Playing with Unisex Toys


Letting our girls play with unisex toys

When it comes to buying toys, we do not discriminate whether these are toys for girls or toys for boys. For us, we call them unisex toys that are safe for our little girl can play with.

unisex toys - toys for girls - toys for boys
We let our daughters play with unisex toys — not just toys for girls.

Toys for Girls | Toys for Boys

Most of us parents buy toys for kids. We love to make them happy with their play things. We choose age appropriate toys that are safe for them to use.

But in choosing, we sort have this gender association for the toys we buy. We choose toys for girls like dolls and kitchen sets and toys for boys, like cars and tools. You can clearly see the demarcation when you go to toy stores, like what we have here in Bacolod City.

Choosing Unisex Toys

In our case, we thought of exposing Dindin to toys for boys. These are the usual, such as toy cars, a parking lot, and even carpentry tools.

unisex toys - toys for girls - toys for boys - carpentry tools - making doll furniture
Carpentry tools for Dindin. She spends a lot of time “building”.

For us, these toys can be for both girls and boys. For example, eventually, we will have to teach Dindin to drive and park the car. Women in this family drive, so I don’t find any sense in not giving her toy cars. And well, we really have nothing to worry about because she lets her dolls play with her cars. So that’s fine. I don’t think we have no gender issues.

Sparking Creativity

As for the carpentry tools, we thought that it was good for Dindin to know that things are made and not just bought in the store. With her carpentry tools, she has learned that she can make chairs, beds, boats, and houses for her dolls. I think that this is fostering her creativity and her eye for design.

unisex toys - toys for girls - toys for boys
Dindin make a bed for her little doll – Barbie’s sister, Chelsea.

So if people come inside our room and note that these are toys for boys, we just tell them that these are educational toys for Dindin. After all, our path is homeschooling her over traditional school in the future.

What if We Have a Son?

What we haven’t decided yet though is if we have a son, will we let him play with dolls? haha But I think that’s okay, considering that eventually, as a boy becomes a father, he would know how to take care of a daughter, right?

I understand the flack over these toys and gender sensitivity issues but I just don’t want to limit Dindin’s learning potential because of these concerns.

As long as she is secure in herself and her gender, I think these unisex toys are fine.

What about you? Do you let your kids play with unisex toys? Hope to read your comments.

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