Valentus Coffee Review: Bringing My Weight Loss Journey Further


Valentus Slimming Coffee is the newest slimming product that has hit the Philippine market. It is always out of stock so find out why in this Valentus Coffee Review.

Valentus Coffee Review: For Those with Weight Loss Problems

Many people have a problem with obesity. I may not be considered obese, but a bit overweight. And with my back problems, I am hoping to lose at least another 10 lbs. Last time, I wrote about how I lost 10 lbs by drinking ginger-turmeric tea.

Valentus coffee review - Valentus slimming coffee review - Bacolod mommy blogger - weight loss - overweight - obesity - health - back pains - sciatica

But my weight has reached a plateau for lack of a formal exercise regimen. Since I don’t have a helper or babysitter, the most physical exertion I do would be household chores. Cleaning up and taking care of two children while homeschooling could be physically exhausting.

Valentus Slimming Coffee Claims

Here are some of the things advertised about the now famous dark roast slimming coffee:

  • Boosts metabolism
  • Helps in focus
  • Reduces cravings
  • Full of antioxidants
  • Diminishes appetite
  • Elevates the mood
  • Helps build muscle
  • Improves memory

Why I Needed a Slimming Aid

Since I am no longer very flabby, I know that my weight will be further trimmed off with a strict diet and exercise. But I don’t want to go on a diet any more than I am already doing. When I was younger, I was very slim but it was because of starvation and crash diets. These weakened me and I was prone to allergies and common ailments.

As a mother of two young children, I cannot afford to be sick. I need to be present and in optimum health. So I also need my nutrition as well as a satisfied palate so that I am happy. Setting aside time for gym is still a luxury at this point. So I need a slimming aid that could help me lose weight the healthy way.

Influenced by Friends and Social Media

For months now, I have seen a lot of friends on Facebook, swearing on the effects of Valentus Slimming Coffee. I thought that if it could work for them, it may work for me. Bacolod Zumba Zin Joann Visitacion inspired me the most.

Valentus coffee, you changed my life in a moment??? Just 3 months to be exact!☕️☕️☕️ Had my thyroid taken out years ago…

Posted by Joann Visitacion on Monday, September 16, 2019

Joann gained so much weight because she had her thyroid glands removed 7 years ago due to cancer. Her metabolism became very sluggish so she ballooned to 210 lbs. She thought that her weight problem is already a hopeless case. After 3 months, she is now at 185 lbs, looking good, and feeling even more fabulous.

I was inspired by her story that after a friend convinced me, I signed up for membership. Now, I am finishing my my first tub of Valentus Slimming Coffee.

My Valentus Slimming Coffee Experience

I take one recommended scoop of Valentus coffee in the morning. It has replaced my usual cup of brewed black coffee as my breakfast. Yeah, I take my coffee black because that’s how I like it. And since I wake up late, it can already carry me until lunchtime.

So here is my Valentus coffee review. Check how it affected my day to day life.

Energy boost.

I usually move very slow in the morning. Mornings and I don’t seem to agree. Upon waking up, I do my back stretches (for sciatica and lower back pain) and then take my coffee. Then I buzz around, waking up the kids, prepare them for the day.

Bloating eradicated.

By this time, I have been taking Valentus for almost a month. I have lost 2 kilos. So I am now at 120 lbs. I am not sure if this is fat loss, but I am pretty sure it’s the bloating that was relieved.

That was the first sign. Since Valentus water consumption requirement is 2-3 liters per day, you urinate often. The water retention went down the drain. Instead of puffiness, I am seeing clearer lines around bony areas.

Good sleep.

Despite the energy during the day, I feel the urge to rest in the afternoon and at night. So I feel good with ample sleep. I am in a better mood, too.

Curbs food cravings.

Some of my cravings have been controlled. Honestly, I could go the whole day without food and just realize that I am already so hungry. But I don’t do that. I eat at lunch and dinner at a regular time. Sometimes I skip afternoon snacks, sometimes I eat a little. In case I have heavy afternoon snacks, I skip dinner.

