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Benefits of Trampoline Bouncing for Kids


Kids love jumping around and so if there’s a trampoline, bouncing around would definitely follow. And in this case, it may be right for them because of the health benefits of trampoline bouncing.

health benefits of trampoline bouncing - rebounding for kids
Trampoline bouncing has many health benefits for children. This is our little Shane during the birthday party of a friend last year.

Bouncing on a trampoline is also called rebounding. It is great exercise for people young and old because it is low-impact and fun, too.

Health Benefits of Trampoline Bouncing for Kids

So here are some of the health benefits of trampoline bouncing for kids if done correctly. Have at least some supervision of an adult when kids are playing.

Improves flexibility

When done correctly and regularly, jumping on a trampoline strengthens and lengthens the kids’ muscles. It also improves flexibility.

Cardiovascular workouts

Jumping on a trampoline will obviously increase a child’s heart rate and gives their heart a great workout. After all, they don’t jump sparsely — they keep on jumping until they’re all out of breath! Or at least, that’s what my kids are.

health benefits of trampoline bouncing - rebounding for kids
Our daughter Dindin with her friend Cody on the trampoline at Kidzoona Bacolod.

Improved posture

Along with improving their balance, jumping on a trampoline can improve the kids’ posture. That is because the floor of the trampoline constantly moves so they must be aware of their center of gravity in order to avoid falling down. They try to to balance themselves to stay standing up. They can also use this balance in their other activities as well.

Teaches persistence

When bouncing on the trampoline, the will learn specific skills. And mastering them would require persistence.

Affects learning success

As kids learn to control their balance and the movement of their body, this physical training on muscle control can also help them learn other things, too.

health benefits of trampoline bouncing - rebounding for kids
Bouncing on the trampoline is so much fun for my kids. But Shane prefers it when she’s alone. She gets scared when the trampoline floor moves and she’s not the one causing it.

Develops motor skills

When kids jump on a trampoline their whole brain is forced to function bilaterally. That is because both sides of the brain and both sides of the body must work in sync in order to maintain balance and coordination while bouncing on a trampoline. This will then help improve their motor skills, which starts from the brain.

Great Exercise

Needless to say, bouncing on the trampoline is great exercise. And the best thing is, the kids will not notice that they are working out because they are having so much fun. It’s like another toy for them.

This is actually great for kids who don’t like sports, as they can do this even at home.

Rebounding is especially good fun with a lot of health benefits for young children who are already obese. A lot of kids today are very much into sedentary activities like playing video games or watching videos.

health benefits of trampoline bouncing - rebounding for kids
This is our existing trampoline that we haven’t used for a long time now because we don’t have space for it at our home.

But introducing them to rebounding or the use of the trampoline will encourage them to move their bodies and have fun. And if they have playmates around, it is going to be play date already.

Buying a Small Trampoline

That is why I am thinking of getting a small one for our kids. We do have the big one but now, we realize that we have nowhere to assemble it in. And it’s too bad. But with the small one, at least we can just use it while in the living room. They can bounce on the trampoline even for a few minutes each day and still get the exercise that they need.

That for me, is very important, as we are homeschooling in Bacolod. We try to bring them outside as much as we can, but it is also nice for them to have something to do at home.

Health Benefits of Trampoline Bouncing for Adults

And while bouncing on the trampoline is great for kids, it’s great for adults, too. Too bad though that I get too dizzy jumping, but if not, I would love to do this, especially with my kids! That would then be a great family bonding activity for us. But well, I will let the kids just do it.

Here are the health benefits of trampoline bouncing for grown ups.

  • Reduces inflammation in the body
  • Increases energy levels
  • Improves brain function
  • Alleviates back pain and joint pain
  • Burns calories that could lead to weight loss
  • It’s fun and the activity releases happy hormones to shoo away depression
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19 thoughts on “Benefits of Trampoline Bouncing for Kids

  1. I wish I can get a trampoline big enough for me :). That would simply feel liberating, to jump high without a care in the world…

  2. Jumping is the favorite game for my kids. I was not aware of these benefits. Having a small trampoline will be great idea as it will reduce the mattress damages;)

  3. Trampoline exercises are so great even for adults! Well, ever since I learnt that the workout helps with detoxification, I’ve been such a fan.

  4. Trampolines are so much fun but when parents are buying one they should think of the security as well. The other day I’ve seen a child jumping on a trampoline set on the balcony, at the 4th floor of a building, with no safety net around it…

  5. Great post, always wanted to get a trampoline for my kids. I really think there are so many benefits for their balance, muscle, exercise, etc.. I decided to get this for my little girl birthday, thx!

  6. oh this is such a great informative post about bouncing on a trampoline! we used to take the little one jumping but hear that it is bad for their bones? any thoughts?

  7. Every kid I know loves to jump. I would love to have a trampoline myself…lol. It is always so much fun to jump and feel free

  8. I never thought bouncing on a trampoline has a lot of great health benefits for kids and grown ups. It convinced me to do it from time to time. This is very much impressive.

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