Protexin to Protect a Child from Travel Stress and a Bum Tummy

Protexin Restore is a good probiotic supplement for infants and young children.

We are preparing for a morning flight tomorrow to Cebu City. We are going to attend a wedding on Sunday so the entire family is going. But for us, it is going to be a week-long trip where we will be taking Dindin places. A part of preparing for the trip is giving Dindin a probiotic supplement called Protexin Restore. That is because I believe in prevention more than cure.

Here is a description of the product from the company’s website.

Protexin Protect. For babies and very young children. Restore is a unique product for young children, designed to help restore a healthy intestinal flora after a course of antibiotics or following a digestive upset. It can also help combat the new germs and viruses children encounter when starting or returning to preschool. Restore contains the child-specific strain Bifidobacterium infantis. It is available in one-a-day sachets, and the powder is easily dissolved in water, milk or juice, or can be added to food.

This is not a paid ad. We have been giving Dindin Protexin Restore since it was first recommended for her gastroenteritis as an infant. We have since been giving it to her on a regular basis.

The most common probiotic that we have been exposed to is Yakult–the milk drink with Lactobacilli. But that is just one strain. Protexin contains seven. It costs around P70 per sachet, which you can give once a day, so I try to give it to Dindin at least once a month. Sometimes, if I can remember it, I give it to her every two-three week. And whenever she is not in top form, like having cough or when traveling, I give more. For this trip, I bought two packs. I gave one today and I plan to give her another one in the middle of the trip. That should protect her tummy especially when eating foods and drinks from restaurants.

Dennis and I also take Protexin for adults, which are in capsule form. These come in different variants, namely Balance, Protect and Vitality. We also take these from time to time. The most expensive variant costs about P40. All these are available at Mercury Drugstore.


80 thoughts on “Protexin to Protect a Child from Travel Stress and a Bum Tummy

    1. oo nga marz. i also give it to dindin like when there’s a new activity. like today, when she is starting a two-week DVBS. parang protection din sa stress.

  1. Oh, by the way, may iniinom din baby ko, ERCEFLORA naman.. Thank you for sharing this, maitananong nga sa pedia namin, baka mas maganda itong brand na ito.. masyado din kasing sensitive tummy ni baby… ^_^

    1. Yeah, madami ding brands. Actually, some pedias do not recommend it outright. I give this to my daughter out of my own research. Happy with it. 😀

  2. never ko din pang narinig ito before… yakult lang ok na si tummy… meron din namang milk with probiotics, then ung iba yogurt. maybe I should try the Protexin for adults too…

  3. i think this is a good buy for mom like us,it can protect our kids from sickness,does it taste good?sometimes my kids are into taste,they wont drink if taste bad

  4. It’s good to know na meron pala nito. Thank You for the information I really don’t know about this. Your blog is really informative. From now on I will visit your blog kasi tungkol sa pamilya yung nata2cle mo..Thank You! God Bless!

  5. I gave my daughter a daily dose of protexin sachet kasabay ng 7-day treatment ng sinusitis nya as per advise by her pedia. It works really well. This product helped my child to restore her intestinal tract because she takes a lot of medicines including antibiotics to cure her sinusitis. I am very thankful to Protexin because my child recovered really fast because she became so thin. Because she vomits every food and milk she takes. Thumbs up for this product. Highly recommended. 🙂

    1. That’s great sis! Not too many people know the health benefits of probiotics. But this is very powerful in keeping us all healthy 😀

  6. wow thank sa info! now ko lang nalaman may nabibili palang ganito. Ganda pala tong ipainom before mag travel. And best to protect kids sa stress din.

  7. my first time to see and read about this 🙂 i don’t remember the pedia of my nephews/niece give this prescription 🙂 glad to have read about this here

  8. Yakult lang din po advice ng pedia, may mas maganda pa po pala, medyo mahal pero kung mas ok naman, malimit din po kc kaming bumyahe! Ask ko lang po kung OK ang lasa nya, mejo pihikan po ang anak ko. Salamat po for sharing.

  9. Naku mommy, this is an “Aha!” moment for me. I didn’t something like this is available at Mercury Drugstore. I think this product is really promising. I’ll inform his pedia about this. I would definitely give this to my son as soon as we get the go signal from her. And there’s variant pala for adults. My hubby kasi has a sensitive stomach. He’s on medications right now for fatty acid and high cholesterol. We’ll ask his doctor if he can take this. Sana pwede. Thank you so much for this information. 🙂

  10. Wow! I think I definitely try PROTEXIN RESTORE for my son! He’s into antibiotics almost every month because of recurrent Cough and Colds… Thank you so much for the info!

    1. Your the second one who mentioned Erceflora. I am not familiar with this product but if its probiotic, then ok din yan. Just compare lang siguro the population of the good bacteria in each serving. 😀 And of course the price.

  11. My 6 yr. old son also drinks Yakult everyday. Ma try nga yung Protexin…I think I have to try the one for adults too. Medyo sensitive kasi tummy ko. Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

  12. Thanks for the information lovingly mama. i’ll try this with my little girl too.. Her father wants her to bring in another city. it means she will go a long drive and im afraid na matagtag sya sa byahe at ma stress.

  13. I used Protexin on both my kids, it was prescribed by their Pedia when they had diarrhea. Maganda talaga ang probiotics for both kids and adults!

  14. wow meron po pla gnito thanks po for sharing..kelangan p p b ng prescription nito? my g6pd kxe so baby ko eh. meron po bang soya na ingredients?

