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Color Coded Microfiber Bath Towels for the Family


Our family now only uses microfiber bath towels and we are happy to make the change. They are thin but are very absorbent. And they are so easy to wash!

microfiber bath towels - Bacolod mommy blogger - bathroom
This is how one side of our bathroom looks like. We have used this divider as a towel rack for all our color-coded microfiber bath towels. They hang on individual plastic hangers.

Microfiber Bath Towels for the Family

When I discovered the microfiber bath towels sold at the SM Baby Company of the SM Store, we immediately changed all our bath towels. We bought several of these in different colors. That was five years ago and we have never looked back since.

So you ask, why did we make the change? Aren’t those thick imported ones better and more absorbent? Well, I have my pragmatic reasons.

Advantages of Microfiber Bath Towels

Here are the advantages of using these microfiber bath towels. At first, I only bought two pieces. Eventually, I added more so that each one of us have at least a couple of changes when one is in the laundry.

Just the right size.

Microfiber bath towels are not too big and bulky. For a small person like me, it’s enough to wrap around me. And it had been great for the little kids, too.

Great for traveling.

Since these microfiber towels are small and thin, they are lightweight, too. These are great especially for traveling to other places where you will not stay in family friendly hotels. When you do that, you also need to bring your own bath towels. These ones do not take up so much space in the luggage or weigh so much, in case you will be riding a plane.

Easy to wash. 

Since microfiber bath towels are light, they are easy to wash. I really hate washing those heavy towels. Even when using the washing machine, I still have to wring them when rinsing and I find them very heavy.

And of course, microfiber dries up fast, too. This is especially practical during the rainy season when laundry becomes such a tedious chore, as we don’t have the natural elements to help us dry our wet clothes. And even if it’s rainy, it doesn’t mean that we don’t change our towels, right?

Super absorbent.

These microfiber bath towels are actually pretty absorbent. So even if it’s small, it can wipe off the water from the bath pretty well. I think they were really designed for that purpose, rags made from microfiber cloth have been flooding the market these days.

Fancy colors.

And most of all, microfiber bath towels come in different colors! It’s so much nicer to see the different colors. At the same time, it’s easy to identify which one is yours. hehe

Easy on the budget.

Surprisingly, these towels are very affordable. If I remember correctly, each one only costs P105 back then. So when we decided to change our towels, I bought two each for everyone.

So for a total of P840, I was already able to buy two new bath towels for four people already. For a penny-pinching, money-wise homemaker, this is total love. As you know, the family budget is more important.

Color-coded Towels

When I was growing up, I learned that some of my playmates share bath towels with other family members. But my mother found that idea unhygienic. And so, I carried that practice as I build my own family.

Among the four of us, each one has his or her own bath towel. And with these different colored microfiber towels, it’s now easier for us to identify our towels. This is especially helpful to our young kids.

microfiber bath towels - Bacolod mommy blogger - bathroom - bath time - bath habits
The fun colors of microfiber bath towels.

So anyway, because of the different colors of microfiber bath towels available, I got the idea of having color-coded towels for each one of us — based on our favorite colors.

With that, Papa gets green, Mama gets yellow, and Dindin gets pink. Since Siobe Shane is still a baby and could not pick a color, we sort of assigned the color purple and blue to her. hehe Now, no more naming towels and no more mismatched designs in the bathroom as well.

I think this is pretty neat to have your bath towels like these. Don’t you think?

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5 thoughts on “Color Coded Microfiber Bath Towels for the Family

  1. Hahaha! Great idea.. We kind of hit the same idea at home. A few years back, we bought our first set at SM. Howver, since they were in light colors, they started to look grimy and dingy after many months of use and machine washing. We found the fluffy kind of microfiber towels at just P100++ each at Novo last year. They are light and easy to dry just like the ones at SM but they are softer and fluffier. This time, we chose the darker colors.. 😀 😀 😀

    1. After reading your blog post Mommy, now I’m planning to buy a new set of towel hehe and I also want to buy Microfiber towel. Great idea & informative tip again. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Im also A Fan of Microfiber towel mommy. Para sakin ang dami nyan lifestyle hack. Madaling labhan, madaling matuyo and yes budget-friendly din. kaya lahat ng towel namin Microfiber heheeh

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