Best Ways to Soothe Teething Symptoms for your Baby


If you have a baby, you are probably hyper-aware of when he or she is not feeling very well. Along with being concerned about any symptoms of illness, you also get to experience the joy of seeing your little one grow some teeth. The teething phases are usually not pleasant for anyone, as the baby is generally miserable, and the situation can be hard to experience or manage as a parent. However, there are ways to soothe the teething symptoms and help your baby through the process. Here are some of them.

How to Know When Your Baby is Teething

Before you can provide remedies for teething, it helps to know what the common teething symptoms are. You may think that seeing a tooth coming through is one of the first signs, but the truth is that symptoms often crop up about two or even three months before a tooth emerges from the gums.

The first tooth generally comes up around the age of six to 10 months, so you can prepare to possibly see teething symptoms around four to eight months.

One of the most common signs is that your baby becomes very interested in biting everything. Her hard plastic objects tend to be the most popular choice. Your baby may also be fussier than usual, and this tends to escalate more at night. As a result, the sleeping patterns of both the baby and the parents are also disrupted.

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~ Biting, nibbling or even thumbsucking on knuckle sucking is part of teething. ~

When teething, your baby will most likely produce extra saliva, which often results in drooling. You may even notice baby coughing from teething because the excess saliva usually drips down the throat, causing coughing. 

Moreover, your little one may have a reduced appetite, because eating (or chewing) aggravates the soreness around the gums. Just before the tooth makes an appearance, your baby may also have a low-grade fever.

Helpful Remedies to Calm your Teething Baby Down

One of the most common ways to help soothe the symptoms of teething is to provide your baby with a plethora of safe chew toys. These non-toxic items help to lessen the achiness of the gums. Along with toys, there are also silicone necklaces that your baby can wear, making it easy to grab and chew at any time.

It also helps to apply something to the gums, such as Wellements teething oil, which contains organic ingredients. Although there are over-the-counter options you can purchase at your local drug store, many of them contain unwanted chemicals and even preservatives and artificial ingredients. 

You can also have your baby chew on herbal tea. Sounds impossible? It is not. Brew herbal tea, wet a washcloth with it, and then freeze the cloth. Not only does the chewing help, but the coldness of the rag helps to reduce inflammation and further lessen symptoms.

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~ Teething symptoms will start months before the first tooth will start erupting from the gums. ~

Or if you are aware of Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM), they have a Chinese teething powder that can help ease symptoms. You can start using it when your baby is at least a month old because by the time teething period sets in, you will hardly notice it.

Prepare for Teething  

You do not want teething to creep up on you, so it is best to prepare for it ahead of time. Just like you might have Wellements iron drops in your cabinet for when your baby is lacking in this nutrient, you should also have teething remedies on hand. This allows you to reduce symptoms quickly so both you and your baby are happy.

It is best to soothe these teething symptoms and avoid sleepless nights. In this pandemic, we can no longer easily visit our pediatrician for common ailments. If you can use some remedies at home to reduce symptoms and avoid fever, then your life with a teething baby will be much easier.

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  1. Salamat sa mga na share mong remedies momsh.totoo yan pag na iipin na ang baby struggle sa ating mga parents kung pano natin reremedyuhan ang nararamdaman ng anak panahon ngayong di tayo basta makakaasa sa doctor sa higpit ng protocol malaking bagay ang ganitong tips…

  2. Thanks for this Mommy..Sakto may isang teeth na lumabas si kaizer..Nagulat ako kanina di ko napansin biglang nangagat ahahaa may tooth na pala na lumabas..Thanks for the info

  3. Thank you for sharing this to us Mommy Sig. Really helps po talaga. Lalo na nag start na tubuan ng ngiping ang baby ko. Buti hndi SyA maselan. Tanging pangngagat lang po talaga ang ginagawa.

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