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The Advantages of Being a Sun Life Financial Advisor


Be a Sun Life Financial Advisor

Learn how being a Sun Life Financial Advisor can help you and your family. It will not only teach you sound financial principles but also help you earn well. And you can earn while working at home.

Be a Sun Life Financial Advisor

Work Hard and Work Smart

Working hard to make ends meet? We definitely do all those stuff just to provide for the needs of our family. And possibly, for some of their wants as well.

But being a full-time employee won’t make that possible, most especially if the nature of the job demands for attention and focus. You end up with a salary, which sadly, is not enough to cover your family’s growing needs.

Considering that you need extra income, this is where the real challenge surfaces. So this is what this post is all about – achieving a work-life balance and earning at the same time.

Sun Life Financial Philippines Forum 

Last July 28, 2018, Sun Life Financial Philippines had a forum that tackled about insurance as a whole. They also discussed the benefits of becoming a Sun Life Financial Advisor.

It targets every interested and determined individual who would like to excel in this field. At the same time, the company also wants to touch every person’s lives by helping them manage their financial goals.

Why Sun Life?

Sun Life has been serving millions of people for more than a century already. Imagine, it has survived two world wars. And despite that, its business in the country had remained to help many Filipinos achieve financial freedom.

Ranked 83rd, Sun Life is the only Filipino insurance company that belongs to the top 100 in Asia. This further proves its financial stability. As the company grows, the demand of its people to help spread the business’ advocacy increases as well. This is where financial advisors get into the picture.

Perks of being an Advisor

And today, I am happy to share to you that when you become part of Sun Life team, you get to earn a lot. Plus, you get the following perks:

  • Flexibility – Sun Life wants to offer a work-life balance for its people. This is where the flexibility comes in; you get to work at your convenient time. You are a freelancer, so there are no fixed schedules. As long as you are happy to work at your preferred time, then you can make that happen.
  • Earn more – becoming a Sun Life financial advisor gives you the freedom to earn much more than you usually earn from working as an employee. And yes, sky is the limit!
  • Huge Market Potential – Today’s insurance penetration nationwide is only 2%. This gives you the opportunity to grow your business and help people at the same time.
  • A place to work – office spaces are offered, too. Just like employees, you get to have your own space for being an advisor for the brand.
  • Sales tools are offered – laptops, projectors, advertiser’s portal, and more are offered for free!
  • Support – when you startup, Sun Life offers its support to help you make your way to success. This includes training for professional development, facilitation of government and regulatory licenses, and advertising and promotion.

How Do I Earn?

Earning in this field is by commission. You get earn from new businesses opened and also for renewals. What’s interesting about becoming a Sun Life financial advisor is that when you hit certain parameters, you get rewarded and earned bonuses.

Be a Sun Life Financial Advisor

Unlike working in a corporate world, bonuses at Sun Life are given monthly. Here are some of the bonuses:

  • An all-expense paid trip to both local and international destinations
  • Gift certificates
  • Cars
  • Gadgets
  • Sun Life merchandise

Plus, you get the chance to be invited at the Annual awards and power dress during the event. It is held in Manila every year! All these can be younrs Provided you perform well and you become one of those on top, the more perks you get from the company.

Career Growth

It doesn’t stop there.Career growth is focused in this field as well. If they see potential in you, you don’t stay as financial advisor for life. You get promoted to a position you deserve. From being a financial advisor, you can get promoted to become a manager, then to a unit manager, then sales manager until you become a business manager.

Yes, you read it right. Because at Sun Life, you don’t just enjoy commissions and earn. But you can also experience fun and growth.

These are all offered if you become a Sun Life Financial Advisor. You can be like Mr. Don Ursal – one of the speakers of the night — who started as a BPO employee. He became a financial advisor and is now a manager candidate. He is also a member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT).

Join Now!

If this is something you are looking forward to becoming, then head over the nearest Sun Life office. Or you can visit Sun Life’s website at You can follow them on FB as well. Click HERE.


10 thoughts on “The Advantages of Being a Sun Life Financial Advisor

  1. My cousin too is a Sun life insurance advisor and he keeps telling me that people need to be educated about the need for all kind of insurances. This is one such in the right direction!

  2. My mom is a Sunlife advisor and I can say that this is the best insurance company in the country. The way on how the investment on their people to become the best financial advisors is remarkable.

  3. These are good career prospects at Sun Life, especially for women. Being a financial advisor sure has a lot of benefits. Glad that many are taking advantage of it in Manila and in other parts of the country.

  4. Flexible work is always a good thing to have as then you can fit it in between life. It’s great that there’s a lot of scope to earn being a Sun Life financial advisor. People who are very outgoing and like selling will really enjoy this job. Introverts, however, would not enjoy this. x

  5. This was an interesting post indeed. This job sounds enjoyable and it has some really great benefits. No wonder many people would like to become a Sun life Financial advisor.

  6. That sounds like a very good career opportunity and path. You have explained everything so nicely about being a Sun Life financial advisor, good job done!

  7. Good insight. The flexibility of being a Sun Life financial advisor is one part i think i like the most. Gives room for a lot of other things to do. Will look more into this.

  8. Looks like a kind of fun job to have and the ability to help others out there is amazing. Being a Sun Life Financial advisor sounds like a fun and relaxing way to help other people and make money at the same time.

  9. Freelancing is a great way to maintain a balance in our life but it is a not so easy task… but in the end we are on our own.. It’s nice that Sun Life offers you such flexibility. Cheers!

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