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Malunggay capsules for better health

Note: Not a sponsored post. Our eldest daughter Dindin has been taking malunggay capsules for three months now and we are happy with the results. She has become healthier and stronger and we have decided that we shall keep taking Nutralac as a family.

Nutralac capsules - Moringa capsules - food supplement - malunggay capsules - better health - health benefits of malunggay capsules
Nutralac malunggay capsules are available in Mercury and Watsons.

Dindin had been diagnosed with allergic rhinitis ever since she was an infant. She is not asthmatic but her rhinitis is so bad that it takes very little to trigger her sneezes, which develops into a very productive cough the following day because of post-nasal drip.


I was a very frustrated first-time mom back then. That was in 2009. I failed at breastfeeding Dindin, I almost hated myself because I am aware of the benefits of breastfeeding for mom and baby. Plus I couldn’t seem to effectively use cloth diapers on her, she has a loose bladder, and then the allergic rhinitis. Her coughs would last for a month and if she got better, we can just count a week or two of respite, then she would get sick again.

And while she’s sick, she would vomit several times in a day anywhere and everywhere. It was really frustrating. Add to that, she wasn’t gaining weight normally, so people really thought she had primary complex. But actually she didn’t.

Living in the city just made her condition worse. With the dust and pollution in our house, it was not surprising that her allergies are always triggered. This went on until she was about 5 years old.


Multivitamins and Vitamin C

Aside from the non-steroidal allergy medication like Cetrizine that’s prescribed by her pediatrician, I have always given Dindin a multivitamin supplement plus a separate dose of Vitamin C, like Ceelin. Both are prescribed by her pediatrician.

Nutritious Foods

But aside from these supplements, I continue to give her nutritious foods and find ways and means to boost her immunity against disease. After all, allergies happen because of some malfunction in our immune system. I strive to give the kids a balanced meal whenever I can.

Additional Supplements

Some of the food supplements that I have given Dindin are barley grass, spirulina tablets, probiotic supplements, and zinc. But the longest that we have used, for more than two years I think, was Milea Bee Propolis drops, which I added to their water regularly throughout the day.

The problem is, my source is in Manila, so I cannot easily just buy a small bottle anytime. I usually order in bulk to save up on shipping fees.


Several months ago, I was given given three boxes of the Nutralac Moringa Capsules or better known as malunggay capsules. This particular brand is called Nutralac because it is marketed as malunggay capsules for lactating mothers in order to boost their milk production. I thought of giving them away because I am no longer breastfeeding so I thought that somebody can still be blessed by it.

But when I read the box of Nutralac and learned that it only purely contained dried moringa leaves, I thought that anybody could just take it and not just lactating moms. After all, malunggay is just a vegetable that Filipinos commonly eat. It is not just for a particular group of people. It’s just that lactating moms consume more of it.

Dindin is already 8 years old, so I asked her if she thinks she could already swallow the capsule, as she had been able to take some tablets already without difficulty. She was willing to try it and so she did.

Nutralac capsules - Moringa capsules - food supplement - malunggay capsules - better health - health benefits of malunggay capsules
Dindin takes Nutralac everyday. It doesn’t matter what time of the day. Sometimes, she takes them at night.

Good Response

I noticed that while she did get the sneezes, it wasn’t very often anymore, even though I don’t get to clean their room every day (in the past we dusted surfaces and mopped the floor everyday). And if she does get the sneezes, they seldom prosper. If they do get bad, a dose of cetirizine from Unilab just usually does the trick.

It has been three months now since she started taking malunggay capsules and I have noticed that she has gotten really stronger and tougher against allergens.

Indeed malunggay is a miracle vegetable!


You may ask why I would give the capsules to my daughter when I can always feed her the fresh vegetables. Well, Dindin eats her vegetables but we could not regularly prepare them at home. So that method is unreliable. Besides, she can only eat so much and if you feed her daily with it, she just might reject it after awhile.

But when malunggay is in capsule form, it is concentrated and you don’t have to keep chewing on the rather tough leaves. She just drinks a lot of water with each dose so that the fiber of the leaves can also help in digestion.

We have decided that we will let her continue taking Nutralac because of the good results.

Nutralac capsules - Moringa capsules - food supplement - malunggay capsules - better health - health benefits of malunggay capsules
Nutralac malunggay capsules


Here are 10 malunggay health benefits, aside from aiding in the production of breast milk in lactating mothers. I would encourage you to eat more of the fresh leaves with your favorite soup, but you may also take Nutralac malunggay capsules for convenience.

  • 1. Normalizes blood sugar level and helps control diabetes
  • 2. Combats malnutrition because it is highly nutritious
  • 3. Anticancer because it contains phytochemicals
  • 4. Anti-inflammatory
  • 5. Strengthens the Immune System. Studies says that malunggay leaves help boost the immune system to about 10x more than the commercially-made vitamins and other supplements.
  • 6. Has anti-aging properties
  • 7. Strengthen eye muscles
  • 8. Promotes good sleep
  • 9. Helps treats common cold, fever, and asthma
  • 10. Stimulates breast milk production for effective breastfeeding

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your review and information.

