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DIY Hong Kong Tour Itinerary for the Family


Our DIY Hong Kong Family Tour

We have long been saving up for a family trip to Hong Kong. When we finally had enough money, we went last year and did a DIY Hong Kong Family Tour in order to keep the expenses down. This was our eldest daughter’s advance birthday trip.

DIY Hong Kong Tour Itinerary - Hong Kong family tour - visit Hong Kong - Sleeping Beauty castle Hong Kong Disneyland

Original Plan

We booked a promo flight via Cebu Pacific. It was a direct flight from Iloilo to Hong Kong. Our additional connecting trip would be the Bacolod to Iloilo ferry boat ride. Our ticket was planned for five nights.

For our accommodations, we would be staying at my friend Sam’s pad, so we did not have to pay for a Hong Kong hotel.

About two months prior to our family vacation, Cebu Pacific informed us that they cancelled our return flight and we need to reschedule. Upon talking to an agent on the phone, we learned that we could not move the departure–only the return. Since Cebu Pacific only flies every other day, our only choice was to reduce our vacation time to 3 nights or increase it to 7 nights.

DIY Hong Kong Tour Itinerary - Hong Kong family tour - visit Hong Kong - Iloilo international airport - Cebu Pacific
While waiting for our Cebu Pacific direct flight to Hong Kong from the Iloilo International Airport.

Thanks to our free accommodation, there was no doubt that we would add more night because 3 whole days in Hong Kong is just too short. Anyway, we are homeschooling in Bacolod so we don’t have to deal with absences in school. This family can just go anytime and anywhere as long as our pockets allow it.

Planning a 7-day DIY Hong Kong Family Tour

So here is our itinerary for our DIY Hong Kong Family Tour, considering that this is a budget trip. And it’s good for four people. Our little girl is already 4 years old, so in a lot of instances, her fare and as well as other things are already paid for.

DIY Hong Kong Tour Itinerary - Hong Kong family tour - visit Hong Kong
In Hong Kong, we took the train and the bus. It was only one time that we took the cab. So we really had to have local currency with us. Here, we were waiting for our train at the Yuen Long stop.

Day 1 | Monday – Yuen Long

My friend’s place is in the Yuen Long Territory. We arrived there around 3am, taking the cab from the airport to his house. We rested and went out after lunch of Day 1. Even if we wanted to, we could not go earlier because we have kids.

DIY Hong Kong Tour Itinerary - Hong Kong family tour - visit Hong Kong - Hung Shing Temple -Yuen Long attractions
The kids at Hung Shing Temple. It is part of the attractions of the DIY walking tour of Yuen Long that we did.

So for Day 1, we went around the Yuen Long. First we hit the Ping Shan Heritage Trail in order to immerse ourselves in the local culture. We saw a lot of old temples and houses depicting ancient Chinese architecture and art. Our family trip is a combination of the search for the old and new.

DIY Hong Kong Tour Itinerary - Hong Kong family tour - visit Hong Kong - Ping Shan Heritage Trail - Tang Ancestral Hall
We stopped at the Tang Ancestral Hall at Ping Shan Heritage Trail.

It was a long and tiring walk but the kids survived. After that, they had some downtime at Yuen Long Park. They played in the playground and chased after birds. Too bad the Yuen Long Aviary Pagoda was already closed when we got there.

DIY Hong Kong Tour Itinerary - Hong Kong family tour - visit Hong Kong - Yuen Long attractions- Yuen Long aviary pagoda
We got to the Yuen Long Aviary Pagoda about 5:30pm, just when it was about to close. Yuen Long Park is such an expansive area, covering several square meters. Took us a lot of minutes to reach this part from where we got off the bus.

Day 2 | Tuesday – Hong Kong Disneyland (1st day)

We bought a two-day pass for Hong Kong Disneyland. We felt that one day is not enough for the kids to enjoy the park. Plus, the second day was pretty cheap.

  • HK Disneyland 2-Day Pass for 4 – PhP 14,622 c/o Klook (2 adults, 2 kids)
DIY Hong Kong Tour Itinerary - Hong Kong family tour - visit Hong Kong - Hong Kong Disneyland
Finally, the main intention of our Hong Kong trip — Hong Kong Disneyland!

The kids thoroughly enjoyed meeting whoever Disney character was available during our visits. They interacted well with the princesses, sharing stories and all. Check our my article on Hong Kong Disneyland Magic Comes to Life,

DIY Hong Kong Tour Itinerary - Hong Kong family tour - visit Hong Kong - Hong Kong Disneyland - Tinkerbell
The girls enjoyed interacting with the Disney characters at Hong Kong Disneyland. It’s like a dream come true for every little girl!

