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7 Things to Let Go for a Better Life


“Let it go!” “Let it go!” We belt that famous song from Frozen the first movie when Ice Queen Elsa lets go of the societal pressures in order to embrace who she is. It had been the anthem of many as they gradually realized their value in many aspects of life. If there are still some things holding you back, here are 7 things to let go of from your life and experience better mental health.

Live Better, Sleep Better: 7 Things to Let Go for a Better Life

In our world of modern conveniences, it’s actually ironic to realize that we are more stressed than ever. We work ourselves too hard, sacrifice hours of sleep, with stress taking its toll on our minds, bodies, and even spirits.

But that’s not all. There are certain things that we live with, some because of nurture or trauma, but the bottom line is, these are adding to our stress.

While life has its ups and downs, wouldn’t you like to have some of these burdens to be lifted off your shoulders? Here are 7 things to let go of that could greatly improve your quality of life.

Self-rejection and negative self-talk

People experience rejection from other people in varying degrees and at different points in life. But there is nothing worse than self-rejection. Even if others will reject you, do not EVER reject yourself. You are one and unique, and you have a purpose to fulfill.

It is the same with negative self-talk. Demeaning words can humiliate and destroy other people–these can also have the same negative effects on yourself. STOP. Instead, look in the mirror and encourage yourself. You are WORTHY.

Criticizing others

Social media enabled us to connect with our family and friends and update them of happenings in our lives in real-time. But based on comments, we have seen how people can be savage with their criticisms, even towards their friends and family members. “You have gained so much weight.” You are a trying-hard model.” “Maybe you need a new stylist.” Do you know that I was cyberbullied by another breastfeeding mom on Instagram?

Those are among the tamer ones.

~ The world can do with a little less hate. ~

The problem is, criticism is a two-way street. Criticizing others will hit you back, especially when you do it on social media. Karma is digital, as they say. Moreover, also degrades your character, poisons your mind, and destroys your spirit. If you have friends on social media who are also very critical, it is best to unfollow their feed for your peace of mind.

Being a people pleaser

In our culture, we were raised to please our elders and other persons of authority. We were also taught to be polite and cater to people asking for favors. While all of these are good, they can reach a point of toxicity. There are times that we should say no so that we won’t spread ourselves thin. It protects our bodies, our mental health, and also our resources. And as moms, saying no to other people might mean more quality time to spend with your children.

Fear of failure

There will be times that we will fail. You may cry, but learn to move on. If we stay afraid, we won’t take even calculated risks and not be able to move forward.


Many people tend to put off tasks that they can do, as there is still time to stall. However, things happen, like bad weather, brownouts, and so many other things. That’s what they call “when sh*t hits the ceiling fan.” The situation will make us panic and stressed.

Holding on grudges

As we live our lives, many people will come and go. And a lot of them will leave scars, big or small. Let go of the grudges through forgiveness. It doesn’t mean that you forget the offense, it just means that you have released yourself from the burden of bitterness and hate.

Expecting perfection

Nothing is perfect. Your life, your husband, your kids, your parents, your friends. Your dream job will have its down moments when another overtakes your promotion. That dream home might have its disasters–including bad neighbors.

The sooner you accept that life is not perfect, the more level-headed you will become in dealing with problems.

Is there anything among this list of 7 things to let go that you need to work on? Maybe you should as we start to live with COVID-19 in this new normal. It will be better for our state of mind.


5 thoughts on “7 Things to Let Go for a Better Life

  1. I agree with all of this. Let go of the things that won’t help you to move forward. You must accept that each of everyone had different strengths and weakness. No one is perfect. You must love/ accept yourself first and the rest will follow. Life is short. Always choose to be happy.

    1. Yes agree with this,let go of the things or people for your peace of mind.Accept your flaws and learn to love yourself first.

  2. Agree po ako sa lahat Ng ito. Para mas maging Masaya at simple lang Buhay. Piliin nating sumunod lang sa agos ng Buhay,let go of the past Wala na rin namang maidudulot na maganda Kung Hanggang ngayun eh namumuhay pa din tayu sa kahapon.

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