Are Essential Oils Good for Your Family?


Be an oilbularyo. Essential oils are good for you.

Essential oils have taken the wellness arena in the Philippines by storm. It seems that oilbularyos are everywhere and there is an oil for everything, including my sciatica. Are you interested but rather wary about it? Here our guest writer, Dr. Jamielynn Anne Cruz-Nalumen, digs deep into this age-old cure and why essentials oils are good for you.

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Learn more about essential oils from a doctor.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are potent, volatile oils that are essentially the life force of plants. They act like what blood is to humans. They deliver nutrients and oxygen to areas where the plant needs support. Terpenes are the main compound of essential oils that give them their vivid fragrance and several beneficial properties that we can take advantage of.

When used by humans, essential oils are able to affect wellness throughout the whole body. It’s made up of very small molecules so one drop applied topically can easily coat every single cell in the human body within a few minutes.

Ways that oils can be used 

There are three ways that essential oils can be used daily.

  • AROMATIC. This is the favorite way of using essential oils. It can be used by smelling the oil directly from the bottle, or by putting a drop into your palm and cupping it over your nose. Or you can use a cold-water difuser.
  • TOPICALLY. Essential oils are potent and should be diluted according to the label instructions. Keep in mind that “one drop goes a long way”. When we say “dilute”, it means to use the essential oil with a carrier oil. Carrier oils are fatty oils, such as virgin coconut oil, grapeseed oil, olive oi, sunflower oil, etc. They are called such because the small molecules of essential oils can attach to the bigger molecule and be “carried” over a larger area for application. You may check out the Gundry MD Olive Oil reviews for some of the best quality olive oils you can use.
essential oils - benefits of essential oils - young living essential oils - uses of essential oils - bacolod blogger - bacolod mommy blogger
You can apply oils topically to address localized body issues..
  • INTERNALLY. Some essential oils are listed as Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) for consumption. Check the label for instructions if they are made for ingestion. You can put one drop of the oil in your water or use an empty capsule that you can top off with food-grade carrier oil. Use glass or stainless-steel containers when adding essential oils to your drink.
essential oils - benefits of essential oils - young living essential oils - uses of essential oils - bacolod blogger - bacolod mommy blogger
You can ingest essential oils in capsules.

Kinds of essential oils available in the market

Essential oils are not created equally. Most oils available at the malls are mostly made of synthetics. They are chemically-created to produce scents that smell nice but do not have any therapeutic value. Because they are unnatural, these usually generate an undesirable reaction, such as headaches, allergies, rashes, etc.

There are those that are called “perfume-grade”, which are usually natural oils mixed with synthetics. Perfume companies need to produce the exact same scent in every batch of their products, thus they have to “rectify” with chemicals to get that result.

essential oils - benefits of essential oils - young living essential oils - uses of essential oils - bacolod blogger - bacolod mommy blogger
Not all oils are the same. When we inhale synthetic fragrances, these may cause allergic reactions.

“Manipulated” or food-grade oils are natural oils diluted with another natural oil, such as carrier oils. The FDA allows these products to be marketed as “pure”, even though only 5-30% of the essential oil is present in the product.

The rarest and highest grade of oils are 100% pure, natural, and therapeutic. These kinds of oils undergo stringent steps before they are released into the market. These are the oils you would want to use if you wish to experience an improvement in your overall wellness.

What can essential oils do for us?

Here are some of the things that good quality essential oils can do for us and our family.

Emotional support

When used aromatically, essential oils give excellent emotional support. The sense of smell is the human sense related to our emotions. This is because the olfactory nerves are located beside the amygdala and the limbic system, which is the center of human emotions. When you feel down, inhale a revitalizing scent for an instant “perk me up”. We need that to make happy mamas.

essential oils - benefits of essential oils - young living essential oils - uses of essential oils - bacolod blogger - bacolod mommy blogger - DIY oil mixes
Some of Dr. Nalumen’s personal DIY stash, clockwise from top: Nasal spray, Insect repellent, Perfume spray, Itch roller, Perfume roller, All around roller, Abundance roller, and inhalers.

Memory enhancer

It can also help with memory, since we easily associate a certain scent with a specific memory. Think about how a smell transports you back to a specific place, time, or even emotion that you felt during that particular memory.

Air purifier

Another advantage with aromatic use, especially when using cold-water diffusers, is that essential oils can clean the air. The common air fresheners available in the market only mask the smell you wish to get rid of. Meanwhile, essential oils effectively neutralize the cause of the smell, giving your home a refreshing and clean scent.

Localized body issues

When used topically, you can directly address any issues on the site of concern, while affecting the entire body. As I’ve said, essential oil molecules are very, very small. Even if you apply the oil on the bottom of your feet, they can easily travel through the blood stream and coat the cells of the whole body.