Day 3 | Wednesday- Museum Day

Our 2-day Disneyland pass didn’t have to be availed consecutively. So we skipped the park today because every Wednesday in Hong Kong, the museums offer free entrance. On regular days, entrance fees range from HK$10 to HK$20. That’s pretty big when you total everything.

We first to the Tsim Tsa Tsui area for the Avenue of the Stars. But it was closed at that time because of the major renovations in the area. But we did get to enjoy whatever was left there, which they called the Garden of the Stars.

DIY Hong Kong Tour Itinerary - Hong Kong family tour - visit Hong Kong - Garden of the Stars - Bruce Lee
Daddy spars with Bruce Lee at Garden of the Stars.

Also, we stopped by the lovely playground on the hill. We have kids, remember? So a playground stopover is a must. They just had to have some play time. We would not have been able to do it if we got a guided tour.

DIY Hong Kong Tour Itinerary - Hong Kong family tour - visit Hong Kong - Tsim Tsa Tsui playground
The kids spent about 45 minutes in this playground at Tsim Tsa Tsui. It is sooo clean! It even has a clean drinking fountain.

Then we proceeded to the Hong Kong Science Museum. My kids are such Science geeks that 2.5 hours was not enough for them there. We had to take them away because we will had another place to go to and we barely had enough time before the museums close.

DIY Hong Kong Tour Itinerary - Hong Kong family tour - visit Hong Kong - Hong Kong Science Museum
A life-sized plane at the Hong Kong Science Museum.

Our next stop was the Hong Kong Museum of History. It was around 3pm already so we had our snacks at their cafeteria. Food there is good and quite affordable. We had about 2 hours left to tour the entire place before it closes for the day. In the end, there were a couple of exhibits that we were not able to see. Dindin would really linger at each exhibit, reading the literature of the displays.

DIY Hong Kong Tour Itinerary - Hong Kong family tour - visit Hong Kong - Hong Kong Museum of History
The girls are on board a Chinese boat house that early Chinese people lived in. This is on display at the Hong Kong Museum of History.

Day 4 | Thursday – Hong Kong Disneyland (2nd day)

It was back to HK Disneyland for our second day of our DIY Hong Kong Family Tour. We made sure that we covered all the attractions and the rides that we wanted to get on. We also had photo opps with all the characters present that day.

DIY Hong Kong Tour Itinerary - Hong Kong family tour - visit Hong Kong - Hong Kong Disneyland - Rapunzel
I think the girls felt that Rapunzel was their sister. hahaha

The princesses were not all present because our visits were during the weekdays. They are complete during weekends.

DIY Hong Kong Tour Itinerary - Hong Kong family tour - visit Hong Kong - Hong Kong Disneyland - Tarzan's Jungle Tree House
At the Tarzan’s Jungle Tree House.

That was our trade off for not wanting to go there on a weekend. I wanted to avoid the crowd of weekend guests. And we were fine with everything. Our nice pictures without other people photobombing our scenes was worth the sacrifice.

DIY Hong Kong Tour Itinerary - Hong Kong family tour - visit Hong Kong - Hong Kong Disneyland
The kids joined the animation lessons with their Papa at the Art of Animation of Hong Kong Disneyland.

Day 5 | Friday – Lantau Island Tour

We spent a day to appreciate Lantau Island because of its rich heritage. We bought our Ngong Ping 360 Lantau Sky-Land-Sea Day pass round trip tickets also from Klook.

  • Ngong Ping 360 Lantau Sky-Land-Sea / Tai O for 4 – PhP 4,926 c/o Klook (2 adults, 2 kids)
DIY Hong Kong Tour Itinerary - Hong Kong family tour - visit Hong Kong - Ngong Ping 360 - cable car - Lantau Island
The arrival point of the Ngong Ping 360 cable car ride. We have arrived in Lantau Island!


The Ngong Ping 360 is the cable car that brought us to Lantau Island. We took the standard cabin because the one with the glass bottom is more expensive.

DIY Hong Kong Tour Itinerary - Hong Kong family tour - visit Hong Kong - Ngong Ping 360 - cable car
Inside the cable car.

It was such a thrill for all of us to be high up in the air to see the mountains. The ride has a distance of 5.7 km and it takes about 25 minutes one way. But the problem was the queue. Took us about 4 hours of waiting to get on that cable car because of the waiting. The queue was also quite crazy at the first part.

Coming back, it also took about an hour of queuing. Thankfully the kids were not unruly. The waiting was too much. I guess that’s because it was a Friday. And my other guess, it’s gonna be worse on weekends.


