Encouraging Fitness in Kids


For people to make healthy choices, the habit should be started early. Fitness in kids should be made into a lifestyle.

fun run and family fitness - fitness in kids
My daughter Dindin and her grandma at the Trinity Christian School fun run.

Fitness in kids should be encouraged

Now, I am trying to find the FUN in RUN for the sake of my daughters. For now, l am starting with the eldest. That is because fitness in kids is very important as they grow up.

Couch Potatoes

Between my husband and myself, we are self-proclaimed couch potatoes. Our work lets us spend endless hours in front of the computer with only our fingers and wrists doing much of the work. In my case, I drink a lot of water, which forces me to get off my seat and go to the bathroom.

The john is just a few steps from where I actually work. But at least, it allows me to change my position, straighten my back, and stretch my limbs. My husband, on the other hand, gets forced to go up and down the stairs several times a day. So that is his “exercise”. I want to do more so that I could instill the principle of fitness in kids.

Fitness Revolution

When October came, however, the winds started to blow in another direction. I found myself getting thrust into the fitness lifestyle through the newest Bacolod gym, Fitness Mecca. Fitness Mecca is located at Robinsons Citywalk and features the latest, state-of-the-art exercise equipment. Only the famous Italian brand Technogym is allowed in here.

So with that, the online fitness campaign with my fellow Bacolod mommies, Get Fit With Sigrid Says, was born.

fun run and family fitness - fitness in kids
My in-laws, Dindin, and I at the Trinity Christian School Fun Run.

Aside from that, I am trying to eat less. I am no longer giving in to those fad diets of my youth–I just can’t do it anymore even if I want to. So at the very least, I am cutting portions. But I still eat everything.

Fun Run

So again, between my husband and myself, we couldn’t find the “fun” in “run”. To think that I had to wake up so early and then subject myself to running. No fun. But I am not doing this for myself–I am doing this for my children.

Fitness in kids is very important because our modern world is pretty much into gadgets and the sedentary lifestyle. Also, if I am not into the fit lifestyle, I don’t want them to follow in my footsteps. I wanted to lead by example.

A couple of weeks ago, I learned that Trinity Christian School here in Bacolod, was holding a fun run as part of their celebration of their Foundation Day. I signed myself up for 5K and my eldest Dindin for 3K. I didn’t want to risk waking Siobe up because she kinda throws tantrums when she lacks sleep. It’s just the two of us because saying it was hard to convince our Papa to join us is an understatement. So looking after Siobe was his easy escape.

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Fun run and family fitness - fitness in kids
The finishers! Even with the weather threatening the event, it was successful and we were successful! 😀

3K or 5K

I wanted for Dindin and myself to run/walk together but I also wanted to prove something to myself so I went for 5K. And also because I wanted her to spend time with her grandparents who are doing the 3K.


Testing the waters, I tried my speed and time at the gym’s treadmill. I spent 30 minutes finishing only two kilometers and my head was spinning afterwards. With that, I wondered if I could finish the actual 5K during the run. I thought well, if ever, it would take me a an hour and 30 minutes with the rate I am going, expecting that I will have rest stops in between.

Actual Run

The first 500 meters was pretty trying for me. My legs ached that I was afraid I would experience cramping very soon. I prayed to God because I didn’t want to quit. Although I may not win anything but I wouldn’t be called a quitter. I kept going, remembering the adage: Slow and steady wins the race.

So I kept plodding along, doing brisk walking and strolling alternately. This is my very first 5K walk/run and I even kinda felt ashamed as I saw some elderly individuals walking faster than me. haha

When I reached the finish line, there was no longer fanfare. I no longer had a finishers’ medal because they only gave it to the first 200 runners who finished. I was probably one of the last ones to arrived. But I was surprised to see my watch, I clocked at 1 hr and 10 mins. That’s 20 minutes earlier than my original time! I exceeded my expectation and I finished the course!!!

This mama was so happy.

I will do this again!

Thank God I finished! I am so happy about this that I want to keep doing this with my daughter. While she has other physical activities like her theater exercises, dance, swimming, and also golf, we are bent on conquering more distances together.

golf and family fitness - fitness in kids
Dindin playing at the Negros Occidental Golf and Country Club.

Woohoo for mother and daughter runs and fitness in kids! 😀 This is leading by example, as we continue our homeschooling in Bacolod journey.

Fitness in Kids

It is my desire that we really help our daughters in the area of physical health. Not only should we give them nutritious foods and supplements like malunggay capsules, we also need to get their bodies moving. And we will keep doing it with a lot of fun in mind,

swimming and family fitness - fitness in kids
We also play in the water from time to time. Here we are at the River Rapids at Waterworld Iloilo. Swimming is more like our Papa’s game.
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2 thoughts on “Encouraging Fitness in Kids

  1. Thrilled to see you doing activities related to fitness mom! Keep on moving, it is never too late to be your best fit self. I really agree, the decisions we make impacts our children, I can attest to that as I saw that happened with my boys when I decided to get into a healthy lifestyle. They too were encouraged to move and eat healthier. keep it up mom! You will be stronger in time :).

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