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My Beautiful Breastfeeding Portrait


Commemorate your lactation journey with a breastfeeding portrait that was taken by a professional photographer. These loving and happy memories of mom and child should be preserved and remembered for years to come.

Breastfeeding portrait
My breastfeeding portrait as captured by Iman Dugeno of Iman Dugeno Photography.

Breastfeeding is not impossible. But it takes much desire, effort, and much more support to make it possible.”

Mommy Sigrid

Continuous Process of Breastfeeding

By now, my second daughter Shane is already 5 months old. Since she was about 2 months old, I had been exclusively breastfeeding her. Read my rather difficult breastfeeding story: Perseverance is Key to Breastfeeding.

My breastfeeding story had not been an easy one because I do not produce enough breast milk naturally. I mean there should be much stimulation and effort on my and the baby’s part.

With our eldest daughter, I was really frustrated. I really wanted to breastfeed her because I am aware of the benefits of breastfeeding for both mom and baby. Plus, I had psyched myself while I was still pregnant, as my mom had fully breastfed my brother and I when we were young. Furthermore, I am a work at home freelancer, so I have the time to be able to breastfeed round the clock.

Unfortunately, I was not able to. If only I had the same amount of information and breastfeeding support that I got now, I would have been able to successfully breastfed our eldest. Probably even until she was in her toddler years.

One of the things that a work at home, #breastfeeding mum puts up with. #NormalizeBreastfeeding #NormalizeBreastfeedingBacolod

Posted by Normalize Breastfeeding in Bacolod on Monday, September 12, 2016
With Shane, I breastfeed her even if I am on the computer. It’s that efficient.

Breastfeeding Portrait

Last Christmas, my brother Iman Dugeno came home to Bacolod City for a visit. While I was breastfeeding, I asked him to take a photo of Shane and I. After all, he is a professional photographer and has a much nicer camera than mine.

Honestly, I have long wanted a nice breastfeeding portrait that I can have printed and framed. It is both a strong reminder and a loving memory with my daughter Shane. These special moments we spent together while breastfeeding her are just gold. It reminds me that like many things in life, I just got to work hard at breastfeeding in order to fully to achieve it.

When she outgrows my bosom, Shane and I will remember that for a period in her life, not only did Mama carry her in the womb, Mama fed her exclusively from my breasts.

How God has designed women to be able to nurse their young is nothing short of amazing.

Mommy Sigrid

Whenever I breastfeed Shane and I look at her, I am just in awe. I am always in awe at how my body is able to produce my baby’s first food.

Obstacles to Breastfeeding

Yes, there are difficulties and obstacles to breastfeeding. For one, my breasts are big and are not positioned in a very breastfeeding-efficient way.

Two, my daughter would rather nurse while lying down. Three, she doesn’t want to be covered when nursed, which makes it difficult to feed her in public. We really need to campaign to normalize breastfeeding in Bacolod and everywhere else so that nobody needs to cover up anymore!

If there is such a thing as "DRAFT BEER", there is also "DRAFT MILK"–as this 3-year-old is enjoying. She alternately fed on both breasts, grinning like a cat.#NormalizeBreastfeeding

Posted by Normalize Breastfeeding in Bacolod on Sunday, September 25, 2016
Even while standing up, Shane will just latch on to me. haha

The longest Shane went without feeding is when we went to Guimaras for a family trip, which was for five  hours! But somehow, we managed to get through them.

Breastfeeding Advice

I am no breastfeeding expert. Instead, I am just a mom who achieved exclusive breastfeeding on her second try, which is, with my my second baby. If you ask me for advice, here are the things I am going to tell you:

  • Read. Read facts. There are so many breastfeeding articles on the internet. Read and understand. And then apply what you have read. There may be some trial and error and it’s going to be worth it.
  • Listen. Listen to sound anecdotal advice from moms before you. Not myths.
  • Take Part. Take part in the discussions in forums, like Breastfeeding Pinays on Facebook. You will learn a lot from other moms.

