4 Reasons Renting a Crib Mattress Isn’t the Best Idea


Renting a Crib Mattress for Babies

For new parents, it seems like a great idea to rent some pre-loved baby gear instead of purchasing them outright. After all, they will only be needed for a short time and then there will no longer be a use for it. This is especially true for big items. It seems like a great to go renting a crib mattress and other big stuff.

renting a crib mattress
You can rent big baby stuff, but renting a crib mattress should not be an option.

It may be fine to rent a few things here and there, such as walkers, strollers, high chairs, or cribs. But renting a crib mattress should be a no-go for anyone looking to give their baby the safest night’s rest.

Babies Need a Proper Night’s Rest

Using the right crib mattress plays a significant role in ensuring the baby’s proper night’s rest. There’s no telling how long a rented item may have been used. This could mean a decrease in firmness and effectiveness for sleep.

Choosing a brand new mattress is especially important so that it has the right firmness and is adequate for babies who need the support. Moonlight Slumber offers premium sleeping products, including crib mattresses, that come performance tested. Different options even come with temperature control to keep baby comfortable and sleeping longer.

Babies Catch Germs Quickly

Some rental companies may do an excellent job at fully cleaning and sanitizing the crib mattresses they offer.

However, there is really no way to tell before seeing the items that they’ve actually been cleaned. Most parents wouldn’t want a pre-loved mattress due to the possibility of the spread of bacteria. Babies can really be messy.

With leaked diapers, spit up, and spilled bottles happening in most infants, the majority of baby mattresses are full of germs. The filth gets leaked through the sheets unto the mattress and have been left to fester. And it’s true even with there is baby bedding. And then, of course, there’s the issue of dust mites.

Purchasing a brand new mattress is the safest option so that parents know and trust that their baby is not sleeping next to germs. It helps prevent them from getting sick, which is important since babies have an immature immune system.

Quality of Equipment Diminishes

Over time, the quality of equipment diminishes. If it’s been used by even one baby before, there’s a good chance that crib mattress won’t work as well now.

Renting a crib mattress is almost sure to have a lower quality level? It’s better to buy a new mattress that’s high quality and sell later rather than giving back a used rental for convenience.

Even if your baby is the first one to get the item, it just means you’re giving it back used for another baby to get. They would then be receiving a lower quality item that you wanted to avoid for yourself and your child.

Keeping the Crib for Sentimental Reasons

Some parents prefer to keep their baby items, even something as big as a crib. They hold sentimental value and parents don’t want to part with them. It is happiness for them to collect baby items. It can be like a family tradition. Having to return the item because it was a rental could be difficult in some cases.

Many parents and grandparents even keep things so they can be passed down to the next child in the family Those that do want to do this, though, should at least be sure to change out the mattress, and check that the crib still meets all safety protocols for the time it’s being used.

renting a crib mattress
Adults would like new mattresses for themselves. The babies should also be extended that comfort.

Most adults wouldn’t rent mattresses for themselves. They don’t know who has slept on it in the past and whether any germs or even insects have been trapped inside. It’s no different for a baby. Choosing a brand new mattress is really the only option to consider.

While other baby rentals may work fine, such as a walker that only gets used for a short time, renting a crib mattress is not a good idea. It is best to purchase a new one to ensure the baby’s safety and quality sleep.

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14 thoughts on “4 Reasons Renting a Crib Mattress Isn’t the Best Idea

  1. I get why people would rent a crib mattress, but I agree with you. Babies get all kinds of nasty stuff in their cribs and not all of it would be cleaned out properly. Better safe than sorry with sick little one!

  2. OK this is a handy tip, I am 5 months pregnant and need to start getting all of these things sorted, especially that crib and mattress!

  3. This is a really useful article. I am sure this is going to help a lot of new parents out in deciding where to buy or rent a crib mattress.

  4. I never really put thought into renting a crib mattress … I think you have valid points to NOT rent a crib mattress… Yes, babies catch everything under the sun and they need sleep, not just for their health but so the parents can rest ; )

  5. I have always been very cautious in choosing baby stuff. I would not even think of renting a crib mattress. Those things supposed to be new. Babies are still building their immune system and to expose them to possible germs and viruses at a very young age will be detrimental to their health.

  6. I have never heard about this new trend but hoping people do not follow through with renting a crib mattress, I mean with so many cheap shops this days you can just get a simple one but at least new!

  7. Kahit naman ako.. I dont think so na mag rent ng crib.. I would rather buy a new one kesa sa rented one for the sake of my baby mas gusto ko pa bumili ng bago na lang.

  8. The news for me was that a baby mattress can be rented!
    Of course, this should not be done. The mattress must be new and only new!

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