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Teething Powder from Traditional Chinese Medicine


Teething is one of the most challenging times in the early life of an infant. There are endless crying, salivating, and tantrums. Sometimes, there’s fever. Want to make teething easy for both parents and babies? Try the Chinese teething powder. It works like magic! I know, because I have personally experienced it with my two daughters!

Using the Chinese Teething Powder

Teething is such a pain for babies. And it’s also a bane for parents who need to carry their young ones all day and overnight just to soothe them. We need a baby teething remedy that is effective. And with my two daughters, I used only one things — Chinese teething powder.

teething - Chinese teething powder - traditional chinese medicine - signs of teething - baby teething remedy
The cute cute Shane after I have massaged her gums with the black Chinese teething powder. She looks bewildered here because of the camera flash. hahaha Shame on Mama!

Signs of Teething in Babies

According to, the following are signs of teething in babies:

  • Drooling
  • Swollen, bulging gums
  • A tooth visible below the gum
  • Irritability and trouble sleeping
  • Trying to bite, chew, and suck on everything
  • Rubbing her face
  • Rejecting their bottle or food
  • Grabbing her ear

In my daughters, the most obvious would probably be the first three. But they were not very irritable. And the drooling wasn’t that much either. Here’s what I did and what happened.

Obedience to Mother in Law

When my eldest Dindin was still a baby, like two months old, I started her on the black teething powder. It was my mother-in-law, who is Chinese (by now you must already know that I married into a Chinese family), who gave it to me.

She said that it softens the baby’s gums and makes teething time easier for them. I am an obedient daughter-in-law (ehem ehem Mama hehehe) and dutifully used it on Dindin. But since I am forgetful, I do not do it every day, rather whenever I would remember it. Sometimes, it’s once a day, sometimes it twice a day, sometimes it’s whenever.

Late Teething

Now, Dindin’s teeth came out rather late. Most of the babies I know had their teeth come out as early as six months.

In Dindin’s case, it was not until 8 months that I noticed her top and bottom front teeth have already come out. I didn’t even know because I already stopped putting the teething powder by this time and have massaged her gums using a plastic brush. So I have not felt her gums anymore. I have finished I think five packs of the powder throughout the months.

teething - Chinese teething powder - traditional chinese medicine - signs of teething - baby teething remedy
Here is the Chinese teething powder beside Shane. It’s so small actually. Shane really hates flash photography. haha Mama!

Honestly, I never knew that she was teething because she never fussed, didn’t have fever, and didn’t suck on anything. It was like a normal occurrence and to think that her teeth came out late and her gums are already tougher with age.

Her teeth came out one after the other and before we realized it, her molars were already showing and we did not even notice it because she did not show teething symptoms.

No Teething Difficulties for 2 Kids

It may be because Dindin is not that sensitive but I may also attribute it to these breezy teething time to the Chinese powder. My husband’s cousin have three children and she said that she started applying the powder at 1 month and all of them did not have problems with teething.

For Shane our second daughter, I started the black powder on her at three months old. Her teeth also started coming out about the same time as Dindin–between seven to eight months. I was able to observe her teething, as I continued using the teething powder. And also, I was breastfeeding her, so I would notice the change in her latch.

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What I can say is that both did not suffer through teething. It just like any other day in the household. So I am bound to conclude that after two kids, the Chinese teething powder really works!

No English Name

Sorry, this thing doesn’t have an English name but if you go to a Chinese drugstore, just ask for the teething powder.

teething - Chinese teething powder - traditional chinese medicine - signs of teething - baby teething remedy
So here is the packaging. It is sealed in a foil pack but the powder is inside that cute little bottle with pink cover. Yes, the powder is not black. It just becomes as it comes into contact with liquid.

In Bacolod, the most popular Chinese drug store is Hua Kong. Their main branch is located at Tindalo Street, Shopping, Bacolod City. But they also have a branch at SM Supermarket. Just ask them and they will know what to give you. I have put the picture here so that you will know.

Medical Approval

And now, to answer the question hanging in your heads.

No, I did not ask our pediatrician about this baby teething remedy. This is traditional medicine and will certainly not be approved by modern medicine. So there are no approved therapeutic claims. I am not claiming to be a doctor. So my testimonies are purely anecdotal.

