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Perimenopause and Friendships | National Pampering Day


Perimenopause and friendships are perfect together

I am not going to deny it, but age is catching up on me. With that, I am embracing it with acceptance and enthusiasm, not with denial or bitterness. One of the things that I am doing is spending more time with girl friends. Here’s why perimenopause and friendships work harmoniously together.

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Perimenopause and girlfriends — a feel-good way to handle raging emotions. L-R: Mea, Betsy, Moi, and Dhadha. Disclaimer: Not everyone in this photo is going through perimenopause. hahahaha

In my last post about Mom Style on a Budget Tips, I admitted that I am already 43 years old. For women, it’s not just wrinkles, aches, and pains. It also means the onset of menopause — the start of the time of our lives when we are no longer able to bear children. And it comes with a host of symptoms and ails. Some go through this phase graciously, but most are not so blessed.

About Perimenopause

What is this thing called the perimenopause? Let’s look at this phase that all women have to go through for several years.

What is Perimenopause?

For starters, let’s answer the question, “What is perimenopause?” According to, “Perimenopause, or menopause transition, begins several years before menopause. It’s the time when the ovaries gradually begin to make less estrogen. It usually starts in a woman’s 40s, but can start in her 30s or even earlier.”

This year had been quite challenging for me. My PCOS has probably been corrected with using FC Feminine Comfort Bio-sanitary pads, as I am already getting my monthly period. However, this year, I have observed that I am more irritable. Kumusta naman ang mood swings? That is the reason why I made a personal campaign of making mama happy. I desperately need that.

Also my back pains have become more intense, especially around the time of my period. I would experience just suddenly sitting down because my back feels like jelly. The following day, my menstruation would show up.

An OB-Gyne friend of mine has suggested taking evening primrose oil. I take a gel capsule a day, almost every day, or whenever I would remember it. It seemed to have alleviated some of the “feelings”.

Symptoms of Perimenopause

Still according to, here are some of the symptoms that a woman may experience in relation to perimenopause.

  • Hot flashes
  • Breast tenderness
  • Worse premenstrual syndrome
  • Lower sex drive
  • Fatigue
  • Irregular periods
  • Vaginal dryness; discomfort during sex
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Urine leakage when coughing or sneezing
  • Urinary urgency (an urgent need to urinate more frequently)
  • Mood swings

In my case, it’s the lower back pain as well as sciatica. My most recent bout sent me on a three-day bed rest with a host of other medical and alternative medicine interventions for a month.

Diffusing Essential Oils

One of the things that have been improving my moods lately was diffusing essential oils. I am now a member of the Young Living essential oils network and so far, it has given me great relief.

Aside from diffusing oils for my moods, I also made rollers for my back pain as well as for headaches and stress relief. The headaches have been drastically reduced with the topical application of the oils on my temples, forehead, and the nape. I used to have really bad headaches and episodes of migraine. But now, I would apply the oils at the onset of a headache and thankfully, they don’t progress. I am so happy with my essential oils because they are aiding me towards wellness as well as getting through this phase.

If you also want to know more about essential oils, read this in-depth article by Dr. Jamielyn Nalumen. It’s entitled, Are Essential Oils Good for Your Family? Meanwhile, if you want to experience the goodness of Young Living essential oils, order your membership kit from this link:

Perimenopause and Friendships

One the things that you should have a lot of is spending time with your best girl friends. Perimenopause and friendships seem to get along well together.

But mind you, these are the constant friends in your life that you can share your struggles with. You need someone you can talk to and also talk some sense into you. These should also be friends who bring a positive influence–not the kind who will wear you out just by their mere presence. While you still want to be a good friend to everyone, you need help at this time in your life. So if you need to avoid toxic people for the sake of your sanity, then do it.

Perimenopause and friendships - women - menopause - women's health - aging - wellness - nailaholics - nailaholics bacolod - national pampering day -beauty - Bacolod blogger- Bacolod mommy blogger - mommy blogger
Bacolod bloggers get some pampering at Nailaholics Bacolod.

While my husband has been one of my sources of strength and my bestest friend, it is still quite different to spend some time with other ladies, with one or all of them being your kumare. And here’s why:

We can have salon trips.

