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Valentine’s Gifts for Our Girls 2018


So it’s Valentine’s Day once again. And hubby and I make it a point to give a little something for our daughters on this day. It has become our family tradition. Here’s why.

Valentine’s Gifts for our Little Girls

Valentines Day for the kids - Valentines gift for kids - flowers for Valentines
Our kilig little princesses with the king of our home.

Every Valentine’s Day for many years now, Papa gives something to his little girls. We give them flowers, fresh or plastic, and whatever cute thing that we can find. I am in on it, too. Since I am not really one who asks to be treated on Valentine’s, we make it a point to plan together to treat out girls instead.

Affordable Valentine’s Gifts

But this year, I wasn’t so prepared. I got so busy since last month and I arrived almost midnight of February 13 after an overnight trip to Manila.

Since I help the husband with this effort, this morning, we went out early to look for something for the kids. A lot of the local jaunts that we went to for affordable Valentine’s stuff have already ran out. Apparently, others prepared early this year.

Finally, we settled on two long-stemmed red roses from a local store because the girls like playing with plastic flowers. The plastic roses looked real and they only cost us P25 apiece.

Valentines Day for the kids - Valentines gift for kids - flowers for Valentines
Look at Achi Dindin’s kilig smile.

The kids include these flowers in their play set ups with their toys, so it was a good gift to them. Then Papa also decided on heart doughnuts by Dunkin Donuts. Three pieces of heart doughnuts in special boxes was only P45. We bought three boxes and it came with a little plastic rose.

So for a total of P185, we already made our little girls kilig for Valentine’s Day.

Why Do We Do This

You might say that giving Valentine’s gifts to little girls is not necessary. Some may say with contempt, “gastos lang yan (just added expense)!” But why do we do it? Why do we go out of our way to treat out little girls?

  • They are special. We want our girls to feel special. Of course, we do that everyday, but wouldn’t it be nice to do a special gesture once a year when the rest of the world is celebrating Valentine’s Day?
  • First love. We want Dindin and Shane to receive their first flowers from Papaโ€“the first man in their life. We want them to know how it feels to receive flowers from a man, before any boy comes along. That way, they would not feel overly kilig over the wrong person just because they were given flowers. If they are already used to it, there will be less youthful novelty to it, unless of course, the gesture is done when they are already mature enough to understand the meaning.
  • Looking to the future. Papa wants to show the girls how they should be treated by the future men in their lives. We know that sooner or later, admirers would start appearing in our consciousness because the girls will not be little forever. In this manner, we are indirectly teaching them to expect nothing less in their future relationships. They should be valued, loved, and respected.
  • No pressure. In this day and age of social media where everything is posted online especially on Valentine’s Day, we want the girls to be secure because they have already experienced being loved and being given special treatment at home–whether or not a boy sends them some attention.
Valentines Day for the kids - Valentines gift for kids - flowers for Valentines
Siobe had such a cute reaction when her Papa gave her a flower and doughnuts.

Since I just came back from Manila, I also brought them a pasalubong — a set of Shopkins Season 8 – World Vacation –  Americas. They are already very happy.

How Long Will We Be Doing This

I think we will continue doing this as long as we are able to. There is really no stopping to loving our kids, is there? ๐Ÿ™‚

What Did Siobe Do With the Flowers

So finally, what did Shane do with the flowers? Later this afternoon, she called me to the other room and said we were going camping. We sat on the bed and she handed me one of the roses. She set up a makeshift stove in front of us and said, “Let’s roast marshmallows.” hahahahah

And oh, she loved the doughnuts best of all. hahaha Valentine’s or not, she’s still a kid after all! ๐Ÿ˜€

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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