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Professional Mattress Cleaning Service Bacolod


Experience Professional Mattress Cleaning Service Bacolod by Clean X

The mattress is where most of us stay. At the very least, we spend one-third of our day in it when we are at home. It accepts everything–our weight and everything else. After a while, it’s the green house for dust, dirt, stains, and of course, dust mites. And the only way to completely clean it is to hire a professional mattress cleaning service.

professional mattress cleaning service - mattress deep cleaning - bacolod vacuum
Hire a professional mattress cleaning service and you will see and feel the difference.

Why You Need Professional Mattress Cleaning Service

At most, we only dust off our mattresses. Or if it’s light enough, we bring it outside and let it air out under the sun. Then we hit it again to remove the dust. But what if it’s a deep queen or king-sized mattress? Then you will need the professionals. Here are the reasons why.

We cannot completely eradicate dust mites.

We cannot see dust mites. They are microscopic. So we don’t know if they are no longer there or they are just scattered all over the room. Then we realize that we have not completely cleaned the mattress when we sneeze or get anaphylactic shock.

Watch how our sofa was cleaned by a professional mattress cleaning service:

Big mattresses can be too heavy to take outside.

If you have a single or double mattress, it is easier to maneuver. But what if it’s an 8-inch queen or king-sized bed? Two people cannot even carry it outside.

No space to aerate.

If you live in a condo or a small property, where could you possibly aerate your mattress? It’s just not possible. And if you don’t clean it, you sleep on a gold mine of dust mites.

professional mattress cleaning service - mattress deep cleaning - bacolod vacuum
The muck that can be removed from your mattresses.

Hitting the mattress spreads dust and dust mites.

If you dust off the mattress after you have removed the bedding, the dust just flies off all around and settles somewhere. So do the dust mites. They just all spread around and harm you or your precious little ones.

Hard to remove stains. 

We do a lot of things on our bed. And if we have kids, the bed is prone to have more stains, especially after nappy accidents. I cannot fully explain the depth and breadth of cleaning that we have to do. If we apply liquid, the mattress becomes soggy and dank. It will smell bad if not dried properly.

professional mattress cleaning service - mattress deep cleaning - bacolod vacuum
Cleaning a big vehicle.

Advantages of Professional Mattress Cleaning Service

When you hire a professional mattress cleaning service, they have the right tools to handle the problem. They have a high-power vacuum cleaner and a steamer.

professional mattress cleaning service - mattress deep cleaning - bacolod vacuum
Steaming the mattress and sofa at our living room.

This is called mattress deep cleaning. They use their powerful vacuum cleaner to remove dust and particles and then apply steam to kill the dust mites. These professionals are trained and usually come in a team so they can lift heavy stuff around. After a cleaning session, your bedroom or living will surely feel much cleaner.

Steam cleaning to kill dust mites. Watch the video here:

Deep Cleaning for Other Cushions

Aside from mattresses, you can have the professional mattress cleaning service personnel to also clean your carpet, car seats, or your sofas. Your room will really feel clean afterwards.

Here in Bacolod, Clean X offers professional mattress cleaning service. They use the Gruenheim Vacuum Cleaning System from Germany. It uses the ecological pure water filter technology.

professional mattress cleaning service - mattress deep cleaning - bacolod vacuum
Our car gets cleaned.

Plus they also offer the cleaning of floors and screens. There’s just a different price for every piece that will be cleaned. You may hire them to clean your stuff or you can rent the Gruenheim vacuum cleaner per day if you want to do it yourself. Or you can purchase a unit as well, as there are other purposes for the Gruenheim.

Regular Deep Cleaning

We have so many allergens here in Bacolod City and around the province of Negros Occidental because of the dust from the construction developments around. And also because of the fibers from the sugarcane fields. It will help our respiratory health if we have hire deep cleaning services regularly to keep our homes clean.

professional mattress cleaning service - mattress deep cleaning - bacolod vacuum
Look at their work. This is what happens when you hire professionals.

Clean X Professional Mattress Cleaning

For bookings, call: 0917-7104719

professional mattress cleaning service - mattress deep cleaning - bacolod vacuum
Rent a Gruenheim vacuum cleaning system.

50 thoughts on “Professional Mattress Cleaning Service Bacolod

  1. This is a timely reminder that I’ve been wanting to have my mattress cleaned. I am very allergic to dust and use a mattress cover and pillow covers that are washed regularly but could definitely do with a professional cleaning.

  2. The before and after photos at the end were such an eyeopener! I think this is particularly important if you’re renting a home and it comes furnished! A professional mattress cleaning service should be hired to clean the whole house before we even think of occupying a new house!

