Circle of Clean: Robinsons Hotels and Resorts New Protocols


We are now in the last quarter of the year and despite the threat of Covid-19, borders are slowly being lifted. It’s not because the virus is going away or a Covid-19 vaccine is now available. Economy and livelihood are the main reasons. People need to earn and make a living, so we just have to make lifestyle adjustments for the new normal. At the Robinsons Hotels and Resorts (RHR), it’s called the Circle of Clean.

Circle of Clean: Adapting to the New Normal

What is the Circle of Clean?

Circle of Clean is the elevated standard of hygiene and cleanliness at the Robinsons Hotels and Resorts. It is based on the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Department of Health new normal protocols.

This new protocol aims to provide a worry-free stay experience for guests. Its implementation starts from pre-arrival to post-departure touchpoints at all Go Hotels and Summit Hotels and Resorts.

If you think everything is tedious, that’s the new normal for us. And it’s also RHR’s way of showing us that they care for our welfare as well as their employees.

Safety Protocols

Here are the different safety protocols that are being implemented under the Circle of Clean program.

Pre-Arrival Experience

  • A letter regarding the hotel’s Circle of Clean protocols and guidelines will be emailed to the guest.
  • An online Health Declaration Form must be filled up by the guest prior to arrival.
  • To ensure a seamless check-in experience, guests are encouraged to avail of pre-payment options.

Upon Arrival

  • Hotel staff welcoming the guests are in complete personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Sanitizing foot baths are placed in hotel entrances.
  • Alcohol and hand sanitizers are available for guest use at the entrance and reception counters.
  • There’s mandatory temperature screening in hotel entrances.
  • Luggage disinfection upon arrival is being implemented.
  • A clear acrylic barrier has been installed at reception desks. These are to protect the safety of guests as well as the hotel associates.
  • Keycards are thoroughly sanitized with an ultraviolet light instrument before issuance to the guest.
  • Physical distancing markers and signages are installed and must be religiously followed.
  • Hourly disinfection of all contact surfaces at the reception counters, doors, and floors.
  • Guests will be welcomed by the Circle of Clean ambassador to assure guests’ stay with the highest hygiene and sanitation.

Public Area Experience

  • Alcohol and hand sanitizers are available in high-contact areas.
  • Physical distancing markers are installed to guide guests with the new norm.
  • Maximum number of 5 guests per lift. Elevators and elevator buttons are sanitized every hour.
  • Physical distancing measures are also implemented.
  • Circle of Clean ambassadors are deployed in all public places to enforce physical distancing.

Guest Room Experience

  • A Circle of Clean door sea; on each guest room door indicating the room has been cleaned and sanitized.
  • Room attendants are provided with full PPE when cleaning the rooms.
  • Cleaning tools and equipment undergo extensive disinfecting after every use. An exclusive cleaning sponge per room is also being used.
  • Consistent use of hospital-grade disinfectant in partnership with Ecolab. It’s an industry expert that provides trusted products approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • New norm on garbage collection and laundry pick up is being enforced to promote physical distancing.
  • Circle of Clean hygiene kits are part of the welcome room amenity.

Food and Beverage Experience

  • Modified food and beverage operations include a shift to pre-packaged sets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • The restaurant is open for delivery, pick-up, and take-out services.
  • Certified by the Department of Tourism as an accommodation take-out and delivery services during the enforcement of ECQ.
  • For in-room dining, pre-arranged Flash Meals and Bento Boxes are offered to guests via contactless delivery.
  • Restaurant and function or meeting rooms have limited capacities. Additionally, physical distancing markers installed to promote proper social distancing.
  • Food and beverage service and kitchen staff are provided with PPE uniforms.
  • Emphasis on effective hand hygiene including washing of hands for at least 20 seconds every 30 minutes.

Departure Experience

  • Hotel colleagues assisting guests upon checkout are in PPE.
  • Alcohol and hand sanitizers are available for guest use at the exit and reception counters.
  • Luggage disinfection on departure is also implemented.
  • A clear acrylic barrier has been installed for the safety of guests and staff.
  • Physical distancing markers and signages must be religiously followed.
  • Hourly disinfection of contact surfaces at the reception counter, doors, and flours.
  • Key cards returned by guests are disinfected and sanitized.

Post-departure Experience

  • Guests will be contacted electronically post-stay via a Thank You email. It’s a reminder to always observe physical distancing, wear a face mask when going out, and to wash hands frequently.
  • Option to receive COCO alerts after their stay.
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~ Mr. Arthur Gindap assures the public that they are “maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness.” He is the SVP and Business Unit GM of Robinsons Hotels and Resorts. ~

Employee Protocols

All the members of the hotel staff have undergone the Signature Circle of Clean Training on Covid-19 protocols. This includes physical distancing, hygiene, food safety, and the proper way of wearing PPEs prior to deployment.

Guest Protocols

  • Guests are required to wear face masks before entering the hotel premises and when staying in public areas.
  • Moreover, guests must fill-up the Online Health Declaration Form with due diligence and honesty.
  • Prepayment is highly encouraged prior to guest arrival.

Home to Go

  • Guests who stay for a minimum of 1 month will get a complimentary cleaning kit upon arrival.
  • A virtual copy of the Circle of Clean Protocols will also be available for guests.

In-House Communication Protocols

  • Guests will receive COCO Alerts – an in-house SMS notification reminder to regularly wash their hands and sanitize.
  • Visual reminders are flashed every time guest logs in the Wifi access.

Family Vacations and Safety Protocols

At this point, I believe that most of us already miss our road trips and family vacations. If you are like us, we have been homeschooling and staying at home since March 2020.

Many hotels like Robinsons Hotels and Resorts have covered everything on the new normal safety protocols. It seems like quite a lot but it’s for our safety as well as their staff and their families.

Even with all of these, I am honestly still not confident to go on a family vacation anytime soon. With our little Shane at 7 years old who is not yet very careful with her surroundings, I wouldn’t risk it. Covid-19 is treacherous.

But for those who need to travel for work, at least we know that that there are hotels that put our safety first. We should seek them out because we cannot be lackadaisical about wellness nowadays.

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  1. For the safety na din of all staffs and customers kelangan magkaroon nang safety protocols ang mga hotels talaga dahil sa pandemic. Very Good Way to maintain the cleanliness and safety of Robinsons Hotels and Resorts.

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