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Upside Down World Cebu Family Bonding | Philippines


Fun family bonding at Upside Down World Cebu

One rainy afternoon in Cebu City, Philippines, we spent it indoors at the Upside Down World Cebu. It turned out a fun family bonding time.

Upside Down World Cebu - living room - family time
Our family bonding time in Upside Down World Cebu.

The kids are suckers for trick art. We love how our photos would come out and how messed up our perspectives become. The girls really enjoy this stuff. They actually find it amazing. haha

Upside Down World Cebu - bedroom - family time
The bedroom at Upside Down World Cebu.

Family Time at Upside Down World Cebu

Our family recently visited Cebu and their Aunt Loraine took us to the Upside Down World Cebu in Mandaue City.

Upside Down World Cebu - dining room - family time
Everybody is hungry. Meanwhile. Shane is already hangry.

The fully air-conditioned gallery has 11 rooms or set ups where you can pose and have your photos taken. Most them are rooms in the home. These are:

  • Living room
  • Library
  • Bedroom
  • Kids’ room
  • Market
  • Kitchen
  • Dining room
  • Laundry area
  • Shower room
  • Magical room
  • Casino
Upside Down World Cebu - kids' room - family time
One of their favorites — the Kids’ Room.

The kids especially like the living room because there was a TV set and the kids’ room because of the toys! Each room is so realistic and complete with even the minutest details. The reality there is so messed up! haha Even my husband’s aunt and uncle, who are already seniors, also had fun with us.

Upside Down World Cebu - magical room - family time
Messed up galaxy. Look at Shane’s acting! This kid!

There were seven (7) people in our group, composed of five (5) adults and two (2) kids. Photography in each set up with the guided tour is about 5-8 minutes, including choreography. You can have several angles in each room because there are also different sides. It’s not just a flat wall backdrop.

Upside Down World Cebu - play room - family time
“Dad, don’t!”

For example, in the shower room, there’s also the toilet where we had a lot of photos. I joked that we really liked toilet humor.  LOL

After that, it’s our free time and we went back to the different setups in order to have different poses.

Making Memories

We had a great bonding time at Upside Down World Cebu because everyone has to cooperate in order to have a nice, IG-worthy shot. Some of our poses had to have actions, so there was some physical activity, too.

And since we had a guide, they were able to take nice photos of us. It was really a good time to create happy memories with the whole family. Or you can bring your friends, for that matter.

Guided Tour and Free Time

When you enter the premises of Upside Down World Cebu, you will be asked to remove your shoes. You can wear socks or just go barefoot inside. You can also leave some of your bags in the lockers provided. But since they don’t have locks, just bring your valuables.

A guide will receive you and ask the number of people in your party. They will be the ones who will choreograph your poses in order to get the best possible results. They will also take your pictures. Their standard instructions would be, “Look up!”, “Look at the camera!”, and “Nga-nga! (open mouth)”. Our little Shane has memorized their instructions. haha

Upside Down World Cebu - kitchen - family time
“Nga-nga! (open your mouths!)”, said the guide.

One guide is responsible for three rooms. Once done, you will be passed on to another guide.

After the guided tour, you can go back and roam around the halls again because there is no time limit. You can take as many photos as you want.

Upside Down World Cebu - toilet - family time
Dindin takes a plunge.

Family Bonding

Upside Down World Cebu is quite small but if everyone is playful enough, you can stay there for at least two hours. It is fun to imagine how to pose and look at your photos afterwards. Then you can re-do posing until you have achieved what you have desired. It was fully air-conditioned but we were sweating from all the silly poses we did. And also for running after Shane. haha

Upside Down World Cebu - laundry room - family time
Our time at the laundry room. This is a first, as we actually don’t do our own laundry. haha

Places like these are for those who are game to make silly poses and also to keep on posing for the camera. KJs are not allowed here. haha

For those who are not into having their photos taken, they might find this place boring. It’s just a novelty. For us, it made the whole family happy. 😀

Upside Down World Cebu - library - family time
Messed up time at the library of Upside Down World Cebu.

But while Upside Down World Cebu is great for family bonding moments, you might not want to go back there after you have been there once. It’s not like a resort or museum that you would like to keep coming back to. But if you are from Cebu and you have visitors from out of town, it’s a fun place to bring your guests.

Upside Down World Cebu - toilet - family time
Toilet humor.

Entrance Fees:

  • Regular rates: P250
  • Senior citizens and children: P170

Upside Down World Cebu

2F Unit A-204-206, City Time Square Phase 2, Mantawi International Drive, Mandaue City, Cebu
Tel. No. (63) Call (32) 234 7842
FB Page: UDW Cebu

Business hours: Open daily from 10am to 9pm

Upside Down World Cebu - going to market - family time
Would you buy from here?

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Note: Thanks so much Dr. Loraine Chu and family for bringing us here! :D

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  1. I’ve never heard of this Upside Down World Cebu before. It looks amazing and so much fun, although I’m sure i would get dizzy!

  2. This looks like such a fun place to spend a family day out. I think my dad (who’s the goof of the family) would like it the most. Upside Down World is so silly!

  3. My kids would love that experience. We enjoy going to new places and creating memories that we will cherish forever. I can imagine that your family had a blast at Upside Down World Cebu.

  4. Oh wow, this looks great. I love things like this and so would my children. These are great photos you’ve had. Showed the fun time your family had. Love the idea of the Upside Down World Cebu 🙂

  5. This is my very first time hearing of an Upside down World and might I say I find it very interesting. Looks like an amazing place for a family trip. It is my hope that one day my family can visit.

  6. Upside Down World Cebu is a great place for family bonding. And this looks like so much fun. I want to go there, too.

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  9. This looks like a fun trip! I have never seen a place like it, but what a cool place to shoot photos. Thanks for sharing about Upside Down World Cebu.

    1. I think Upside Down World is a franchise and there are many branches around the world. The set ups are different, too. :

  10. hihihi, I had so much fun when I saw ONE SINGLE ROOM like these in the Museums of Illusions in Vilnius and I can only imagine how funny it should have been to have an entire home upside down! Would definitely go to Upside Down World Cebu if I have the chance 😀

  11. Wow, this is so cool, an upside down house, perfect for family activities. This reminds me of Trick Museum in South Korea 🙂

  12. I’ve never been to anywhere like this but it looks really cool. I absolutely love how your family photos have come out, it looks like everyone had such fun at Upside Down World Cebu x

  13. Upside Down museums are always so much fun! We got reminded of the ones we visited in Malaysia – in KL and Penang! It’s amazing how creative people can get. Love the toilet humour pics and everyone’s expressions are so amazing! We feel like visiting another one now! Upside Down Worl Cebu would be a good choice. This one looks bigger than what we have seen.

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