  3. Wow I could have used this when I was helping my parents move. After 30 years of living in the same house, even though it was “clean” I am sure there was a lot of stuff that should have been cleaned before it was moved.

  4. Looks like a great idea. I would hate to think of what could be in the mattress. I try to vacuum mine sometimes but not as good as a professional one.

  5. thanks for pointing this out. As someone who has chronic illnesses, I make sure that I get professional services to do any deep cleaning, but I never really thought that much about the mattresses. Time to rethink that – glad that you shared this article.


  6. Oh good god. I honestly didn’t even think of how many mites would be in my matteress or cars seats! I am going to have to find a local professional mattress deep cleaning service.

  7. I have no idea but I have never really thought about cleaning my mattress. And now I’ve seen this I’ve realised how disgusting that is! no idea why I hadn’t thought of this before. I will defo seek out a professional mattress cleaning service nearby.

  8. I like the idea that you can either hire the vacuum cleaner per day or you can hire their professional mattress cleaning service, very handy. Some people like to do the cleaning themselves as they are very meticulous.

  9. It is so important to take the help of professional mattress cleaning services. We do not realize the amount of dust resting on our mattresses, cushions, carpets and sofas till these experts clean our house.

  10. this is a great idea, I really need to clean my sofa and cushion. the condition that it is in now – is not very pleasant haha I need to hire a professional mattress cleaning service.

  11. This sounds like a great service. There is nothing quite like a deep clean for mattresses. It is especially good when you don’t have to do it yourself so hiring these professional mattress services to help is a great thing.

  12. Wow, this reminds me we need one of these services for our home. I can imagine the results are great when a professional mattress cleaner will do it.

    1. Same here. We have mattress protectors. But when I lift the mattress, I would find dust at the bottom. It’s just so dusty where I live. So that is why reguarl professional mattress cleaning is necessary.

  13. I agree. When it comes to cleaning heavy pieces of furniture, I’d rather hire a professional cleaner than do it myself. I do vacuum regularly but I would be happy if someone would come and steam clean all the mattresses, chairs and sofas in the house.

  14. I’ve been hearing a lot about the professional mattress cleaning service, but never tried it yet.. I will be delivering my baby soon, so I guess it is something that I have to consider.. Thanks for the info..

  15. I can’t believe that muck! OMG, makes me want to call a professional cleaner to do my mattress right now! I will have to check the prices of the professional cleaners in our area. Thanks for this great reminder.

  16. Professional cleaners can do such a good clean of sofas etc. They are trained to do it properly so you are guaranteed a great job and it’s so much easier getting someone else to do it.

  17. It’s so important to remove the dust mites as like you said they need to be eradicated rather then brushed away. This professional mattress cleaning service sounds really good.

  18. This is such a brilliant cleaning service idea. I’ve never had mattresses professionally cleaned, but admit, I love the idea of doing this. I am sure it’s a good idea to do every so often!

  19. This is SO cool! Now I want to deep clean my entire house! Haha! I once heard mattresses gain 10 pounds per year…yikes!

  20. Wow! the power from the unit to soak of that much grime is amazing. I’d like to have a deep cleaning vacuum in my home. Services like these really come in handy.

    1. I have another friend who can clean the house Clarice. They also have mattress as well as maid service. Will blog about it soon! 😀

  21. I was literally saying to my husband last night that our mattress needs cleaning! I had no idea there was a professional service, I am so going to look into this!

  22. I’ve never thought about having this service done, but what a great idea to hire professional mattress cleaning! Definitely going to check into it further!

  23. This post is a real eye opener when it comes to cleaning the mattresses. Never thought it to be so important. Have so far, not considered a professional mattress cleaning service for this but now, feel it is worth the time, effort and bucks spent. Thanks for these amazing insights. I am convinced already.

  24. It is really hard to clean the mattress by ourself, so hiring a professional mattress cleaner would definitely be a good solution. I admit this is my first time to encounter that there is such service available, thank you for the information!

  25. I hate the old ways to clean mattress. I am very allergic to dust. I can give it a try atleast I won’t end up sneezing.

  26. What? How have I owned mattresses for years and never knew that they could be CLEANED!? This is fab news. So easy, too! I will check out for professional mattress cleaning services nearby.

  27. We just recently learnt the importance of a clean mattress… It was one hell of an eye opener… The number of bacteria that thrives in then… *shudders* It’s worth it hiring a professional mattress cleaning service.

  28. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, it really helped me a lot. I would recommend your site to everyone I know and I am hoping that you would also do the same to our mattress cleaning singapore. Thank you and more power.

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