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As a mom, I want what’s good for our daughters. Hubby and I are not entirely against the use of gadgets because we know that they also learn a lot from apps and research. We also allow them to watch TV. They themselves make the choices, and they lean towards cooking shows, arts and crafts, as well as science and medical documentaries. But do we let our children play online games? Yes, we do. And why, you may ask. That is because we have read that online games are good for students. Let me expound on that.

~ Do you let your kids play online games? We do. And according to research, online games are good for students. Read more about it. ~

Moderation In the Use of Gadgets

Actually, my philosophy in life is not to be a puritan but have everything in moderation. It could be food, activities, or even shopping. It’s okay to splurge once in a while, as long as it’s done moderately.

The same is true with the use of gadgets for kids. Our children are now growing up in the digital age and they need skills to cope with the new society. We did delay letting them watch videos until there were about 7 months old. It wasn’t everyday and at short periods of time.

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~ Why online games are good for students. Just make sure they are wearing anti-blue light glasses to protect their eyes. ~

Up until now, we police their use of gadgets. And there are days that we let them abstain from gaming or editing while they do other things. The kids learn a lot of things from their use of gadgets, like enhanced vocabulary, new songs, and special skills like editing.

How about games? Yes, we do let them play online games as a breaker for their school work if they choose to.

Is it True that Online Games Are Good for Students?

Well, apparently it is.

A study in Australia involving thousands of high school students proved this theory. They discovered that students who regularly played online video games performed better in academic. They scored higher in Math, Reading, and Science tests than those who didn’t.

~ Our kids are very enterprising and they have a lot of ideas. Only we lack the resources to implement them. They are enjoying the simulation with learning games like Open Restaurant. ~

Alberto Posso from RMIT University in Melbourne suggests that students who regularly spend time playing online games are developing analytical and problem-solving skills. These skills can then be translated and applied to in their schoolwork.

This does not apply to social media, however. The expert said that the students won’t learn problem-solving from FAcebook.

Free Online Games

Our daughters use free games on mobile phones or the tablet. They have been told over and over again not to purchase anything in-app because we don’t want to be surprised with our bills. That is one of the reasons why we delayed their use of gadgets until they were aware of the value of money.

~ Who doesn’t like free online games? The kids didn’t even need to sign up to play. ~

They have also discovered some really engaging games on They both especially liked the Tap Supermarket and Open Restaurant because both of them have entrepreneurial spirits. The two girls want to be able to open a business someday and venture into food and dining, among other things.

Another thing that caught Achi Shawna’s attention is the Minigolf World. Achi has been playing jungolf before the pandemic. Last year, she was supposed to take up summer golf classes again when the community lockdown was declared. Too bad, she had already been doing well. She will have to start all over again when everything will get back to normal.

With Minigolf World, we got to see the top side of the putting area. At the golf course, she can only see from her standpoint and try to analyze the distance, force of the swing, angle, and wind. It is a nice refresher course to be able see the ball from a different perspective.

homeschooling, homeschooling break, breaktime, online games, gaming, use of gadgets among children, online games are good for students, everything in moderation, problem-solving skills, learning time, online gaming is learning time, parenting, children, digital age, safety in virtual world
~ Achi Shawna can’t go to the golf club yet. So she tried playing the Mini Golf game at home. ~

Remember: Always in Moderation

Now that we know that online games are good for students, we can let them play, as long as it’s in moderation. My suggestion is, use the timer in the cellphone. Set an alarm, like 30 minutes, that they have to follow. After 30 minutes, they have to put down the phone and do their lessons or other activities. They can have another 30 minutes in the afternoon and in the evening.

~ The Tap Supermarket game was a big hit among the two girls. Maybe they miss going to the supermarket with me. All supermarket trips for them have been halted because of the pandemic. ~

Children do respect clear boundaries, as opposed to just telling them “That’s enough.” The alarm will allow you to have that. Probably, there will be some resistance in the beginning, especially if they are used to using their gadgets all day. You would need a heart to heart talk about the benefits and disadvantages of gadget use on their developing brain.

Pray before you do so, for guidance and wisdom, especially in the language that you will use to explain things to your children.

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12 thoughts on “Online Games Are Good for Students, Studies Say | Homeschooling

  1. Loved this ❤️ now I’m totally convinced,I have 3 students who loves online gaming but at least set rules and in moderation ❤️

  2. Playing online games truly help our kids lalo na sa pagdevelop ng kanilang strategic skills, bilang guardian kailangan natin bantayan at limitahan ang paggamit ng gadgets.

  3. Yes it’s true mommy . Mdame dn natututunan ang kids sah online games especially ung problem solving skills ndedevelop talaga .. inaalow ku sila minsan Lang , after ng nkaka stress nah module 😅

  4. Thank you for sharing this mommy..
    Yung anak ko po minsan hinayaan ko din po maglaro ng games sa cellphone gaya ng Barbie Fashion at yung pagaalaga ng virtual pets, pero may oras po sya. Tama mommy may natutunan po sila sa mga online and offline games.

  5. Agree ako sayo Momsh, kapag naglalaro kasi ang mga kids ng online games mas nagiging alert sila at nababawasan ang stress nila. Mas naeenjoy nila ang pagiging bata. Mahalaga padin na meron balanseng mga aktibidad na ginagawa ang mga kids para mas mahasa ang kanilang isip.

  6. It depends po sa game app. Meron tlagang good for kids na mga laro. Naeenhance yong skills, attentiveness and even problem solving. They need some guide pa din talaga nang mga parents..

  7. Pagdating talaga sa gadgets mommy..kailangan may limit tayo lalo na sa mga app ng hindi pwede sa kids natin..Buti may mga app na pwede and kid friendly para sa maga anak natin

  8. Ngayong panahon, mostlt tlaga sa mga bata is gadgets na ang hawak or nilalaro. Okay lang naman kasi may mga game apps naman na okay for them. Helping to enhance their skill, problem solving and attentiveness. Pero kelangan limit lang and guide pdin nang mga magulang.

    1. Marami mga mommies talaga ang against na maglaro ang kanilang mga anak ng online games without knowing na may may good effect din pala ito. But for kids kelangan parin talaga ng adult supervision at moderate screen time. Para na din hindi sila ma addict kakalaro ng online games at magkaroon sila ng time to do physical activities as well.

  9. Madami din naman kasing available na educational online games ngayon na makakabenefit sila at mahasa ang kanilang kaisipan. Iba na talaga mga kabataan ngayon.

  10. Now I know. Thank you for sharing this Mommy Sig. Na it’s okay pala n a maglaro Ang kids ng online games. But in moderation🥰.
    Well me as a Mom Of three very strict po tlaga ako pagdating sa pag gamit ng Gadgets ng anak ko . After their online classes pinapa stop ko na po silaa sa gadgets. KASI eyes po Nila.ayoko na mahaba Ang exposure sa Cellphone since wala po silang anti radiation eyeglass. From now on I will allow them pero I moderation po. ♥️

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