Note: It pays to have a supportive husband who does most of the reading for me. But if you don’t, I know you can do it yourself. hehe

Breastfeeding Support

With much prayer and the support of my husband, breastfeeding became possible for me. Moreover, my parents, in-laws, some friends, OB-Gyne, and my new friends at the Bacolod Mom and Baby Club helped me a lot. They were God’s instruments at making this endeavor a great success. With that, I am truly grateful. Thank you very much!

I still cannot say at this point that even with so much stimulation and ample nutrition (like malunggay capsules, lactation milk, and lots of soup) that my breast milk is overflowing. No, I don’t have bags or bottles stashed in my freezer even if I would like to. But at least, I am producing enough breast milk for my baby’s needs. With that I am truly gratified.

Breastfeeding is a truly gratifying experience.

Mommy Sigrid

Note again: I am talking to those who want to breastfeed but somehow found out that they couldn’t–not to those who don’t want to. If you are discouraged, I hope you find comfort in my breastfeeding story.

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14 thoughts on “My Beautiful Breastfeeding Portrait

  1. True ang gatas ng Ina ay isa sa pinakambisang pagkain na ibibigay mo pra sa iyong anak,at pra sa knyang kalusugan,at naniniwala ako na napakabisa nito,dahil hanngang ngayun healthy at hndi sakitin ang mga kids ko..

  2. im so envious! i want to have that kind of picture too while breastfeeding my little boy. im so happy cause i give the best gift of god to my son which is my breast milk.

  3. Oh! How sweet! I missed the times that I am breastfeeding my kids. It is painful from the very first time when you are starting to feed the baby, sometimes the nipple gets wounded but it is fine coz the important is to give your milk to your baby. That’s what I’ve had before. I almost cried when my baby sucking my nipple while it has such cracks but it’s healed also with continuously breastfeeding him.

  4. What a nice portrait! I would love to have one too 🙂 Just like you I also had struggle with my 1st and 2nd babies. I was able to BF my eldest for 3 mos. only because I don’t have that much supply and I started to work right away, with my second I was not able to BF her at all and it’s such a big regret! Right now I am exclusively breastfeeding my 2 month old baby girl (youngest) and I totally agree with you, it’s indeed a gratifying experience. I also don’t have that much supply but I’m producing enough amount for my baby and I’m really happy with it 🙂

  5. Indeed this is part of the Safe Motherhood program of the DOH I believe that it is really important to breast feed the child my mom told me that me and my brother was breast fed before and everything turn out well. It was like the child has a connection with the mother while breast feeding.

  6. True its a nice bonding when your baby even though its painful makes you want to cry .. but importants is you feed your baby and the health benefits it gives to your child

  7. That is one beautiful portrait! I have a breastfeeding photo shot by my mom. 🙂 I breastfed my son until 11 months. Actually, it was mixed feeding because I don’t have enough supply. When I already ran out of milk, I became a little bit sad as I intended to breastfeed him til 18 months or so.

  8. I don’t know but this blog post made me cry a little bit. I have this thing for motherhood and I look up to every mother in the world. For me, being a mother is the greatest honor and privilege that a woman can ever have. I’m not a mother yet but I am a mother by heart. I take care of my baby niece, I love and treat her as my own child while her Mom is working full-time. I know that I cannot really compare what I do to what a true mother does because I haven’t experience all the pains and sacrifice that you, mothers, go through during conception. I commend you, for your bravery and I am grateful for your being strong enough to bear such beautiful children. :’)

  9. I’m not a mother but I’m very aware how Important Breastfeeding is to new born babies. So I’m really looking forward to experience how awesome it is being a mom and how nostalgic it is to see your child being nourish for the first time. I salute Moms out there who breastfeeds as long as they still have milk to share to their children.

  10. Im A proud Breastfeeding mom too..Salute to us.Hoping for more months na maraming milk padin akong maproduce

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