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Why We Had Our Kids Vaccinated Against Measles | Importance of Vaccines


One of the most pressing issues that the Philippines has faced recently was the measles outbreak. This viral disease is completely preventable, or at least its effects radically decreased, if only children were vaccinated against measles. But many families opted not to because of the dengue vaccine scare. They completely missed the importance of vaccines.

vaccinated against measles - measles vaccine - MMR vaccine- measles outbreak in the Philippines - free vaccines - barangay health centers
We have our kids vaccinated in order for them to grow happy and healthy. Also, vaccines help protect the rest of the population.

Awareness Campaigns and the Government

There is a need to educate people about the benefits of vaccines. They should be informed that their choices have consequences, not only to their families but to other people as well.

For a country that still believes in faith healers, hilot, superstitions, and the like, it will take a lot of effort and guts to change the mindset and common beliefs. But we need vaccines, if not for us, but for the good of the rest of the people.

vaccinated against measles - measles vaccine - MMR vaccine- measles outbreak in the Philippines - free vaccines - barangay health centers
The government provides free vaccines for everyone at the barangay health centers.

We also need strong government officials who think scientifically and who also have empathy to other people. One such incumbent official that I know of is Senator Grace Poe.

She is up for re-election and I do hope she makes it so that she can support more healthcare programs for our country.

Why Were Vaccines Made

Vaccines, or the theory thereof, were used by the monks centuries before in order to make them invulnerable to snake venom and cowpox, but more formal forms of vaccine didn’t come until the 17th century.

These healthcare strategies were developed in order to prevent the widespread outbreak of certain diseases caused by viruses. These diseases, like measles, can cause death while others, like polio, can have crippling results.

vaccinated against measles - measles vaccine - MMR vaccine- measles outbreak in the Philippines - free vaccines - barangay health centers
MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine. Photo from Otago Daily Times.

To protect humankind, vaccines were developed so that we have better immunity against these ailments.

Why We Had Our Kids Vaccinated

Being a mom, I know the importance of keeping our children healthy. I am not a doctor but I know a fair measure of how good health is imperative for the children’s growth and safety. It also keeps the family budget intact and gives me worry-free and stress-free time. Who needs the additional stress because of sickness in the family?

Of course, kids can get sick for a variety of reasons while growing up. I don’t mind common illnesses like colds and cough or the occasional fever. They are easily treatable and even a lot of times, even preventable, especially with supplements like Vitamin C.

But we had the kids receive vaccination for the major diseases. Our eldest Shawna had her immunization done by a privately practicing Bacolod pediatrician.

Meanwhile, Shane had hers at our local barangay health center. We had the most pleasant experiences in both. The only difference is that, mmunization at the barangay health center is free while it costs thousands of pesos with the paediatrician.

Vaccines vs. Keeping Kids Healthy

Many camps are against vaccines because of their side effects. The concern is in introducing strains of the virus into the body for it to develop antibodies. Many are not comfortable with that.

Plus, they have problems with the carrier chemical as well as the way these are administered. They would rather just keep their kids healthy with a good diet and food supplements.

I am for keeping kids healthy because I am a proponent of prevention rather than cure. But like what I said in the previous post, not everybody can afford super foods and good nutrition. The masses who can barely afford three meals a day could not possibly spare budget for special supplementation. They couldn’t possibly afford probiotics or essential oils.

But they can get free vaccines from health centers.

With that, I believe in the wisdom of administering vaccines for major ailments.

For the General Public

At the same time, even if we can keep our kids at tip top shape all the time and they can withstand these infections, what about the others?

The stronger person can become a carrier and not get sick, but may infect others who are not vaccinated against measles and other diseases. And if the virus caught them at a weak time, the results can be fatal. Since we are talking about a virus, the multiplier effect in the whole community will cause an epidemic.

So immunization is not just keeping my kids safe. It’s also benefitting the general public. After all, we are a society of intertwined lives.

Vaccines for Major and Minor Diseases

However, and there’s a big HOWEVER, in our kids’ health plan. Our kids are vaccinated against measles and other major diseases.

But my husband and I have decided to forego the rest of the vaccines that are normally recommended. Some of these are for flu and pneumonia. That is because all the strains causing these ailments cannot be covered in one vaccine. The fact that they mutate so fast, I don’t think there will ever be a vaccine that could ever be enough.

And since these diseases are not life-threatening as long as there is proper medical care, rest, and nutrition, we have decided to forego them. Saves us money, too, as well as the stress of getting an appointment at the pedia clinic.