As antioxidants

Oils are wonderful antioxidants. Considering that we are constantly being bombarded by toxins, essential oils provide a way to fight the free-radicals generated by these toxic exposures. We get these toxins through the polluted air, the pesticides we involuntarily take in our food, and the personal products laden with FDA-approved chemicals (such as parabens, sulfates, etc.)

These are known irritants and are even hormone-disruptors. Using essential oils consistently helps us fight the free-radicals, which not only make us FEEL older, but also LOOK older.

As food

Another way to deliver the antioxidants effectively is through ingestion of essential oils. You can take it straight or mix it with your home-cooked food. This is probably the most effective way, but make sure that the label states that the oil is safe for ingestion.

essential oils - benefits of essential oils - young living essential oils - uses of essential oils - bacolod blogger - bacolod mommy blogger - cooking with essential oils - Young Living supplements
Left: Cooking with Essential Oils (YL’s Vitality Line is labeled for ingestion.) Right: YL Supplements Ningxia Red is high in antioxidants. Sulfurzyme contains MSM.

When NOT to use essential oils?

Of course, there are contraindications to essential oils. Please read and consider them carefully.

1. Essential oils are NOT medicine. Do not use them for the purpose of replacing your prescribed medications for specific ailments.

2. Essential oils should not be applied directly on the eyes and in the ears. Avoid applying it neat on mucous membranes, especially “hot” and “cold” essential oils.

3. Some oils contain constituents that are best avoided by pregnant women, breastfeeding, and children below 12 years old. Such information can be obtained through the private support groups in using essential oils.

essential oils - benefits of essential oils - young living essential oils - uses of essential oils - bacolod blogger - bacolod mommy blogger
Use essential oils properly. These are safe.

4. Essential oils should not be used neat (no carrier oil) on babies and children. Always follow proper dilution.

5. Do not use essential oils when you do not know what they are for. Always do your own research, refer to essential oil references, and ask questions from your EO mentor/sponsor.

How do I choose which essential oil brand to use?

I would ask the following questions that point to the quality of their products:

  1. Do they own their farms or have a stringent program imposed on partner farms?
  2. Can you visit their farms and see all their processes?
  3. Does each batch of oil undergo a strict set of tests both in-house and with reliable third-party laboratories (Does the third-party laboratory have the right and large database to properly and correctly identify all essential oil constituents)?
  4. Do they use the right methods of extracting essential oils?
  5. Does the company practice sustainable sourcing?
  6. Do their oils have a natural “plant” smell that differ from batch to batch?

Young Living Essential Oils

To be clear, I chose Young Living Essential Oils because they are able to answer the questions above. I get this through their Seed to Seal Guarantee. This is what the Seed to Seal Guarantee entails.

  • They make sure from the choosing of the farm with the right soil. The farm has to be organic, meaning, it should be pesticide-free for a minimum of 50 years
  • They also make sure from the choosing of the seeds.
  • Additionally, they make sure when to plant the seed and when the plants should be harvested. That is becasue some plants have a specific TIME and SEASON when they should be harvested in order to get the best constituents).
  • Furthermore, they make sure about how the oil is extracted. The oil undergoes 17 laboratory tests 3 times (2 sets are performed in-house and 1 set by a third-party laboratory—if any one of those 51 tests fails, the entire batch is discarded). They also ensure that quality oils are bottled and delivered straight to your doorstep from their warehouse (direct-selling).

Advantages of Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils WORK. I’ve tried oils from another company before and I found them to be frustratingly ineffective. Additionally, they had a rancid underlying scent, which made me wary of essential oils. So, it took me some time to try Young Living Essential Oils. But I’m so glad I did.

essential oils - benefits of essential oils - young living essential oils - uses of essential oils - bacolod blogger - bacolod mommy blogger - Young Living personal care products
Left: Young Living personal care products that are free from toxic chemicals. Right: Regularly labeled Young Living oils are for topical and aromatic use.

Aside from their quality, I love how they incorporated a mentoring program into a marketing strategy. They utilize the multilevel-marketing pattern to ensure that every user is properly guided by their enroller-sponsor. This assures safe and proper usage of the essential oils, and not just merely selling products and forcing buyers to consult online.

essential oils - benefits of essential oils - young living essential oils - uses of essential oils - bacolod blogger - bacolod mommy blogger
You may attend these forums to know more about Young Living essential oils.

Speaking of products, as a lifestyle company, they not only offer essential oils. I am enjoying the privilege of having access to essential oil-infused and toxin-free personal care products. They have make-up, baby care, and even food. Since most, if not all, products available in the local market contain toxins that should be avoided, I am happy with their products. I get all these just by becoming a wholesale member.

essential oils - benefits of essential oils - young living essential oils - uses of essential oils - bacolod blogger - bacolod mommy blogger
You can make personal care products like soaps for your family’s use.

I am also able to create do-it-yourself products that allow me to save money! Once you become a member, you get access to private support groups that have tried and tested recipes for different needs.

How do I start?

