I open our cabinets because the gentle scent of Downy on our unused clothes fills the room.

Downy Baby Gentle - fabric conditioner
We love to wear clothes that are dried properly and smell good. It’s so comforting.

When I got married, I carried the practice in the home I now share with my husband. I have instructed our laundry lady to apply Downy with each and every single batch of washing that she does for us, especially on the kids’ beddings. I would really know when she forgets.


When the kids started coming, we still continued using Downy Anti-Bac. Our eldest kept getting the sneezes primarily because we live in the city where dust and pollution is all around. So we had to clean the house more diligently.

But her allergic rhinitis kept getting worse. While her overall health and energy seems fine, she always gets the sneezes that results into a cold. The following day, the cold would result to post-nasal drip and eventually a full-blown cough that would last for a month or more. She would recuperate but after a week or so, the cycle would start again.

It was a really trying time for me, raising Dindin with her allergies because I did not have a babysitter and she keeps vomiting, sometimes up to seven times in a day because of the phlegm, all over our room — the bed, the drawers, the floor, her toys, etc. It was a really bad time. I was struggling with breastfeeding, cloth diapering, and dealing with her allergies.

sea breeze for cough remedy
Whenever our eldest Dindin had cough, we brought her to beach to inhale sea breeze. We were told that it bring relief. And it does.

We kept cleaning the house diligently and almost daily. We also eliminated the use of colognes, air fresheners, aromatherapy, and lastly, our fabric conditioner. We bought a washer with dryer so that the clothes wouldn’t smell bad even during the rainy season when the sun seldom takes a peek and the droplets of rain still reach our laundry.

So basically, it’s just the natural smell of our room and our bodies that we keep smelling. Ugh. I had to really build up her immunity with vitamins, minerals, and other supplements like chia seeds and malunggay capsules.

It’s the wellness of my family over vanity.

Downy Baby Gentle

Since I no longer went to the fabric conditioner aisle in the supermarket, I didn’t know that Downy introduced a new variant – the Downy Baby Gentle, which is appropriately colored baby pink. Awww soooo cute! hihi

Downy Baby Gentle - fabric conditioner
The kids clothes soaked in Downy Baby Gentle for the last rinse.

I got package of a 1 liter of Downy Baby Gentle plus 6 sachets. I excitedly let our laundry woman use it on all our clothes and they smell so nice. Fresh but not too strong to the nose. And they are softer to the touch, too.

Downy Baby Gentle - fabric conditioner
Our laundry woman soaks the kids’ clothes one by one. After she puts them in the spin dryer, she adds a bit more Downy to soak our clothes that are in the other wash basin.

Underwear Soak

I wash our underwear separately because I use organic laundry soap. I just soak them overnight and do not really scrub so much anymore. But sometimes, the soaking can leave a foul smell on our underwear. It’s not nasty, but it’s not pleasant either. Now, I use Downy Baby Gentle on our underwear for the last rinse and they are just awesome.

Downy Baby Gentle - fabric conditioner
Downy Baby Gentle makes the underwear drawer smell so nice.

It’s feels so good whenever I open the underwear drawer now. :)’

Bathroom Air Freshener

I placed some sachets of the Downy Baby Gentle inside the bathroom and the whole place smelled so nice. So I thought, why not pour some of the fabric conditioner on a small container? The result is lovely. Of course, the scent doesn’t stay for days, but it’s nice to have the scent for two days. Then I used it on my laundry. haha

Downy Baby Gentle - fabric conditioner
Downy Baby Gentle as room air freshener.

I also spray it in the bathroom. Lovely scent and most of all, we don’t sneeze! And it’s not just for babies–it’s for the whole family!


5 thoughts on “Iwas Amoy Kulob with Downy Baby Gentle

  1. I forgot how good Baby Downy smells but I should use it again even with no little ones in the house. I like your idea of pouring some of the fabric conditioner into a small container to scent the room.

  2. Pagdating sa Fabric Conditioner Downy lanh din a ng Choice ko wala nang iba surely na walang amoy kulob ang labahin ko..I used downy kontra kulob sa damit namin and Downy Baby Gentle naman sa damit ni baby at mga undies

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