Believing in God and Getting the Covid Vaccine for Humanity


Scientists, medical doctors, and governments around the world agreed that the vaccine against Covid-19 will help end the pandemic. But does getting the Covid vaccine mean that we do not believe in God? Will we be subjected to eternal damnation because we got protected against the pandemic? Or is getting the Covid vaccine an act of faith? Read more.

Believing in God

First of all, I just want to announce here that my husband and I grew up in Christian homes. We believe in the Bible and in salvation through Jesus Christ.

However, I acknowledge that I am a sinful person and I know that I am nothing without the righteousness of Christ. I am not a pastor’s wife, a church leader, nor a member of any small group. But I read my bible and pray.

One Sunday in September, as I was pondering about the devastating effects of the pandemic and the vaccine, I came across these thoughts.

Believing that the Covid Vaccine Can Help Us

The Covid vaccine is not the first vaccine that we have. Many have already been developed throughout the decades to combat infections like measles, polio, hepatitis, among others.

Meanwhile, the Covid vaccine became available after only about a year because the situation became a worldwide pandemic. Different countries have been working tirelessly in order to put an end to the deaths and normalize Covid. Moreover, the technology for the vaccine isn’t new. It’s already there so the process became a shortcut.

As Christians, we believe in the power of God and in prayer as our way of communicating to the Almighty. Our entire family had been pleading every night for an end to this pandemic. Aside from the worrisome health situation, our mental health is also affected because of uncertainties and loss of financial freedom and personal liberties.

Below are the reasons why I think we need to believe that vaccines are good for us and can help us in the fight against Covid-19. If you are a bible scholar, I will not argue with you. These thoughts came to me during my quiet time.

1. Ask and it shall be given to you.

I think that we are not the only ones praying for an end to this pandemic. We could be from different churches and denominations, but I believe that when it comes to the pandemic, we want it to end. Soon.

With that, we fervently prayed for a solution and the vaccines came before the cure. For me, it is God’s answer to save us from the misery that the virus brings–whether sickness, hospitalization, or death.

When people are in lack, our natural response is to pray for provision. If God uses a person to give us something to eat, do we turn it down because we expect something else?

2. Where our innate defense systems stop and supplements are needed.

God has blessed us with a natural defense system called our immune system. I totally agree with that. And whatever we lack in our diet, we take food supplements in order to be in tiptop shape. When we get cold, we wear warm clothes and when it rains, we duck under a roof or take out our umbrellas. The military or the police wear bullet-proof vests when there’s a raid or encounter to avoid getting killed by a bullet. They might get hit but not die because the vest protects their vital organs. Meanwhile, we also take medicines when we feel sick.

What am I saying here? Vaccines have been developed because modern medicine has proven that we have a higher survival rate with preventive measures when a plague or pandemic happens.

3. Believing in the Covid vaccine does not mean losing faith in God.

Much like money, a Covid vaccine is just a tool to prevent infection and to normalize living with the virus. In itself, it is not evil. We do not worship the vaccine nor the developers or the government that paid for them.

4. The Covid vaccine does not serve us alone.

The difference with taking medication is that it only serves or benefits the patient. On the other hand, the vaccine serves humanity. If most of the adult world is vaccinated, the SARS-CoV will be like another common cold virus. This is called herd immunity.  

Getting the Covid vaccine is like a little sacrifice that we personally make for the greater good.

The Great Loss of Leaders in Churches

So many good Christians who are members of local churches have already died ever since the pandemic started. I was really saddened to learn that they were not vaccinated.

The stories and tributes given to them were so heart-rending, knowing the different works they did in the name of the Lord. They have lived their lives well for the glory of God that it is such a loss to lose previously strong people to the complications of the virus.

Okay, the families or even their pastors may argue that their deaths fall under God’s will and that they are already in heaven. Praise the Lord for their citizenship in heaven!

But is it really God’s will that they die at this time because of the complications brought by Covid despite the availability of vaccines? What if they were vaccinated against Covid-19? Would they have a fighting chance?

The numbers speak for themselves. Monitoring the active Covid cases since September, most of the Covid deaths in Bacolod hospitals are from the unvaccinated set. I am not sure what proof people need that vaccines actually work in protecting us.

If pastors and church leaders continue to encourage their brethren not to get inoculated and they died, aren’t they massively reducing the number of believers and church leaders? What will happen to the work of the Lord then?

Again, there’s the issue that God will raise up replacements. But is it really God’s will that they all die at the same period? Is it also God’s will that they should refuse sound science and instead believe in conspiracy theories? And is it against God’s will to save humanity through the vaccine?

The Mark of the Beast

In the forum organized by the Greenhills Christian Fellowship, four Christian doctors came together in order to discuss the common questions regarding faith and vaccines. One of the speakears was Pastor Larry Pabiona, who is a medical doctor (neurosurgery) by profession before he became a pastor.

