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Tips in Choosing the Best Mom Shoes


What Constitutes the Best Mom Shoes

The best mom shoes may differ based on your age, profession, as well as the stage that your children are in. If you are a stay at home mom with young kids like us, the best mom shoes would be those that could serve different purposes.

best mom shoes - Nike LunarSolo running shoes - The Sports Warehouse
In choosing the best mom shoes, comfort is still top on the list of criteria.

Tips for Choosing the Best Mom Shoes

Stay at home moms have different shoe requirements than working moms. Thankfully, we don’t need to wear closed or high-heeled shoes that are often required in corporate set ups. But we do need the best mom shoes that can cope with our fast-paced lifestyle.


If you have youngsters, especially from kinder school to grade school, you will need shoes that can live up to your lifestyle. At this point, a stay at home moms’ routine revolves mainly with preparing food, grocery errands, driving the kids to school and practices, and even just the park or the playground.

best mom shoes - The Sports Warehouse
Mom shoes go to school, to the mall, to the supermarket, and even the wet market. Function and comfort are key.

You need a pair of shoes that give you comfort for long walks and even flexibility and protection for times when you need to dash or sprint after your child.


While comfort is of utmost importance, we cannot neglect style. Of course, even when we haven’t taken a proper bath or a good look in the mirror, we try to look good and also feel good. So we want our comfortable shoes to follow that design element as well.

In my case, I have slim feet. So I do look for shoes that have a slim shape because if I wear shoes with a wide toe cap, I feel like a duck wading in the mud.


Buying good quality shoes for me is very important because I don’t want to keep on buying new stuff. It irks me to have to spend so much time looking for the pair that suits me every few months. So my regular pair should last me at least two years before I find another perfect pair.


The next best thing to quality that makes this mama happy is of course, if the pair of shoes that I like is on sale. As a mom of two growing children, I am like many other moms who think about our family budget, first and foremost. That is why, if we need some stuff for ourselves or for the home, we wait until there is a sale event in the store so that we can buy what we need for less.

best mom shoes - The Sports Warehouse
From the home to everywhere in the city, the best mom shoes go along with us.

Watching out for sales and promos really extends our income and keep our family budget on check. As a freelancer with unpredictable incomes, these sale events stretch our peso and give us more value for money.

The Sports Warehouse Big Big Sale in Bacolod

That is why hubby and I were super happy to learn about the big big sale of The Sports Warehouse in Bacolod. There are rubber shoes from popular brands like Nike, Adidas, New Balance, and Arena that are discounted up to 80% off!

best mom shoes - The Sports Warehouse - Nike LunarSolo
A mommy is always on the alert for sale events like these in order to get a good deal for the best mom shoes.

Hubby got a new pair of New Balance leather shoes while I had the Nike LunarSolo running shoes. They are comfortable, look good, and had a 35% mark down. I totally love them. Since they are good for running, they are also good for walking, aren’t they? Plus, if I decide to go running, this would be a great pair of shoes. This momma is super happy! 😀

The Sports Warehouse in the Philippines

The Sports Warehouse is the Philippines’s largest as well as fastest growing sports value superstore. They started in 2008 and after 10 years in the business, they just keep growing.

The Sports Warehouse Big Big Sale - SMX Convention Center -SM City Bacolod
The Sports Warehouse Big Big Sale at the SMX Convention Center of SM City Bacolod.

At The Sports Warehouse, the average Filipino can pick from a wide selection of sports related items that are from reliable imported brands, but at really affordable prices. Aside from athletic sportswear, they also have sports apparel, sports bras, bags, and accessories. These are all from leading brands like Nike, Adidas, K-Swiss, New Balance, Arena and many more.

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38 thoughts on “Tips in Choosing the Best Mom Shoes

  1. When I buy a pair of shoes, the first thing I consider is comfort. I want shoes with a roomy toe box. Style and color are what I look for next. Since I cannot wear high heels, I opt for cute flats, sandals and of course, sneakers.

  2. I’m all about the comfort! I prefer to be barefoot, but we all know that simply isn’t always an option. So for those days when I have to wear shoes, I go for a low to no-heel rubber sole with lots of cushion.

  3. Great post! Although those look comfortable, here in Florida it gets HOT and humid, so I avoid closed shoes like sneakers.. My go to shoes are flip flops and sandals, all day everyday! I have them in simple flats, wedged, and even sparkly and blingy for when I need to dress it up a bit…lol!

  4. I definitely need new footwear myself. I use mine so much they wear down too fast, I’m a heavy walker and many times walk on my toes still ?.

  5. It’s not that easy to find shoes that are comfy and would fit your budget. These are awesome tips. Finding the right shoes can make any mom’s life easier especially when running errands, or running after their kids!

  6. it depends on the personality, in my personal opinion women shouldn’t forget about their feminity and get out of a comfort zone. Comfy sport shoes are great but it’s not always an option if you want to look gorgeous.

  7. Comfort over fashion is my mantra when buying shoes. I travel a lot and I need comfy shoes that I can take with me for walking and sight seeing. Proper heel and arch support are also critical factors I look for before I purchase footwear.

  8. I’m not a mum myself (yet), but I think a lot of these tips apply to women who aren’t mothers too. I always choose comfortable shoes, though when I was younger I would choose style over comfort. So maybe it’s something that develops with age x

  9. You’ve very right. These are important characteristics of a good pair of shoes while making a choice to buy one for mom. These tips can be useful for anyone who buys shoes.

  10. I totally that comfort is the top priority in terms of choosing the best shoes followed by quality. I also do not want to keep buying new stuff.

    Too bad we missed the Big Sale.

  11. I can’t wear heels because of balance issues so I always go for flats and sandals. Comfort is a must. Sneakers and running shoes are my feet’s best buddies.

  12. I am definitely a comfort person when it comes to shoes, there is nothing worse than being on your feet for hours in uncomfortable shoes! This is a really great post!

  13. These are really nice tips. This post will help a lot of mums to buy the best pair of shoes. Keep sharing the posts like this.

  14. Comfort is the most important part for me while buying new shoes! Mostly I prefer sneakers and flats over heels because I want my feet to be always happy!

  15. im not a mom but i love your mom shoes , especially your nike 🙂 got to find that exact model and buy it. Nothing beats a comfortable shoe

  16. For choosing best shoes for mum I think comfort would be the first thing I would look for . And sport shoes would the best option . Great article explains every info need to choose the best shoes for mums.

  17. I live in my trainers – it’s so important to be comfy if you’re moving around all day and night. Worth investing in a few pairs of good shoes

  18. I love this! As a mum of five I know all about mum shoes, and it’s crazy to think what I used to squeeze my feet into before I had children to run around after!

  19. I used to wear heels so much. But now I just want something super comfy. I love comfy flats so much. They rock!

  20. I love your shoes fits to you..And yes mahalaga na pag pipili tayo ng shoes dapat ung komportable tayo..mahalaga din ang style at quality

  21. Have you tried the Freeworld Australia flipflops? These are the coziest slippers I’ve ever owned. I’m delighted I paid a little more for these. I’m a full-time parent who takes care of her children while still doing domestic tasks, so I’ve been wearing them nonstop for the past year. They’re still in good condition and don’t show any indications of wear. You should also give it a shot.

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