    I also have allergy rhinitis since high school. I recently received samples of this product. I wasn’t familiar with the brand so I did some research.

    I just have a few questions I hope you can answer. Does she take the capsule daily? When does she usually take it (before or after morning/lunch/dinner)?

    Thank you. Have a blessed and beautiful week!

    ❀ Grace (from ❀

    1. Hi Grace!

      Dindin continues to take malunggay capsules. It’s the one thing that’s constant now among her health supplements. For me there is no overdose because this is just vegetable. Since she has a couple of other supplements during the day, like chia seeds, she takes malunggay capsules at night, usually after dinner or before bedtime. But you can take it during the day, it doesn’t really matter. We treat it as like eating vegetables.

  2. This looks interesting. My only concern is if my 5 year old daughter could take these malunggay capsules. Do they have it in chewable tablet or syrup form? Is it available in Mercury Drug stores? Thank you very much for sharing and thanks in advance for your reply to my questions

    1. Hi! These malunggay capsules are available at Watsons. I am not sure if there’s a chewable variant for this product, even if it’s a different brand. These are pure dried malunggay leaves that were just contained in capsules. So maybe you can wait for a couple more years to let your daughter try it. 😀

  3. These seem like a good product for kids. Malunggay capsules would be helpful for those who refuse to eat vegetables and the like.

  4. Wow what an interesting little supplement this malunggay capsule is. So glad you found something that helps your daughter, life can be so difficult with health issues in our children. Hope it keeps helping!

    1. Yeah, she has been taking malunggay capsules for more than a year now. She’s really stronger, even when exposed to elements that used to make her sick. 😀 Her immune system and over all health was given a good boost because of this vegetable supplement. Malunggay rocks!

  5. I have allergy rhinitis since high school but I do not take medicines. I am actually against meds. Don’t mind ne hun. But the review and information about malunggay capsules was great…

    1. I also don’t like to keep giving anti allergy medicines to the kids because of the side effects. That is why I would rather strengthen their immune system. The malunggay capsules are not medicines though. These are pure dried malunggay leaves that have been crushed and placed inside capsules for easy consumption. 😀

  6. Wow. Great post. I love when people give honest reviews and personal experiences about products. Going to go look into this malunggay capsules now. It sounds great for better health!

  7. Malunggay is indeed a great herb! When I was high school, my research study is about the wound healing potentials of Malunggay. I tested it on rats. LOL.
    Anyway I wish they have chewables instead of just malunggay capsules. My little sister hates tables and capsules.

    1. Malunggay capsules are good for grown ups, too. I take it especially when it’s nearing my monthly period, for its iron content. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers can also benefit from this wonderful vegetable.

  8. It must have been a tough journey for you and your daughter. We are glad you stumbled upon these malunggay capsules, and read the instructions! In a way they seem to have transformed your life! Getting an honest opinion is very important for a product that is to be consumed and this post had definitely given the facts one needs. The best part is that its made of natural vegetable. Will keep in mind as have seen some friends struggle with allergies their kids have had.

  9. These malunggay capsules sound amazing for the kids. Glad to know that it has helped Dindin and I’m sure it will help many kids who don’t like eating veggies!

    1. Oh yeah. That’s so true. I think this is the easiest way for them to eat the green leafy vegetable that is malunggay.

  10. I’ve never hear of malunggay capsules or Moringa Capsules. However, I usually use the green powdered Moringa in my morning smoothies.

  11. I have heard so much of moringa powder. This is good for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and children. Superfoods taken as medicinal supplements like these malunggay capsules can actually lessen the need for relying on medicines.

  12. I am currently looking at health tablets to give to my daughter to boost her immunity and get all the nutrients she needs. I’ve never heard of these malunggay capsules but they sound great. I think we should give it a try.

  13. This is very interesting to read. I am 20 years old and have been suffering similar things, e.g. sneezing, blocked nose etc. because of my allergies and every time I go back to university (which is in a city) the pollution and dust makes it 100 times worse – almost unbearable to live there as it also makes me cough and wheeze. In your opinion do you think these malunggay capsules would be of any benefit to me?

    1. Oh I’m pretty sure that malunggay capsules will surely help you. You will need a higher dose though. Probably three times a day for grownups. Breastfeeding moms take more actually.

  14. Hello po mommy. Im planning po to give my kids malunggay powder. Ask ko lang po if is it safe to take malunggay powder together with their multivitamins cherifer and ceelin? Thank you.

    1. I think it is. Vegetable lang naman ang malunggay. Just make sure it’s pure malunggay powder and wala ng additives. Ako kasi basta vegetable lang sya, ok lang. I still give multivits and Ceelin to my kids. 😀

  15. Wow..Nice to hear about this supplement mommy..It would be A big help for me..Cant wait to try thos one..Hope this will help to boost my milk for my baby

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