  15. Thanks for this lovingly mama. I will surely follow your advice when it comes to healthy tips for my child. I always bought yakult every week for better digestion for my baby.

  16. Good day! You’re true sis, mabuti na ngang “prevention is better than cure” lalo na kapag umaalis ng bahay at pupunta sa lugar na hindi sure if malinis or hindi ang pagkain. Prone ang mga bata sa gastrointeritis o kaya intestinal flu dahil di pa sanay ung tiyan nila sa mga pagkain ng adults. Diarrhea and vomiting, worst is dehydration and pwedeng maexperience ng mga bata. This probiotic supplement is a must try but I”ll still consult our family perdiatrician. 🙂

  17. Ask ko LNG po my flavor ba yan kc ayaw uminum ng gamot ang mga anak ko nagsusuka po sila pag pinapainum ng gamot…gusto ko po I try sa kanila kc umuuwi kmi sa bukid laging sumasakit tiyan nila sa umaga.

  18. Thank’s for sharing! Just like what other say’s, I just know yakult. 🙂 Hindi naman po kasi sensitive tummy ng mga kids ko, But to prevent from tummy aches nga po we regularly buy yakult for them. This supplement is a must try I guess specially when going out of town.

  19. thanks for sharing mommy..my son loves to drink yakult everyday nakaka 3 bottles sya.. gonna try this PROTEXIN RESTORE too..:)

  20. This is nice. very informative. I’m only familiar with yakult since bata but I may say that I got to try this one. I’m going to tell about this to my friends so they can try it too .

  21. Its really hard talaga to bring kids to travel coz lalo na if its a long trip. Di maiwasan na meron clang maramdaman at iiyak. So it’s good to hear na merong medicine para stress-free ang baby sa travel.

  22. Meron palang ganito? Never heard of it, ngayon lang after reading this blogpost. Thanks a lot! Nice knowing meron palang ganito. I will tell my friends as well nito.^^

  23. Thanks for sharing this Mommy. Yakult lang kasi mostly naiinom ng baby ko, I’ll try this some other time. I hope maganda sa baby ko ang result.

  24. never ko pa din tong narinig. I have asked my babies pedia if I can give her yakult but was advised to give yakult if she is already atleasy 1 year old. Sa tingin nyo mga sis safe ba sya for a 9month old baby, pede na kaya sya nyan?

    1. My friend’s son had gastro problems when he was about six months old. He got to chat to my husband before they brought his baby to the doctor. We recommended Protexin and before we knew it, he bought a box and gave one whole sachet to his baby. The LBM stopped. But his doctor said he could have given just half a pack coz he’s still a baby hehe So it’s safe sis. 😀

  25. never ko pa din tong narinig. I have asked my babies pedia if I can give her yakult but was advised to give yakult if she is already atleasy 1 year old. Sa tingin nyo mga sis safe ba sya for a 9month old baby, pede na kaya sya nyan?

  26. Nice info po lovingly mama I think I should try this yakult lang ang alam ko kya un lng pinapainom ko much better cgro to msyado pa kcng maseselan ung mga tummy ng baby tpos kung anu ano pa kinakain kya mganda to for my kids.

  27. Thanks for this informative write-up about Protexin. Now I know what to give to my little one whenever we’ll have an out-of-town trip! I’ll try it soon too, the one for adult! 🙂

  28. Wow, meron din palang supplement for infants para sa mga ganitong travel stress. Great info to tell my sister na worry lagi sa baby nya pag magtravel, thank you po.

  29. i havent heard of this brand yet, but it makes me want to research more about protexin, about the benefits it can give for both kids and adults.

  30. Wow! this is a great product. Actually, I have never heard of this product before but i would love to try it one of these days. Would like to try it first with hubby since he is diabetic and most of the time gastro strikes him. thanks for sharing.

  31. i really thank God that my baby dont get sick or stressed during our travels… i think my little one just really love travelling like me bcuz he’s just always high spirited when we do and he also sleeps well after. But yes “prevention is always better than cure” i also agree. thanks for sharing the baby love!

  32. First time to know about this product, thanks for the blog it will certainly be of help to all mommies worldwide. Thanks and more power!!

  33. First time to hear about that product, but thanks to your blog it will be a big help to all mommies like me. More power to you! 🙂

  34. I didn’t know that you could also use Protexin for travels or daily use (well, I know Yakult hehehe.) because I only remembered that when I was asked to buy Protexin for my son who was confined 3 years ago due to diarrhea/dehydration.

  35. This is a big help for my pamangkins whose tummies are so sensitive especially when travelling all the way from our province to Cebu City. I will surely recommend this one to my Kuya. Thanks to this useful information.

  36. I also believed in ” prevention is always better than cure”. It’s nice to know that this is not a paid ad and you are really using this product to your kids. My first time to know this product and this is a good idea for me.

  37. I have not heard about this product yet but it is nice to know that there is a product like this to protect our kids from Travel Stress and a Bum Tummy. I would really love to try this. Good stuff.

  38. My son also had a gastroenteritis on her first year but we were not recommended by this product. I really hope we knew this earlier since we travel most of the time from Baguio to Bulacan before..

  39. Hi,
    I hve a 4 mo old baby who has diahrea. Her pedia advised us of using this product. Im just confused as to how many ml of water/milk per sachet will i hve to use? And is it safe to drink the solution all at once? Thank you for the reply.

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