How to Design Halloween Doughnuts


How to design Halloween Doughnuts for World Bread Day

Wonder what you can let your kids do for Halloween? Why not let them design fun Halloween doughnuts for their snacks. Here are some ideas.

designing halloween doughnuts
Designing Halloween doughnuts is a fun activity — especially for homeschooling kids.


Halloween is fast approaching so we are seeing a lot of spooky designs, even on our food. As part of the World Bread Day celebration, Bacolod-Negros Occidental Bakers’ Association (BACNOBA) held a Halloween doughnut decorating event. This was held at The District North point.

Halloween doughnut decorating
These three homeschooled kids are super excited for the activity.

The event was sponsored by the Philippine Foremost Milling Corporation.

How to Design Halloween Doughnuts

Our homeschooling in Bacolod kids were given four doughnuts each to design. The organizers were going around, guiding the kids and giving them materials.

Halloween pumpkin doughnut design
A Halloween pumpkin doughnut design made by Dindin.

This can be a fun and not scary Halloween activity for kids. While we do not really “celebrate” Halloween, we just celebrate our kids’ creativity here. We allow them to create these popular Halloween and let them explore their artistic side. We don’t buy spooky toys though. As for costumes, we they do have a costume party at ballet school. But there is nothing scary there, too.

Halloween Doughnuts 

Here are the Halloween doughnut designs that the kids did.

Halloween Pumpkin Doughnut 

What you need:

  • 1 doughnut with orange glaze
  • Vanilla icing
  • Green candy sprinkles
  • Chocolate icing
Halloween doughnut decorating
Shane “draws” on her doughnut using chocolate icing.

What to do:

Squeeze some vanilla icing on one side of the orange doughnut to make the pumpkin hair. Then sprinkle the green candy over it.

For the eyes, nose, and mouth, use the chocolate icing. Draw big triangles for the eyes and fill them in with the icing. Draw a smaller triangle for the nose. For the mouth, you can draw any lip design. Our daughter Dindin drew a horizontal line and some vertical lines to form a stitch.

Halloween Spider Doughnut

Halloween Spider doughnut design
Halloween Spider doughnut design by Shane. This is the second mallow given to her because she ate the first one. The instruction, after all, was not to eat the doughnut. They did not say anything about the Choco Mallow. :p

What you need:

  • 1 doughnut with chocolate glaze
  • 1 Choco Mallow
  • Icing
  • Brown pretzels
  • 2 small white marshmallows
  • 1 M & M candy
Halloween doughnut decorating
Siobe eating the choco mallow that’s supposed to go on the spider. She followed instructions, all right. She did not eat the doughnuts but she ate the decor before they could stop her. Dindin is obviously upset with the stunt that Shane pulled. haha

What to do:

Open your Choco Mallow but don’t eat it like my daughter Shane. On the flat side, put some icing and stick the mallow on top of the doughnut. Cut the curve parts of the pretzels and use them as spider legs. Attached four on each side of the doughnut.

Put icing on one side of the two marshmallows and put them on the front part to become the eyes. Just below the eyes, stick the M & M candy with some icing to become the mouth.

Halloween Spider Web Doughnut

Halloween spider web doughnut design
A Halloween spider web doughnut by Cody.

What you need:

  • 1 doughnut with white glaze
    Chocolate icing
    1 M & M candy

What to do:

Draw a small circle in the middle of the doughnut. Space it out, about 3/4 of a centimeter then draw a bigger circle. Continue to do so until you reach almost the edge of the doughnut. Just leave a bit of margin towards the outer sides.

Using a toothpick, lightly draw a line from the middle going outwards. Pulling the toothpick like that will  make chocolate line smudges on the white glazed. Do it all around the doughnut to make the web. Using the chocolate icing, put some at the back of any colored M & M candy and stick it anywhere on the web. That’s your spider.

Halloween One-Eyed Monster Doughnut

Halloween One-eyed Monster doughnut design
Halloween One-eyed Monster doughnut design by Shane. This is actually pretty easy. You could actually put chocolate icing on the eye for the pupil and some drawings on the mouth.

What you need:

  • 1 doughnut with purple glaze
  • 1 Strawberry Potchi candy
  • 1/2 of the flat communion bread/wafer
  • Chocolate icing

What to do:

Put some icing on the flat side of the Potchi and stick it in the middle of your doughnut. Then put some icing on one side of the communion wafer and stick it below the Potchi to become the mouth. You can squirt some chocolate icing on top of the Potchi to become the pupil. You may also design the mouth.

Halloween doughnut decorating
Dindin puts some icing on the Potchi for her monster eye.

Preparing Doughnuts at Home

Doughnuts are pretty easy to make, so you may opt to cook them at home. You can make several batches and ask some friends to come over. Then the kids can have an afternoon of Halloween doughnut decorating.

Halloween doughnut decorating
Afterwards, the kids received aprons for a job well done during Bacolod’s celebration of World Bread Day 2017.

Hope you enjoyed these Halloween doughnuts as much as my kids enjoyed making them! As we are homeschooling, we continue to look out for worthwhile and fun activities like these to enhance our kids’ creativity. And most of all, it’s free!

Acknowledgements: Thank you BACNOBA for doing this every year and for inviting us, too. Thank you, Madam Chole Chua of Quan and Mr. Arvin Chua of Foodman.


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  1. This is our third year to join these. And the kids had a lot of fun each time. And each time has been a different fun project for them. Thankful to BACNOBA for this activity. I hope they keep having one each year.

  2. Ahh these designs for Halloween doughnuts are so cute! I love the one-eyed monster! The steps are super easy to follow, which is super nice! The ingredients are also common. 😀

    1. hahaha Oh my gosh! In a tropical country like the Philippines, I am just imagining the ants getting attracted to the spider doughnut! haha

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