Modern Transportation: How Biking Beats Driving


Comparing the average speed of a bicycle with the typical speed in a passenger vehicle seems like a no-brainer. After all, the car is powered by a combustion engine, while most cycles can travel a maximum of 15 miles per hour. You’re probably not surprised to hear that biking has some key advantages over driving. Yes, biking beats driving on many levels. But how? Commuters may want to consider a few points while pondering the “bike or drive” decision. 

Biking Beats Driving: Assessing Time and Money Costs

In truth, driving may not reduce your total commute time. Stop-and-go traffic moves slower than on freeways without congestion. There are also the hassles of finding parking, depending on where you live and work. Other major factors include your vehicle’s fuel consumption plus its contribution to CO2 emissions.

Cycling releases only 16 grams of CO2 per kilometer versus 271 grams generated for each passenger vehicle. Also, bikes tend to have a one-off initial cost of purchasing, whereas cars need to be serviced. Looking for the best bike for you, whether that’s Carbon Handmade in Colorado bikes or something else, will be a great investment! 

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~ Fuel prices are so high that it is best to consider alternatives to driving. ~

Finally, you should look at the price tag of driving. The average commuter spends about $3,000 on gas per year plus about $0.09 per mile on maintenance expenses. The bottom line: biking to work is cheaper, eco-friendlier, and less stressful than commuting by car. Even if you get a new bicycle through Affirm bike financing, your monthly payments are far less than for an auto lease or loan. 

4 Ways To Speed Up Your Commute

Traveling to work by bike offers many benefits. Like other commuters, you want your trips to be as fast and efficient as possible. A few tips can help you achieve this goal:

  • Choose a lighter-weight bike that fits your body. 
  • Structure your ride with alternating speedy and moderately-paced intervals.
  • Eat an easily digestible meal with complex carbs about three hours before your ride. 
  • Keep up with regular maintenance on your bike.

Electric Bikes Are a Game-Changer

So, you’re almost sold on biking to work but you want to travel faster than a standard two-wheeler. Or you don’t want to roll into work with sweat under your arms. That’s perfectly understandable. Fortunately, there’s an ideal solution: an assist hybrid electric bicycle. E-bikes provide more power by adding a battery-powered motor to a standard bike construction. Depending on your needs, you can use the motor to do all the pedaling for you or get a little extra boost to go uphill. 

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~ Many people opt to take their bikes to get to their workplace. ~

Many e-bike models such as the EVRYJourney 250W amp up the pedaling power with their rear-hub motors. These typically come in 250-watt and 500-watt editions that offer both full pedaling power and pedal assist modes. When considering a bike’s speed, look at the specs for both modes. Don’t forget to look at the battery capacity — that signifies how far you can travel on a full charge in each mode.

Leveling Up Your Commute 

There’s no doubt that bicycling can improve your commute. You enjoy cost savings, lower emissions and fewer headaches when compared to driving. And with a wide range of models to choose from like the Around the Block bike, you can easily find an affordable bike that fits your body and comfort needs. 


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  1. Mas malaki talaga ang matitipid sa pag bibike, lalo na at apaka mahal ng gasolina. Ako kapag may ppuntahan, kalapit brgy.mga ganun nag babike lang talaga ako. Plus na eexercise pa ung katawan ako

  2. Laking tulong at tipid talaga ng pagba-bike. Laking tipid nito compared sa mga de-gasolinang sasakyan, lalo na sa panahon ngayon na nagtaasan ang presyo ng gasolina. Nakakatulong din ang pagba-bike sa pagpapalakas ng ating buto-buto at katawan, isa ito sa mga mabisang ehersisyo. Napakalaking tulong din ng pagba-bike upang makabawas ng polusyon na dala ng usok sa mga de makinang sasakyan.

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