How to apply the Chinese teething powder

The Chinese teething powder is very easy to use. Your baby will enjoy the time because you can make cooing sounds, smile, and make eye contact while doing the gum massage.

teething - traditional chinese medicine - signs of teething - baby teething remedy
Shane liked our bonding time while I am massaging her gums. I look at her in the eyes, talk to her, and just bond. I usually do this after her morning bath.
  1. Clean your hands properly and dry it out.
  2. Put a little powder on the palm of one hand.
  3. Moisten the index finger of your other hand a bit, just enough for the powder to stick to it.
  4. Massage your baby’s gums with the powder. Keep getting some powder from your other hand until everything is used up.
  5. Wipe the outside of your baby’s mouth. You may opt to give water afterwards. In my case, I just let it stay there because her saliva will just wash the powder.
  6. Do this once per day, preferably after the morning bath time.

Black Stains

If the powder will stain the clothes or bib, just wash it. The stain is not permanent. In my case, I don’t use the bib to wipe. Rather, I use facial tissue to wipe off the excess so that I can just throw it away afterwards.

Don’t be scared to use it just because it is black. It must taste good (Mama said it’s a wee bit salty) because Shane is smiling whenever I do that to her. And then she chews on it afterwards. It smells like aromatic herbs.

One tube costs less than P100 here in Bacolod. But it could be cheaper in Manila, like in Binondo. And since even promo plane fare is more expensive, I just buy at Hua Kong. So you see, it is so much cheaper than other products and works so well!

Check out a Hua Kong in the video below, during our DIY Chinese New Year field trip.

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17 thoughts on “Teething Powder from Traditional Chinese Medicine

    1. Wow may ganto pala. Ganda neto it big helps para sa struggle naten sa mga anak naten kapag nag te- teething sila. Thank you mamsh for sharing. Must try nga to.

      1. Wow! May ganito pala momsh 😍 Very helpful po ito lalo na sa mga kids kapag nagte-teething sila. Thank you so much for writing this informative blog about the Chinese teething powder. ❤️

  1. Is this still effective if she already has a couple of teeth out already? 🙂
    Don’t think I can take anymore biting incidents. Hehe

    1. Just try it moms. Maybe you can use the teething powder twice a day, once in the morning and in the evening. And keep massaging 🙂

    2. May ganito po palang pwedeng ilagay sa gums ng mga baby natin kung nalaman ko lang po ito ginamit ko rin po ito sa mga anak ko po kase talagang sobrang hirap po ng nag iipin sila. Andyang nag aalburuto po sila at nag iiyak. Thanks for sharing this po mommy.

  2. Thanks for this information! I will definitely try this.. For the first 2, I was advised to let my bby drink a bit of water with honey when they’re teething. They did not have fever but were a bit fussy. Hopefully, teething will be easy on the 3rd bubba using this. ?

  3. This is a good product to try. It will really help out a lot of mommies with teething babies. I remember how it was when my boys are teething and it was challenging. Thanks for sharing traditional Chinese medicine with us!

  4. My baby Lucas is now 11 Months old, and nasa stage pa tlaga SyA Ng teething stage. Thank God he’s not sensitive like his siblings (Ate and Kuya) napapansin ko nlang Po umuusbong na Ang teeth Nia. Namumuti n bndang gums Nia. 4 teeth already🦷🦷🦷🦷.♥️
    Anyways thanks for sharing this tips Mommy Sig and the Chinese Teething Powder. This is very helpful to the mother’s out there na experiencing challenges on their baby’s teething stage.

    1. Try mo pa din mommy Cheng, especially na may kasunod pa yan. Will really lessen the stress of teething for the baby as well as the mom hehe

  5. Try ko nga maghanap ng ganitong teething powder dito samin Mommy.Ngayon lang kasi ngkaroon ng Ngipin si baby..Paano po ba yan everydayo sya dapat.ilagay

  6. Had this for all the babies in our family. Super effective. Highly recommend it. The kids didnt experience any fuzziness at all. In every Chinese family, there will be this kind of medicine that the apo would ask you to use. 😄

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