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4 Baby Items You Can Rent


Having a baby can be both exciting and scary, especially in terms of finances. Know that there are baby items you can rent in order to keep big expenses at bay.

Baby Items You Can Rent

As a parent, you are going to experience a steep learning curve as you raise your children. One of the things that you may not realize right away is that your baby will outgrow things quickly, such as clothes and accessories. But there are just so many adorable things in the baby section of the department store today that it’s hard not to pick up a piece–or a dozen.

baby items for rent
Baby bassinets are the among the first items that you will have to discard from your nursery. Babies outgrow the bassinet really fast.

And my, did I mention those online sellers with artisanal stuff and baby furniture? They are just to cute to pass. If we let our guards down, however, we will end up buying so many things for our babies that they end up wearing or using just once. Sometimes, we don’t even find the chance to let our baby use them. I should know, I have gone through such a phase. Twice.

Consider Renting

The good news is that some of the most expensive baby items that we need may actually be rented. A high chair rental, for example, allows your child to use this necessary baby item until there is no longer a need for it. When that moment arrives, you can just easily ship it back and you won’t have a problem with storage or disposing it.

cute baby photography
What can I say? Babies are cute.

Here below are the baby furniture you may consider renting so as to save on cost and not have problems with later.


Your baby needs a dedicated space where it can sleep safely and soundly with age appropriate baby beddings. Traditionally, that safe and sound space is provided for by a crib. Some parents do opt for alternate sleeping arrangements.

baby crib
We never used our crib for our baby to sleep. It would have been nice if we only rented one back then.

If you are not sure what sleeping arrangements will work best for your baby and you, consider renting a crib. Babies are known to climb out of their cribs. This poses a danger because a crib is higher off the ground than a bed. If your baby develops acrobatic tendencies and you rented the crib, when that moment arrives, pack it up and ship it back.

It would have been nice if renting was available back then for us. Our children never liked the crib. They would always wake up several times during the night. It was not healthy for them and a harassment for us. When we did co-sleeping, all of us slept peacefully. We just spent on the crib for nothing.


Strollers, like cribs, serve an important purpose. Before your baby has perfected the art of walking, a stroller preserves their little legs and your arms. When you are running errands, going for a walk or attending an event, a stroller can be packed with snacks, an extra set of clothes and protect the child from the sun.

baby strollers
Baby strollers are necessary but won’t be used for very long. We have a couple of strollers for our two kids and both of them refused to use them.

Once your baby begins to walk and would like to enjoy the freedom of sauntering, it may be time to pack up the stroller. If this moment arrives sooner than you expected, if you rented the stroller, all you have to do is return it.

We have two strollers–one for an infant and the other for a toddler. And both remained unused because both our kids don’t want to use them. And I have yet to re-sell both of them.

High Chair

The high chair can be used from the time the baby starts to eat to until about three years old. Sometimes, by two years old, a new high chair is already needed because an expandable chair can only go so much. So it is but reasonable to just rent it and even find ergonomic designs that can fit your baby well.

high chair with baby bottle
The high chair evolves as the baby gets older. It is but wise to just rent this baby furniture.


Swings, walkers and bouncers are baby accessories that help you entertain your child. They are great for lulling your baby to sleep, helping them strengthen their legs and safely follow you around.

These items tend to be outgrown the quickest, though. While they are not the most expensive, instead of stuffing them into your closet or garage, if you rent them, you can return them as soon as their purpose has been served.

baby bouncer - baby furniture
The baby bouncer is one of the nicest baby furniture that is easily outgrown. Thankfully, I never bought one for any of my daughters.


The amount of items that benefit the safe and healthy growth of your baby are numerous. Renting items like cribs, strollers and accessories, instead of purchasing, is worth considering.


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  1. Ako Naman Ma..Never Bumili ng mga Gamit ni Baby like cribs and Strollers kasi pag buntis ako may magbibigay na Agad hehehe.Tapos pag di na ginagamit ni Baby binebenta ko online as preloved hehehe.Sayang din kasi at inaalagaan ko talaga para mapakinabangan pa ng iba

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