When we got to Ngong Ping Village, we explored the place for a bit. We also went to the Po Lin Monastery. Papa and Dindin went up to the Tian Tan Buddha for a better view while the Siobe and I stayed below and enjoyed some refreshments.

DIY Hong Kong Tour Itinerary - Hong Kong family tour - visit Hong Kong - Po Lin Monastery, Ngong Ping Village
At the Po Lin Monastery, in Ngong Ping Village. Chinese cultural tours like these are important for us. After all, the kids are from Chinese descent. We would also like them to be able to appreciate their roots.
DIY Hong Kong Tour Itinerary - Hong Kong family tour - visit Hong Kong - Lantau Island - Tian Tian Buddha
Dindin is almost halfway up the hill going to the Tian Tian Buddha.


Part of the package was a tour of the old Tai O Fishing Village and boating in the open sea. We saw the stilt houses and lots of dried seafood. If it was easy, I would have loved to bring back home some dried seafood. They were premium dried seafood, not like the ones we are used to here in the Philippines.

Tai O Fishing Village - DIY Hong Kong Tour itinerary - HK - family vacation - Hong Kong destinations
One of the local stores selling dried fish at the Tai O Fishing Village.

We saw a glimpse of the life of the people living in this seaside village.

DIY Hong Kong Tour Itinerary - Hong Kong family tour - visit Hong Kong
Our motorboat for the river cruise that takes off that Tai O Village. This is pretty fast. Almost all the homes in the area own a motorized boat.
DIY Hong Kong Tour Itinerary - Hong Kong family tour - visit Hong Kong - Tai O Fishing Village - Lantau Island - stilt house
Some of the stilt houses along the river. It is common to see motor boats parked in front of the house. That’s their basic mode of transportation. What I noticed is that, being a heavily populated village, I didn’t find garbage floating around.

The boat ride was a bit scary because of the fast and noisy speed boat. Plus I realized that we already reached the open sea. With two young kids, I felt so scared. hahaha Siobe was also clinging to me, but I think she was more scared of the sound of the motor boat than the deep sea.

DIY Hong Kong Tour Itinerary - Hong Kong family tour - visit Hong Kong - Lantau Island - Tai O Fishing Village
Beyond this island is the area where the pink dolphins may be seen. Sight seeing tours available.

If we paid extra and went out further, we would have reached the area where there are sightings of the pink dolphin. But we skipped that part. It was beyond our travel budget already.

DIY Hong Kong Tour Itinerary - Hong Kong family tour - visit Hong Kong - Tai O Fishing Village - Lantau Island - eating octopus
After our short river cruise and appreciation of the Tai O Fishing Village, we ended up eating street food — octopus with spicy sauce! It’s like eating squid balls from our vendors–cept that this is from a really big octopus!

Day 6 | Saturday – Macau Day Tour

We wanted to check in at Disneyland Hotel but found it too expensive. And we won’t be able to maximize our stay in this nice hotel because we would be at the park all day anyway. So instead, we allocated the budget for a trip to Macau. This is a low-budget DIY Hong Kong Family Tour after all.

DIY Hong Kong Tour Itinerary - Hong Kong family tour - visit Hong Kong - Macau attractions - Ruins of St. Paul
It sure was a crowded time to visit the Ruins of St. Paul’s on a Saturday afternoon.
  • Venetian Macau Gondola Rides for 4 – PhP 1,103 c/o Klook (2 adults, 2 kids)
  • TurboJet Ferry Tickets (Hk-Macau RT)PhP 8,852 c/o Klook (2 adults, 2 kids)

Macau is another territory of China that is near Hong Kong but is separated by the sea. It takes a one-hour ferry ride to reach there. We got good ferry deals also on Klook. We bought our tickets about 3 days before our schedule. It was much cheaper. Ferry is big, clean, and very fast.

DIY Hong Kong Tour Itinerary - Hong Kong family tour - visit Hong Kong - Macau attractions - Macau Fisherman's Wharf
This area is just one side of the Macau Fisherman’s Wharf that has a Roman design. I loved that there were four columns here so I told everyone to pick a pillar and strike a pose. This is what we got. haha

One of my intentions in Macau is to ride the gondola at the Venetia Macau. And we did. The gondola ride here is much cheaper that the one at McKinley Hill in Manila, which is P550 per person. In Macau, we got it for a little over PhP1,000 only, plus the boatman is an Italian who sang operatic songs to us. Closest to the original as possible. Lovet! 😀

DIY Hong Kong Tour Itinerary - Hong Kong family tour - visit Hong Kong
We came to Macau for this — a gondola ride at the Venetian Macau. I think I was the happiest here. haha Too bad I can’t fit the four of us in the pic and I was too scared to use the timer on the camera. There was water around us after all.