All Young Living members start their essential oils journey with the Young Living Premium Starter Kit. which automatically gives you wholesale membership. For only $160, you will get almost $355 worth of items, including:

  • (11) 5mL essential oils (lavender, lemon, peppermint, copaiba, frankincense, Thieves, Digize, Panaway, Raven, Citrus Fresh, and Stress Away)
  • (1) cold-water diffuser (Choose between the Home-Dewdrop and Desert Mist)
  • (2) 2oz packets of Ningxia Red (A strong, concentrated antioxidant that you only need 1-2 oz/day. Tastes yummy, too!)
  • (1) 1oz packet of Thieves Household Cleaner (Toxin-free cleaner, concentrated, commonly diluted at 1:50 ratio with water, depending on the depth of cleaning you need. This can literally replace every single cleaner you use in your home. Safe for kids and pets.)
  • (1) Aromaglide Roller fitment
  • (10) 1mL sharing bottles
  • (1) 2018 Product Catalog
  • (1) Essential Oil Magazine

Where Does Young Living Come From?

Young Living is based in Utah, USA. Once your orders have been shipped, you can receive them as fast as five (5) working days. Different shipping fees apply. For the Young Living Premium Starter Kit, the shipping fee is from the Young Living headquarters to the Philippine is US$14.00

The parcel is sent through DHL, which has made tracking very easy. The link to tracking your order is in your online member portal.

What are the advantages of wholesale membership?

Be a Young Living member and get the following benefits:

  • 24% discount on all retail pricing
  • Access to the Essential Rewards program
  • 24/7 group support through Facebook, Messenger, E-mail, or Mobile
  • No monthly membership fees
  • To maintain membership, minimum purchase of 50PV annually (no hidden fees. Just buy the product/oils you need to replenish!)

Be a Young Living Member

To become a member, feel free to contact me at 0918-4899179, or through my Facebook education page Purple Lief (recommended in case you wish to be guided through the step-by-step of the membership set-up). You can use this link to easily set-up your account: https://yl.pe/b4tj

essential oils - benefits of essential oils - young living essential oils - uses of essential oils - bacolod blogger - bacolod mommy blogger
Make essential oils a part of your family’s wellness.

Young Living and Happy Pili Farm

I am proud to announce that Young Living has recently partnered with the Happy Pili Farm. Located in Bicol, they are producing the Elemi essential oil, which has thus effectively provided a sustainable source of income for the local farmers.

About the author

Dr. Jamielynn Anne Cruz-Nalumen is a full-time Pathologist who has made it her purpose to incorporate wellness into her practice. She is a mother to 3 and wife to an Anesthesiologist, who is also an advocate for wellness.

essential oils - benefits of essential oils - young living essential oils - uses of essential oils - bacolod blogger - bacolod mommy blogger
Dr. Jamine Nalumen during mentoring.

As a promoter of natural parenting styles like breastfeeding, babywearing, co-sleeping, and cloth diapering, using essential oils fit well into their family lifestyle. In their family, they have found that essential oils successfully complement conventional medicine.

Dr. Nalumen has made it her goal to have every household utilize the purest essential oils. It will be a jump-off point for a healthier life amidst this toxic world.


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    1. Oh you can just order it online. Young Living is an online store and they deliver around the world through DHL. They are based in Utah, USA, but I am in the Philippines and my order is coming really soon. Please order from my friend’s link. It’s in the article.

    2. Hi Chris! Africa is currently an NFR country. So you’ll be ordering from the US and they’ll deliver to you. Do let me know how I can assist you. The PSK is currently on sale at 10% off. 4 hours left til the end of the sale!

      1. I’ve tried essential oils for the kids’ allergic rhinitis, though we used different brands. They were effective but since EOs are a bit pricey, we discontinued using them since mid last year when my stash were all used up. This year, I’m planning to request the husband to buy me a diffuser for Christmas ? so we can go back to using EOs again. They’ve worked wonders for our allergies — the kids didn’t have colds and cough for weeks.?

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          I also changed my prescription spectacles and my headaches have been few and far between. 😀

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    1. Young Living Essential Oils has an Animal Scents line that are specifically for pet use (although we love to use them on ourselves, too!) Usage with cats should be with more caution since they have a deficiency in an enzyme, which is needed to metabolize some components of the oils.

      However, if those specific oils are needed, they can be applied with the guidance of a veterinarian adept in using essential oils.

      By rule of thumb, essential oils that are of high quality and free from synthetics can be used safely around animals. Go low and go slow. Introduce one oil at a time to your pet through the diffuser. Make sure that they have the option to leave the room when the scent doesn’t sit well with them.

      In my opinion, considering that safety and purity is of utmost importance when using EOs around our family members (including animal babies!), Young Living would be your best bet due to their Seed To Seal Guarantee. Plus they offer the best value starter kit that includes 11 essential oils and a diffuser of your choice. I hope this helps! ~ Dr Jamine

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