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Chinese New Year Activity for Kids


2019 Chinese New Year Activity for Kids

The Bacolod Homeschoolers Network held a Chinese New Year activity for our kids in celebration of their Chinese heritage.

Chinese New Year activity for kids - KIDS Inc - indoor playground Bacolod
The Bacolod Homeschoolers Network and friends during our 2018 Chinese New Year activity at KIDS Inc.

Chinese New Year is fast approaching and here in Bacolod City, it is a big thing because of the Bacolaodiat festival.

As a Bacolod blogger, we get invited to all sorts of events. But with the Bacolaodiat, even if I am not invited to any of the official events, I make it a point to go out and check out the public activities for my children’s sake. We have Chinese blood coursing through our veins and looking at my children, you would know that they come from Chinese lineage.

Chinese New Year activity for kids - KIDS Inc - indoor playground Bacolod
Our little Chinese dolls in their Chinese costumes. Aren’t they adorable?

As a homeschooling in Bacolod family, we hold these kinds of activities once a month to foster camaraderie among homeschoolers and also to provide the kids with a venue for extra curricular activities. The families are not obliged to join, so whoever is available and interested in a certain event can just signify their intention to join.

Chinese New Year Activity for Kids

This year 2018, the Year of the Dog, we had an advanced Chinese New Year celebration for the Bacolod Homeschoolers. I did not organize the event myself. Instead, I enlisted the services of KIDS Inc, an indoor playground and tutorial center here in Bacolod. They helped us hold this event for the Bacolod homeschoolers.

We just asked the parents to let the kids wear their Chinese costumes for kids for a nice and complete CNY experience. After all, costumes are really a big part of child’s play, especially in stirring up the imagination. Read my other article on dress up play for children. Link below.

Chinese New Year activity for kids - KIDS Inc - indoor playground Bacolod
During the circle time, they had some action songs.

We had a two-hour activity and it went like this:

  • Circle Time with Chinese songs
  • Learning numbers, shapes, and colors in Chinese
  • Identifying the Chinese Zodiac
  • Crafts: Chinese Lantern Making
Chinese New Year activity for kids - KIDS Inc - indoor playground Bacolod
These kids are good friends : Cody, Achi Dindin, and Siobe Shane. They also celebrated CNY last year together at the Yuan Thong Temple here in Bacolod.

While all the participants have Chinese parentage, they are not all Chinese speakers so Teacher Roselle made sure to enunciate the lyrics to the songs so that the kids learned to pronounced the words correctly.

They learned the different animals of the Chinese zodiac and where they were classified accordingly based on their birthdays. Additionally, they learned about the different famous people in history who were born under the different zodiacs.

Chinese Lantern Making

Teacher Roselle asked for the kids’ birthday before the event. She prepared sheets of red paper as well as paper cutouts of different Chinese animal zodiacs based on the kids’ birthdays. She also had the Chinese character for luck and a printout of dogs. These were the designs of the Chinese lantern.

Chinese New Year activity for kids - KIDS Inc - indoor playground Bacolod
The kids got busy making their Chinese lanterns during the crafts time.

Each finished Chinese lantern had the two symbols of luck, the dog photo, and the animal character representing the child’s birthday.

Some of the younger kids like our Siobe Shane needed help with assembling their lanterns so it became a nice bonding activity between parents and children.

Chinese New Year activity for kids - KIDS Inc - indoor playground Bacolod
The Chinese lantern making activity was also a bonding time with the parents, as some of the younger kids could not complete the craft.

Watch the Bacolod Homeschoolers Chinese New year activity on video:

Here is the kids’ Chinese New Year activity on video.

KIDS Inc Activity Fee

The fee for the entire two-hour activity is only P250 per child, inclusive of materials and classroom rental. Activities like these are actually pretty easy to do, except that parents sometimes do not have time to research and put together everything. Another problem is also the venue, so it is nice to engage establishments like KIDS Inc to do this with us. All we needed to do what to show up.

Chinese New Year activity for kids - KIDS Inc - indoor playground Bacolod - Bacolod homeschoolers
Part of the indoor playground at KIDS Inc.

After our activity, the kids had a short play time at the indoor playground area of KIDS Inc.

Contact Information

For inquiries on activities like these as well as birthday parties, visit
San Jose Bldg., Narra Avenue, Shopping
Villamonte, Bacolod City 6100, Negros Occidental, Philippines
Tel. No. (034) 445 2128. Location on the map

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13 thoughts on “Chinese New Year Activity for Kids

  1. What a great craft! I know this is something my 4 year old would definitely love to do, whether it’s Chinese New Year or not. Plus it gives me a great opportunity to teach him more about a different culture.

  2. These are lovely activities for Chinese New Year. I bet the kids enjoyed so much. Lantern making is such an interesting activity!

  3. What great activities to explore and celebrate such a beautiful part of the Chinese culture. Chinese New Year is fast approaching so this is a great suggestion for after-school activities.

  4. It looks like a fun day was had by all the homeschooling kids – love the making of Chinese lanterns!! It’s nice to have activities for kids that teach them something about a culture, like this one for Chinese New Year!

  5. Thanks for sharing this DIY Chinese activity for kids, I’m sure the kids enjoyed so much! I’ll search on a Chinese lantern pattern for Gio and Gianna to make later today.?

    Happy New Year!?

  6. The price of the Chinese New Year activity package for kids was not bad at all considering they had so many activities lined up and learned a lot, too. It’s true, these are easy activities but hard to organize with a lot of kids involved.

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