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5 Tips to Help You Shop Wisely at the Shopee 8.8 Mega Flash Sale


If you’re an online shopping newbie, or maybe an occasional shopper who struggles to navigate e-commerce platforms, then this article is for you. You are probably wondering what flash deals are. On Shopee, flash deals are limited-time price drops, available in limited quantities. In fact, you get some of the biggest discounts when you shop flash deals. And during the Shopee 8.8 Mega Flash Sale, a lot of these flash deals can go for as low as ₱8!

Shop Wisely at the Shopee 8.8 Mega Flash Sale

At Shopee 8.8 Mega Flash Sale, which runs until August 8, you can enjoy not just flash deals, but also free shipping, themed sales, cash back, and more. Before you start shopping, check out the tips below so you can maximize and enjoy your shopping experience with these tips. If you are a budget-conscious mom like me, then these tips will help you keep tabs on limited-time offers.

Keep tabs on Daily Flash Deals 

God to your Shopee homepage and click the Flash Deals tab. Scroll through the products to find the best deals of the day. Check out the Colgate-Palmolive Deals for the Shopee 8.8 Mega Flash Sale

On this page, you can also see the items scheduled for flash deals. Press “Remind Me” to receive a notification once your desired flash deal goes live.

Additionally, you can check out Mall Flash Deals for deals from your favorite brands. You can also check your preferred sellers or brands’ pages for items that are up for flash sales soon. Wait for bigger flash deals to drop daily from midnight to 2:00 AM. 

Add to cart in advance

Before any big sale, make it a habit to add the items you want to buy to your shopping cart. That is what my husband and I do. This saves you precious time and helps you avoid running out of that item you’ve had on your wishlist for some time! Once the clock strikes midnight, you can check out your items, hassle-free. 

Check for free shipping

Free shipping makes online shopping so much more enjoyable and helps us to save some more. To get your money’s worth, don’t forget to claim your free shipping vouchers before you check out.

Simply, head on over to Free Shipping on your Shopee homepage to check when new free shipping vouchers drop. 

Schedule your shopping sprees accordingly

Set reminders for themed sales such as Shopee Mall Sale. Indeed, there are flash deals for all kinds of shoppers to enjoy. Make sure you’re ready to add to cart immediately so you don’t miss out! 

Adding to cart does not mean your family budget is ruined because you do not have to proceed with your purchase. However, in case you decide on your items, you can easily check them out.

Use ShopeePay for more deals

Top up your ShopeePay wallet through your debit card and other convenient channels to enjoy more exclusive deals such as free shipping with a minimum spend of ₱199. You can also get 15% cashback, ShopeePay ₱1 Deals, ₱10 worth of data for only ₱1, and up to 25% cashback on Bills Payment. You can also get 20% cashback when you Scan to Pay with ShopeePay for your cash-on-delivery (COD) orders with your ShopeeXpress rider. 

To discover more about flash deals, visit Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.


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