Filipino Tour Guide

We wanted to DIY our Macau tour as well. But we were so tired and it was already lunchtime so we thought of hiring a guide. We found a Filipina guide who charge us with HK$500. It was good enough. The fee included the bus rides and she was pretty nice. At least we didn’t get lost and we enjoyed our short stay in Macau.

DIY Hong Kong Tour Itinerary - Hong Kong family tour - visit Hong Kong - Macau attractions - Venetian Macau
For now, this is the closest that we will get to the Eiffel Tower. Someday, it will be in Paris already.

Macau Attractions

We went to the usual Macau attractions that our time afforded us. We had to take our lunch there, as it was around noon when we got there:

  • Ruins of St. Paul
  • Senado Square
  • Venetian Macau
  • Parisian Macau
  • St. Dominic Church
  • Macau Fisherman’s Wharf

The Parisian Macao is so nice that Shane asked us if we could stay there. Someday, Siobe, someday. It’s realllyyyy nice!!! It’s all French sophistication. We love it there!

DIY Hong Kong Tour Itinerary - Hong Kong family tour - visit Hong Kong - Macau attractions - Parisan Macao
The Parisian Macao is so grand that our youngest daughter wanted to stay for the night. It was indeed awesome. Someday, baby. 😀

Day 7 | Sunday – Ocean Park Hong Kong

We went to Hong Kong in November, which was the month that registered the least rain fall in their weather report. Throughout the week, we had great weather. But when Sunday came, it rained torrents. And it was our time to go to Ocean Park Hong Kong.

DIY Hong Kong Tour Itinerary - Hong Kong family tour - visit Hong Kong - Ocean Park Hong Kong
With my friend Sam, who treated us to a day at the Ocean Park.

My friend Sam treated us there, including our fare. So I was not able to take note of our expenses. The rain really spoiled our time there because it was hard to get around when the rain was pouring. And Sam had to buy ponchos for all of us, just so we would not be drenched.

DIY Hong Kong Tour Itinerary - Hong Kong family tour - visit Hong Kong
Needless to say, the kids enjoyed all the animal exhibits at Ocean Park Hong Kong. But the most epic time was seeing a live red Panda. They only know about this specie from a Barbie movie.

But a lot of the rides were to messy to take. The only thing that the kids enjoyed were the animals. Thankfully, they were in covered exhibits.

Well, that’s just how it is in every travel. You win some and you lose some. But at least, the majority of our DIY Hong Kong Family Tour experienced great weather!

DIY Hong Kong Tour Itinerary - Hong Kong family tour - visit Hong Kong - Ocean Park Hong Kong - penguins
The penguins were a real delight. The kids can’t get enough of them.

Using Klook

Our DIY Hong Kong Family Tour was made easy because of Klook. I paid for everything we needed on the site. And everything was pretty easy.


Special Thanks!

Our special gratitude goes to our friend Sam who took us in when we were in Hong Kong. We saved so much with our DIY Hong Kong Family Tour because we no longer had to pay for a Hong Kong hotel. We had a super grand time!

Hong Kong Travel Tips

  1. Prepare cash: small bills and loose change. That way you just drop the money in the bus if necessary.
  2. Buy the Octopus card. It will save you a lot of money if you commute. The price of the card is refundable.
  3. At Disneyland, let the kids wear costumes. The experience would be epic.
  4. Eat local. Try the Chinese cuisine. We bought some meals from the hawkers and the food is really good. It was just hard to understand each other though.
  5. Wear comfortable shoes. Touring Hong Kong entails a lot of walking. And the effort would be doubled if you have to run after or carry your kids.
  6. Bring appropriate clothes. We went there on a November. It wasn’t very cold yet but light jackets were already needed. Bring caps for the kids, too. The last thing you need are kids getting sick while travelling.
  7. Protect your kids’ health. Bring their usual vitamin supplements and give them nutritious food. The tours and the long hours on the road can be taxing for your kids. They bodies need to recuperate from the travel stress. I brought their standard multivitamin supplement as well as Ceelin, a separate Vitamin C chewable tablet.
  8. If you can, bring a tripod. You cannot trust other people to take good photos. Plus it can be a nuisance asking people for help all the time. In this DIY Hong Kong Family Tour, our tripod helped us compose beautiful shots. Plus it warded off other people from joining our family portraits.
DIY Hong Kong Tour Itinerary - Hong Kong family tour - visit Hong Kong - Hong Kong Disneyland
This is the reason why we bring a tripod. We can compose our shots and people deliberately avoid photobombing our shot. haha

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