The Importance of Vaccines

So why do we need vaccines for our kids? What is the importance of vaccines? Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Vaccines protect children from serious and preventable diseases that can include the amputation of limbs, paralysis, hearing loss, brain damage, and even death.
  2. Measles, mumps, and whooping cough still continue to put children in hospitals and cause deaths. I don’t have the stats, but the Philippines has seen several deaths due to measles.
  3. Outbreaks of these diseases occur when many parents decide not to have their children immunized.
  4. Vaccination is safe as well as effective. These undergo long and careful review by scientists, doctors, and the federal government before they are released to the public. Both are kids have been vaccinated and well.
  5. Protection from vaccines is not just for the child who was immunized but everyone surrounding that child. It includes everyone you care about. If some children in a class are not vaccinated, they can spread disease to other children. And this is bad if they pass the virus to those who are too young to be vaccinated or to people with weakened immune systems. Vulnerable people are those who are transplant recipients and cancer patients. If they get infected, they can face long-term complications and even death.

Get Kids Vaccinated Against Measles and Major Diseases

It is a commitment to protect ourselves and other people when we have our children vaccinated.

Other Health Campaigns by Sen. Poe

Sen. Grace Poe has lobbied for cheaper medicines and campaigns for better healthcare programs, especially for the masses. She has worked to improve the facilities in barangay health centers because in many cases, the big city hospitals are too far for those who live in remote areas.

Throughout her years in public service, healthcare has been one of the most important areas that Sen. Poe cares about. It also includes giving more benefits and higher pay to government health workers so they will be encouraged to stay in their jobs. She would also like to see many more with medical degrees to join the ranks and help fellow Filipinos.

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21 thoughts on “Why We Had Our Kids Vaccinated Against Measles | Importance of Vaccines

    1. And the society as well. So sad to hear of children getting sick and dying because of a completely preventable disease. 🙁

    1. Same here. I know that others do not like having their kids vaccinated. But it’s not just risking their kids but also other people. 🙁

  1. All my kids are vaccinated and my teenager is one of the smartest in her school, and she goes to a quality school.

  2. Vaccines is such a sensitive and loaded subject. I think you have got your point of view across sensitively, nicely done. Sometimes people can get very heated over this topic.

    1. Thank you Lynda. We watch Law and Order SVU and they have tackled the issue about vaccination against measles. And wow, it can get pretty intense, huh?

  3. Picking and choosing them is wise. Vaccines have some really amazing benefits for a lot of diseases. And a measles vaccine is really important.

  4. This is such a timely topic at the moment. I think it’s important to vaccinate kids but also to read the research against it.

    1. Vaccines is very important to us. Especially to our kids. Para kumakain silang protektado. It’s vlbetter to vaccinated than sorry.

  5. We have had similar outbreaks in the United States. I know my children are protected because they have been vaccinated against measles, but it must be so scary for families who are at risk.

  6. I agree with you and I wanted to tell you how brave you were to post this. So far, I see that everyone also agrees with you, but there are any who will argue with you to no end if they don’t agree. I wish you well!

  7. This type of vaccine is definitely critical. It is something that parents should not set aside because measles is dangerous. I am happy you did this for your children.

  8. Napakahalaga po talaga ng immunization vaccines lalo na sa first 1000 days ng mga anak natin.. Even though ang karamihan sa atin ay naniniwala pa din sa makalumang panahon.. Kailangan na mapabakunahan padin ang mga anak natin para iwas sa sakit.. Salamat sa mga Public center na libre ang ganitong bakuna..

  9. Okay nman po tlaga Ang Vaccines dto sa Pilipinas. Nag umpisa Lang po tlaga mag worry Ang mga Nanay nung nag spread ung Dengvaxia issues. Kahit sabihin po tlaga na Ang mga Vaccines from health center ay namulatan n natin, means matagal n pong vaccines proven and tested na other Moms doesn’t allow na bakunahan pa Ang kanilang mga anak. Natatkot na sila. But me as a mother I am Proud BakuNanay po. Lahat ng mga anak ko ay nabakunahan s health center po namin. Kompleto po sila. Kasi gusto ko they will grow happy and healthy ❤️

  10. Vaccines nowadays are very common issue..Lalo in this time of pandemic but in my own thought..Mahalaga po talaga ito..Kaya nagpapasalamat ako na may mga libreng bakuna padin na galing aa mga public hospitals or centers..

  11. Thanks for sharing this Mommy Sig. Very helpful and informative blog post. Mahalaga talagang may kaalaman ang bawat magulang sa kahalagahan ng bakuna sa mga bata. Kailangan ito ng mga bata para mas protektado sila sa anumang uri ng mga sakit. Thankfully may mga barangay health centers na may libreng bakuna. Kaya as a parent maging responsableng magulang, wag hayaang hindi mabakunahan ang mga anak.

  12. Importante nman talaga na may vaccines ang mga bata, simula pagkasilang habang papalaki sila. At thankful ako na malapit kami sa center kaya laging present kami kapag may vaccines na ibibigay sa bata.

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