Baby Christening Ideas in Bacolod City


Baby Christening Ideas Bacolod

So now, you have your new baby and you want him or her to be blessed by your priest or pastor. So here are some baby christening ideas for you if you are living in Bacolod City.

baby christenings ideas bacolod- tarpaulin backdrop
Shane’s dedication tarpaulin that I designed and printed by Innove Grafx of Wilmar Enterprises, Bacolod City.

Infant Dedication or Baby Christening

We held the infant dedication of our second daughter Shane last December 27, 2013. We call it infant dedication because we prayed for her in a ceremony along with a pastor and her godparents, in the essence presenting and dedicating her to the Lord, and then formally presenting her to our family and friends.

But for the purpose of this article, we will call the event baby christening. And here are our baby christening ideas that you may want to adapt here in Bacolod.

baby christenings ideas bacolod- family portrait
Building our little family.

Christening Outfits

We decided to wear the same colored shirts so that it will have a nice effect on the photos. We, or at least I, decided on the color ivory. Not only do we appear in the same color, but ivory just looks and feels good in an event like this. So pure and so angelic. Shane wore a formal ivory dress that her Aunt Margaret bought in Bangkok during a recent trip.

Hubby and I bought new tops but we just wore jeans to indicate that this is just a casual affair. Dindin, on the other hand, wore a really nice dress because I found it at half the price at SM Store. When you look around at SM Store, you will find really nice clothes for kids at half the price from time to time, even without their SMAC sale. It was also there that I got the ivory headband and socks set that was really affordable.

baby christenings ideas bacolod- tarpaulin backdrop
Our family in matching ivory outfits.

So whatever you decide to wear on your baby’s dedication is entirely up to you. You can wear simple clothes or grand outfits, depending on your taste, budget, and how you want the affair to be (casual, formal, etc.). Just my two-cents’ worth, if you have a limited budget, then don’t indulge on the frivolous. We have decided not to spend much and worked on what we already had. But I think that the effect still looked good. 😀

Christening Cakes

I planned on having a two-layer cake and some cupcakes that could serve as the giveaways so that I would not have to prepare a different set of giveaways for the event. I approached Bacolod Cupcake Cafe Inc. because I love their cakes and cupcakes and am a frequent customer.

We are so blessed because not only did they gifted us with the two-layer christening cake and giveaway cupcakes but also a wonderfully and creatively arranged dessert table with delectable and attractive sweets. And mind you, the desserts were as yummy as they looked. The guests loved it!

One mother commented that usually those on the dessert table only look good but taste blah. But this dessert table by Bacolod Cupcake Cafe is truly extraordinary and definitely worth it. One of our guests who was also due to go back home that afternoon dropped by their store and bought six boxes of cupcakes! Yeah, that’s how good they are.

baby christenings ideas bacolod- baby christening cakes and cupcakes - Bacolod Cupcake Cafe

Owner Ricco Makilan also used up-to-date designs like the letter blocks, the Ferris wheel cupcake holder, and the elevated cake stand adorned by little cupcakes. Everything was just soooo beautiful and intricately done! 😀 Thank you very much!

Bacolod Cupcake Cafe Inc. is located along Hilado Street, Bacolod City, in front of St. John’s Institute (Hua Ming). They are open from 8am to 9:40pm with Tel. No. (034) 435 2171. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffees and drinks. Nice place to hang around and they have free Wifi, too. Visit their Facebook page: Bacolod Cupcake Cafe.

Christening Decorations

After I posted photos of our new baby on Facebook, Marge Partyshoppe owner Miss Amber congratulated me and offered to do a simple arrangement for Shane’s christening as a gift. I was ecstatic and told her that we intend to do it in March 2014.

But plans changed because my side of the family would be here for Christmas and so we moved the date. The day was difficult for them because I learned that since it was the holidays, they have so many events to handle, including three big ones the day before and it would be tedious for them to do the decorations so early in the morning.

baby christenings ideas bacolod- baby christening decors - Bacolod party supplier
Christening decorations by Marge Partyshoppe. This is just simple decor and I’m sure you have more baby christening ideas for decorations.

Nonetheless, they turned up a magical arrangement for Shane’s dedication that was held at 8 o’clock in the morning! Miss Amber apologized that it was so simple, but for us, it was already perfect for our simple gathering. I love the effect of the hanging pompoms made of cloth and special paper from the ceiling as well as the side table with picture frames. It was sooo homey! And I did not have a say in that–she conceptualized it and I loved it. True professionals!

You may contact Amber Chan of Marge Partyshoppe at 0947-9422338 or 0923-7024279.

Christening Venue

Since it was the holidays, we became aware that we would be competing for our guests against other events like Christmas parties, weddings, reunions, and the like. So we held our party in the morning for a breakfast reception.

We picked O Hotel because I have a long-term working relationship with them. Their function room is nice, the service is good, and they have a nice and filling yet affordable breakfast menu. The guests really enjoyed the assortment of dishes for the breakfast buffet that they served.

The Advantages of a Hotel Buffet

The dedication was held at the venue and then we all had breakfast afterwards. And you know what, this turned out a good thing because the breakfast buffet is a regular of O Hotel. And so, despite making reservations for 60 people, we did not have to pay for the people who did not show up, as opposed to reserving for a banquet.

baby christenings ideas bacolod- O Hotel banquet - breakfast buffet
Breakfast party at the Master’s Restaurant of O Hotel in Bacolod City for Shane’s baby christening reception.

O Hotel is conveniently located along San Sebastian Street, Bacolod City with Tel. No. (034) 433-7401 to 04.

So everything turned out really well for Baby Shane’s christening. What a truly blessed celebration it was. Thank you, Lord God for this dear gift of a child, the provisions we received, and the friends we found along the way. 😀 Hope our baby christening ideas can inspire you to come up with your own budget ideas.

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  1. Planning to Baptist my baby next year..Thanks for the idea Mommy Really love the personalized Tarpaulin and cakes.. Hope na okay na magpabinyag next year wala pa kasi available dito samin

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