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DIY Christmas Decorations for Your Home

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Unique DIY Christmas Decorations

Christmas is nearing and many of us are already taking out our Christmas decorations stored in the attic. Or your decorations may have already been set up.

DIY Christmas decorations - stuffed toys and teddy bears
Teddy bears and other stuffed animals take center stage in our Christmas tree this year.

It’s just so much fun to put up your Christmas decorations and Christmas tree, especially with our young children. Christmas is kind of a big thing for our daughters because we have hyped up the holiday season for them over the years. We hyped it up as a big occasion because we point them to Jesus. to sharing with other people, and also to the receiving of gifts with graciousness.

However, like so many other families, I honestly don’t like having the same decors every year. The tree can be the same, but I would like to have a fresh look on the tree. In the past, I would rotate the colors of the decors. There would be a predominant color among the baubles. But this year, we incorporated toys for a playful look on our tree.

Setting Up the Tree

Our daughters were super excited to set up the Christmas tree in their bedroom. And one Sunday, we did that. But since Papa and Mama have been very tired, we made a compromise. We did not want to disappoint them but we also needed to rest.

So we took out the tree and the Christmas decorations. Their Dad set up the tree while I laid out the ornaments. Then we told them that they can already start decorating while Mama and Papa still rested. Then we went to sleep.

DIY Christmas decorations - stuffed teddy bears
Our Christmas tree of toys. We also used balls and other ornaments but the main attraction is the stuffed toys.

After more than an hour, we woke up to this. I was so happy with what they did to the tree and how they were able to pull it off without our help. The final touch that we helped them with is just to put the star on top.

Unique Christmas Decorations  

Use toys

Since we already have two young daughters, we have amassed quite a collection of toys through the years. And some of them are average sized stuffed animals. These are mostly Teddy Bears that we have bought from the SM Bears of Joy program. The kids incorporated these toys into the tree along with baubles that they liked. They got to pick everything and they arranged them around the tree.

DIY Christmas decorations - stuffed toys
Some of the toys included in our Christmas tree.

I am sure that as parents of young kids, you also have a lot of toys on hand. Use them as Christmas tree trimmings. You may own a different set of toys, especially if you have boys. You can just tie a string and hang them. What fun it would be for them to see their toys hanging from the tree! Our kids were so happy with using their toys as Christmas decorations.

Use collectibles

A lot of us ladies like to collect stuff, like cute trinkets and ornaments. A lot of times, they are not exactly related to Christmas but they still look good. You may use them as accents on the Christmas tree.

DIY Christmas decorations - miniature Starbucks tumblers
Miniature Starbucks tumblers look cute as they are interspersed between poinsettia and baubles. Photo by Julia Javellana.

An example of this would be a collection of miniature Starbucks tumblers. A friend of mine used her collection as accents on her tree and it looks on point among the balls and poinsettia.

Use available materials

If you don’t want to put up the same Christmas tree, you can also create something new using available materials. A friend of mine used green-colored scratch papers and they put a big tree in their office using only that.

DIY Christmas decorations - paper Christmas tree
A Christmas tree made entirely of paper. Ain’t that nice? Photo by Arlene Collado.

Creativity and lots of imagination can help you go a long way in creating fresh looks for your Christmas decorations every year. What I included here are the creative DIY Christmas decorations and Christmas trees done at home level.

I will keep updating this post for more fresh ideas that I see and create.

Merry Christmas!

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