How Much is Valentus Coffee?

Valentus Slimming Coffee retails for P3,500 (roughly US$70) for a container or tub for non-members. For the recommended serving of 1 scoop per day, it will last you for 30 days.


I thought that I will only need Valentus coffee for a month to lose my target 10 lbs. But I guess, if I keep up my eating habits, I may have to take it longer. The good thing is, despite all the parties I attend, I am not gaining weight.

Last month, we also had a 5-day family vacation in Iloilo with Fast Cat Ferry. and the eating was relentless. We stayed at Seda Atria for two nights and another two nights at Richmonde Hotel Iloilo. Still no weight gain. I am so happy!

Valentus coffee review - Valentus slimming coffee review - Bacolod mommy blogger - weight loss - overweight - obesity - health - back pains - sciatica
My Valentus Slimming Coffee Review.

And I still enjoy eat all you can buffets in Bacolod restaurants. I also cook homemade meals and pig out from time to time.

By the way, I am not sharing my photos yet. The weight loss is not very significant, though my smart-mouthed kids have already noticed. Will just update if I have really lost more pounds and have become slimmer. 🙂


Valentus Slimming Coffee is not recommended for breastfeeding or pregnant mothers.

Valentus Coffee Membership

I don’t really build my network. Taking Valentus coffee is for my weight loss because of my back problems. It’s not even for vanity.

If you want to be a member in order to sell or get your coffee at a discounted rate, contact me or my upline. She is Marie Jean Chua, who also sells Himalayan salt lamps. Check her out now:

Picture speaks louder! My 47 days (Aug 2 to Sept 17) of drinking a ☕ of Valentus Coffee a day.Cheers for a better me!…

Posted by Marie Jean Chua on Monday, September 16, 2019

Valentus vs. IAM Garcinia

Last time, somebody lambasted me online because I stopped taking IAM Garcinia. That was because it didn’t work for me. Despite that, I just kept quiet about it. I was on to the next product that could help me lose weight. But since I was targeted online, this was my response:

#NotSponsored – I have never said anything against networking. I buy products of MLM as long as they work. I do not…

Posted by Sigrid Says on Wednesday, August 21, 2019

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15 thoughts on “Valentus Coffee Review: Bringing My Weight Loss Journey Further

  1. I’ve never heard of Valentus slimming coffee before tbh. This is amazing news, I will check this brand out for sure. Glad it worked out for you. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for your Valentus slimming coffee review, I love this kind of review so we don’t spend money on this that don’t work. It looks like this coffee really works judging on your pictures of the before and now. Great job losing the weight

  3. Raising kids is exhausting, so anything that gives a boost in energy, especially with slimming effects, if a win for me. I’m glad to hear that despite being an energy booster, Valentus Slimming Coffee didn’t affect your sleep at night!

    1. You mean you tried Valentus Coffee and you experienced palpitations? The advise to me is to try it 1/2 scoop for the first few days so that the body can adjust to it. One the second day, it’s like any other coffee for me.

  4. Wow! That’s a huge difference from 3 months ago to now. Valentus Slimming Coffee really looks like a useful slimming product that works. There are many slimming products in the market but not too many of them work for weight loss. Just a waste of money.

  5. Valentus Slimming Coffee supplement seems like it offers so many benefits beyond the weight loss effect. I like the energy boost and curbing of craving. Plus it just burns fat even without exercise. I think that could help support other healthy habits. Of course, eating healthy and exercise would make the health plan work faster.

  6. I personally don’t drink coffee, but Valentus sounds like a great product. Of all the benefits you mentioned, I would love to have the energy boost haha 😉

  7. I have to say that when I first found out about Valentus slimroast coffee I didn’t think it would work, and to be honest if you think that you can simply start drinking the coffee and carry on with over eating, then yes there will not be much effect, however if you use this coffee as more of a support with a healthy diet in place, it truly works! Keep up the good work!

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