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Kidzoona Bacolod Play Date


Playdate at Kidzoona at SM Bacolod

One fine afternoon, some members of the Bacolod Homeschoolers Network went to Kidzoona at SM City Bacolod for a play date. While homeschooling in Bacolod, we also need some rest and recreation.

Kidzoona Bacolod - Bacolod Homeschoolers Network
Play date at Kidzoona of the Bacolod Homeschoolers Network.

Kidzoona Bacolod at SM City Bacolod has been here for maybe a couple of months now. But to avoid the crowds, we waited until classes have resumed in schools and decided to pay them a visit after the holiday break.

Located on the 3rd floor of the north wing annex of SM City Bacolod, Kidzoona is an expansive playground just near the SMX Convention Center Bacolod entrance. Or literally, it’s between the two entrances of SMX Bacolod.

Kidzoona Bacolod - Bacolod Homeschoolers Network
Letting the balls float in air at Kidzoona Bacolod!

Kidzoona Bacolod Rates

So below, please find the rates of Kidzoona Bacolod. It is for one child and one caregiver. If the child does not need a caregiver, you still pay the same rates. Everyone who comes in the play area should be wearing socks. If you haven’t brought socks, don’t worry because they have socks available for sale.

  • 1 hour – P200 (kid + adult)
  • 2 hours – P300 (kid + adult)
  • 3 hours – P400 (kid + adult)

Kidzoona Bacolod Play Areas

So, indeed, it is playtime for parents and children at Kidzoona because the entrance fees cover for one parent or caregiver and one child. Here are different sections at Kidzoona Bacolod.

Kidzoona Bacolod - indoor playground - Bacolod Homeschoolers Network
Papa and Shane sharing some play time together.


The ball pool at Kidzoona Bacolod is huge, covering several square meters of space. The kids loved to wade, lie down, jump, roll, and do whatever at they can at the ball pool. There are also games you can do there. It’s a nice space for a photo opp, too.

Kidzoona Bacolod - indoor playground - Bacolod Homeschoolers Network
The ball pool at Kidzoona Bacolod. And this is just a part of it!

Air Slider

The air slider is located within the ball pool area. It’s pretty safe and fun, and most of all, you get to land on the balls!

Cyber Wheel

The cyber wheel at Kidzoona Bacolod can load up to three small kids. But two can comfortably roll in it. Even if you’re inside, you can still get the wheel to roll. Or somebody can push you from outside.

Kidzoona Bacolod - indoor playground - Bacolod Homeschoolers Network
Shane, Dindin and their friend Cody enjoying the Cyber Wheel at Kidzoona Bacolod.

Mini Event Center

At the mini event center, they hold play time and activities organized by the staff of Kidzoona Bacolod. You can just listen to the announcements that they give.

Toy Corner

They have soooo many toys around here — all of good quality and safe for children. A lot of them are wooden and educational toys that will surely get the kids to think while having fun.

Kidzoona Bacolod - indoor playground - Bacolod Homeschoolers Network
There are toys that would interest everyone at Kidzoona Bacolod. Here Cody and Shawna play with wooden doll houses.

Downtown Kidzoona

Downtown Kidzoona has so many areas of pretend play complete with costumes. Our little girl spent so much time here because she enjoyed donning different costumes for the different characters she wants to play. There are many benefits of playing with costumes for kids and I write about them here:  Benefits of Dress Up Play for Children

Kidzoona Bacolod - indoor playground - Bacolod Homeschoolers Network
Shane thoroughly enjoyed her time at Downtown Kidzoona while wearing all these costumes! There’s a couple more actually that are not in the picture.

Watch the kids play time at Kidzoona Bacolod

I made this video of the kids’ memorable play time at Kidzoona Bacolod.

Kidzoona Bacolod Activities

By the hour, a host will call the kids to the play area. The kids have the option to join or not. They have different arts and crafts activities that the kids can join in, which are pretty easy. Those who can accomplish the task can get prizes. I think that’s a nice touch.

Kidzoona Bacolod - indoor playground - Bacolod Homeschoolers Network
Simple activities at Kidzoona Bacolod to get the kids to think. And they get prizes, too.

Kidzoona Bacolod Mascot Appearance

The Kidzoona mascot is the cute pink Lalachan and she made an appearance while we were there. I forgot to ask if she comes out by the hour, we got all excited when it was announced that she would grace us with her presence.

Kidzoona Bacolod - indoor playground - Bacolod Homeschoolers Network
The Bacolod Homeschoolers had a photo opp with Lalachan – the Kidzoona mascot – after her dance number. From left: Akee, Shawna, Shane, and Cody.

Lalachan went out from the office, greeted the kids, and danced to a single song. Afterwards, she only entertained photo opps with the kids. What fun!

Kidzoona Bacolod Advantage

There are a couple of advantages that I can think of about Kidzoona Bacolod.

Time Limit Reminder

What I really like about Kidzoona Bacolod is that they will announce over the PA system when your time is up so you can prepare and go out. My friends have told me that in other play areas ate the mall, they experienced being charged for 30 minutes or another hour for a five-minute extra because they were not able to check the time that the kids were due to be out.

Kidzoona Bacolod - indoor playground - Bacolod Homeschoolers Network
This is a different slide area for smaller kids at Kidzoona Bacolod.

Or maybe their watches were not synchronized with that of the playground. At least at Kidzoona, you don’t have to worry about that.


When you go in, you are allowed shoe lockers where you can leave your shoes. But they also have bag lockers that you can rent for P100. The rent is refundable when you get out. That’s a pretty sweet deal for me instead of lugging around our stuff.

Free water and cups

They also have a water station and free cups. You may also want to refill your water bottles here. I think this is really nice to them to include this in the fee.

Kidzoona Bacolod - indoor playground - Bacolod Homeschoolers Network
Bag lockers, shoe lockers, and water station at Kidzoona Bacolod.

Kidzoona Bacolod

Open daily from 10am to 9pm
3rd Floor, SM City Bacolod north wing

Kidzoona Bacolod - indoor playground - Bacolod Homeschoolers Network
The kids thoroughly enjoyed pretend play.
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    1. Indeed it is! 😀 The place of Kidzoona Bacolod is big so you can go around many areas but not too big so as to tire you or make you feel that one hour is not enough (well, of course, for kids an hour is never enough haha). They were able to use all the amenities in one hour. 🙂

    1. Maybe we can arrange another play date at Kidzoona Bacolod. Let’s see about the budget. haha I told the kids they can go there maybe once every two months hahaha

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