Trips to the salon are always exciting for women. You get to be pampered and beautified, plus you get to bond over something that you really like. Recently, my blogger friends and I went to Nailaholics at SM City Bacolod and we all had our nails done. It was only just two hours but we had some pure, unadulterated fun.

Perimenopause and friendships - women - menopause - women's health - aging - wellness - nailaholics - nailaholics bacolod - national pampering day -beauty - Bacolod blogger- Bacolod mommy blogger - mommy blogger
Mea Pabiona gets a foot spa, mani, and pedi.

We can talk.

Yep, we can talk for hours on end. It can be about family, friends, work, and everything in between. We can just simply talk. You don’t have to be all mothers. Nor does everyone have to wear a skirt. You all just have to have the same heart.

We laugh out loud.

We are not afraid to laugh out loud, even in public. At this time when hormones are fluctuating, sometimes, a good laugh is all that we need.

We can drink.

Yep, we can drown out craziness with booze. And we know how to do it in style. haha But we know how to burp it, too! haha

We can be crazy.

We can act and talk crazy and talk more about weird things. Some of these had been our ambitions in life when we were younger and we can’t help but burst out over the silliness of our youth.

We can swear.

So what if it’s unlady-like? We are allowed to do that sometimes. Life is too short to worry about trivial matters.

We can giggle and snort.

And so we laugh out loud, we giggle over silly things, and we can snort because of our loud laughs. Own it, girl! What image?

Perimenopause and friendships - women - menopause - women's health - aging - wellness - nailaholics - nailaholics bacolod - national pampering day -beauty - Bacolod blogger- Bacolod mommy blogger - mommy blogger
Mareng Betsy Gazo getting a hand spa and gel manicure.

We can have the same cravings.

When you are with girl friends, you can crave some comfort food and go craving and caving together.

National Pampering Day at Nailaholics

Incidentally, I wanna tell you that October 17 is the National Pampering Day at Nailaholics. From 10am to 2pm, selected services are only at P10 each! Imagine that! Of course, it’s first come, first serve basis. So just head on there early and enjoy the special treat. Perimenopause and friendships are all good at Nailaholics. Pamper thyselves, ladies! You deserve that.

Perimenopause and friendships - women - menopause - women's health - aging - wellness - nailaholics - nailaholics bacolod - national pampering day -beauty - Bacolod blogger- Bacolod mommy blogger - mommy blogger
Loving my sparkly red gel nail polish. My girls are also ecstatic when they saw my nails. 🙂

I thoroughly had a good time with my blogger girl friends. We may have been brought together because of blogging but we have also forged meaningful friendships along the way. We have also become kumares. Hooray to the Bacolod blogging industry! 🙂

This offer is available in all Nailaholics branches nationwide. Nailaholics Bacolod is located at the third floor of SM City Bacolod north wing. Services included in the promo are hand spa, foot spa, manicure, hand massage, and foot massage.

Facing the Future

I am taking this phase one day at a time. To deal with this, I pray more and travel more. Additionally, I try to spend more time and attention to my kids. More than anyone, they need me to be a happier person. It is no longer just me. Being a mom means that there is a family that is looking up to me and at me, whatever mood that I am in.

Declaration: I can do this! <3

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19 thoughts on “Perimenopause and Friendships | National Pampering Day

  1. Nailaholics looks like an amazing place to just relax and pamper yourself! I should find something like that around us, my mother would surely enjoy it!

  2. It’s nice to connect with friends especially of the same age and going through the same things. It sounds like you have a nice group of friends to enjoy time together–whether it’s perimenopause or not!

  3. This is such a great read! Great tips for women during this stage! I’m hoping this is far away for me but I’ll remember these for the days it comes!

  4. I love to have pampering days even though I am not reached perimenopause. yes it it is going to happen in future. I will keep this when it starts, always scared of that thing.

  5. While self-pampering doesn’t always lead to major improvements in overall health the way healthy diet and exercise do, the relaxation you get from it can trigger the relaxation response, which can prevent chronic stress from damaging your health, so in a sense, self-care is good for you inside and out.

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