Traveling As Part of Holistic Education


We may be considered liberated or unconventional parents here in our neighborhood because we are thinking of homeschooling Dindin. While many people all over the world are already doing this, this concept is relatively new in our society.

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It is just that we do not want Dindin to be pressured to conform in a singular educational system. We would like to expose her to different things, different experiences, different peoples, and also cultures. We let her imagination expand by taking her to book shops and buying books for her to read at home. We let her watch educational but fun videos, take her to parties, outings, and also when we travel.

Yes, for me, one good way to learn about the world and how it operates is by traveling. The places you go to opens doors of wonders for the child. When we travel, it is just normal for us to point out things to Dindin. It not only keeps her occupied but this activity increases her learning and stimulates her to think. So while we are homeschooling in Bacolod, she is learning about the world.

One of the places that I would like Dindin to visit is Orlando, Florida. I have stayed with an aunt there for almost a month and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit there because of the sites to see. And these sites are just wonderlands for children. These places of course include the hundreds of acres of fun that Disney World is offering, the marine attractions at Sea World, and of course, the many other parks and entertainment centers all over the area. Looking at Orlandovacation.com, I am drawn to the many available packages should we want to travel.

The only problem is, we have to travel to America in order to go to Orlando. It is not like we are just living in another state and we could have a road trip there anytime. Well, I guess someday, we can do it. But for now, we will just have local travels and weekend trips with family and friends. These will provide so much learning experience for Dindin already.


3 thoughts on “Traveling As Part of Holistic Education

  1. I am thinking of renting a car and camping. Planning to go next month with my family. Will be travelling all around France.Thanks

  2. I think it is great that you guys are homeschooling and getting your child exposure to various things that children in schools never get.

  3. Malaki nga naitutulong ng Travelling Ma..Para sa mas maraming matutunan mga kids natin..Kaya kami nung hindi pa Pandemic Madalas ginagala ko mga Bata sa mga Lugar na may Matututunan sila

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