He discussed how the Covid is not the Mark of the Beast, as many Christian think, because of the following*:

  1. It will be initiated at the reight of the Antichrist (Revelation 13:1-8)
  2. Anyone who refuses to take the mark will be executed (Revelation 13:15)
  3. It will be required for anyone to buy or sell (Revelation 13:17)
  4. Conscious worship of the Antichrist is required to receive it (Revelation 14:9, 15:2, 19:20, 20:4)
  5. Those who take it face the wrath of God. (Revelation 14:9-10)

*Copied from Ptr. Larry’s presentation.


There is no contradiction in our faith in God and in getting the Covid vaccine. In fact, I believe it is accepting the grace and favor of God in this difficult time.

If you still question that, I look towards the direction of Israel–the highly favored and chosen people of God. Most of them are vaccinated and are well on their way in inoculating their teenage population. Cases are very low and if ever they

Safety Protocols

Even with the Covid vaccine available, we still need to protect ourselves because the Philippines hasn’t achieved herd immunity yet. Bacolod City alone has only inoculated half of its target population as of this writing. So please still wear your face masks properly when going out and talking to other people. Avoid super-spreader events like parties and choose to stay at home over unecessary outings.

Stay safe, everyone!


8 thoughts on “Believing in God and Getting the Covid Vaccine for Humanity

  1. It was really good to read this blog ! It’s all about faith and belief! We need this to be hopeful for this will end soon

  2. Napaka gandang basahin tong blog niyo po Mommy Sig. Magsasabi ko na EtO talaga ang paborito Kong basahin.i believe in Bible too and in Salvation through Jesus Christ. Walang imposible Kay God. BAsta ako. I always pray and vaccinated na din po.

  3. Para sakin Ma Napakahalaga ng Vaccine kasi this is the right way para maminimize natin pagkalat ng virus..But even vaccinated people can be postive again by the virus kaya napakahalaga padin ang pananalig sa Panginoon na sana Maging maayoa na ang Lahat.

  4. your are so wrong on so many levels. just cause a pastor tells you its not does not mean it is, this is the mark and is part of it and if you cant see it its cause you do not want to see it and want to give in to fear. first you are idolizing man and pharmacy and the vaxx and media and dr over God that is idolization and a sin. its a form of worship. what is worship its obedience that is what you are doing. second it alters your dna and the bible is very clear on that. you are gods dna your cells and function are all his when you change that you are no longer Gods dna. go read the bible on his blood. its also spiritual. how can he communicat with someone when they do not have his blood. our dna is gods dna not to be tampered with our cells are his cells made by him. gen 1:26 we are created with domion over cellular levla. satan has tried to tamper with that since the begining of time. example noahs time. they idolterated their dna with demonds. where does dominionlie? it is the wrotten code of our father in our dna makes you untouchable unless its tampered with. do not accept deception mathew 24:4-6 jude 6 1 thess 5:23 recelation says you will worship the beast. all of this is worshiping denying chrsit and living in fear. is that what you wanna do live in fear? then you do not believe god at his word and you have no faith. the bible says my people perish from lack of knowledge and if you have no fath you have nothing. this has aborted fetus cells in it. do your research on that they manipulate you that take one strain of a boys aborted 9 month fetus cell from the 90 or the lady who regenerates cell they take both boths just a strain and make something new so they legally can keep it out but, its still aborted cells. the bible is also clear about drinking blood and putting it in your body. this has moneky brains octopus in it and all kinds of stuff. you are spreading lies and killing people and making people sin and live in fear and not putting god fist. the bible speaks of buying and selling being used in the last days as a means of forcning compliance and that by babylons magic strongs 5331 pharmekia (from which we get the word pharmacy) the administration of drugs, medications and spells. the nations of the earth will all be led astray. please repent

  5. Para sakin Having Vaccinated and faith on God is a big help on us..Lalo na sa Case namin dito sa Manila..Nung Una dami ng ayaw sa Vaccine pero nung Nagpa vaccinate na ang lahat at dumami ang guatomg mapabakunahan bumaba ang case ng Covid here samin kaya napakalaking Success satin tong lahat..Hope na maging okay na ang lahat. At matapos na ang Pandemyang ito

  6. Kaya malaking tulong talaga ang vaccine at samahan ng dasal para matapos na pandemya tulungan.natin ang bawat isa upang makaahon tayo sa sitwasyong ating kinakaharap.

  7. Naniniwala din ako Mommy Sig na napakalaking tulong satin ang vaccine para malabanan ang Covid-19. Kahit hindi ma-aassure na fully protected tayo, pero will help to lessen the side effects of this virus. Mahalaga din na samahan ng dasal at malakas pananalig sa Diyos sa mga panahon na ganito. Naniniwala ako na nasa Diyos ang awa. Pero kailangan din natin gumawa ng paraan para makaiwas sa sakit na kinahaharap natin ngayon.

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