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Top 25 Energy-Saving Tips at Home To Save on Electricity Bills


Avoid high electricity bills now and conserve your hard-earned peso. There are plenty of clever energy-saving tips to prevent your electricity costs from increasing. You don’t have to cut down on using your appliances or always live in the dark. These are impractical and inconvenient. If you just know the right things to do, you can save heaps on your monthly utility bills without compromising the quality of your daily life.

Easy to Do Energy-Saving Tips

Check out these 25 energy-saving tips to save electricity bills at home. We have done some of them.

  1. Purchase energy-efficient appliances.
  2. Turn off lights when not in use.
  3. Replace your lights with LED or CFL.
  4. Utilize natural lighting whenever possible.
  5. Always clean the filters.
  6. Keep your windows air-sealed (when air-conditioning is on).
  7. Open your windows (when air-conditioning is off).
  8. Defrost your fridge regularly.
  9. Keep your appliances clean.
  10. Unplug unused electronics.
  11. Upgrade your old appliances.
  12. Make use of the timer feature.
  13. Air dry your clothes.
  14. Control the temperature of your air conditioning.
  15. Regulate your fridge’s temperature.
  16. Make use of blinds and curtains to keep the heat out.
  17. Maximize the weight load of your washing machine.
  18. Shut down your computers after work.
  19. Turn on the range hood and exhaust for better insulation.
  20. Don’t leave the fridge door open.
  21. Adjust the brightness of your TVs and monitors.
  22. Don’t peek into appliances when cooking (such as microwave, oven, and rice cooker).
  23. Wash your dishes by hand.
  24. Dim or turn off your lights whenever applicable.
  25. Place your lights where it reflects the most.
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~ During the day, open the windows to let the fresh air in. Meanwhile, heavy curtains keep the heat from the sun out so the aircon won’t have to work hard when you turn it on. ~

How much can I save on my electricity bills?

Now, the big question is still, how much will you really be able to save with all these measures?

Although these energy-saving tips can greatly decrease your electricity costs, your final bill still depends on your usage. The time you used on different household appliances can also play a big part in your electricity costs. They can eat a huge chunk of your monthly family budget, so it’s important to monitor your usage.

What are Energy-efficient appliances?

Energy-efficient is a broad term and its meaning can vary greatly. Generally, energy-efficient appliances work similarly to regular appliances, but they consume less power and electricity. Even in the same settings, energy-efficient appliances will cost less because of their newer technology and components.

Why get energy-efficient appliances as a first-time homeowner?

First-time homeowners have to deal with a lot of expenses — from purchasing the house to making necessary customizations in the interiors. Your first months in your new home is a crucial time when it comes to your expenses. Whatever you can save will be really helpful for you as you try to achieve your family goals.

On top of all these energy-saving tips to save on electricity bills, buy an affordable house located in a strategic location. For this, you can trust BellaVita! Their houses are Sakto sa Budget, Sakto Sa’yo!

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  1. Thank you for sharing all the tips mamsh. Sa panahon ngayon, kelangan na talaga magtipid dahil narin sa hirap na sitwasyon😘

  2. Thank you for all the tips to save on electricity bills, since Pandemic I don’t know why but all my bills are on a hike! and it’s depressing. I’m so glad that I saw your blog, Thanks!

  3. Thanks for sharing tipid tips mommy sigrid..Sa panahon ngaun kailangan talagang magtipid ng kuryente..tapos wala pang income haisst

  4. Thank you Po Mommy for sharing this 25 Energy Tips. Nowadays kailangan po tlaga natin magtipid. SA kuryente, Tubig at sa pag gastos Ng pera sa mga bilihin. Pero iisipin ko palang na magtipid SA pagbili nakaka panghina na Ang mga presyo Ng mga bilihin. Lumalaki na pamilya po namin Kaya lumalaki na Rin gastos.. hoping someday makabalik ba po ako sa Dati Kong trabaho😊

  5. This is what we need nowadays especially summer,we spend more time inside our home because of the pandemic,we will absolutely apply it in our home

  6. This is one of the reason why I love reading your blog post momsh, there’s so much to learn about. You’re giving us so much helpful tips that we can apply in our everyday life & needs. Thankyou.

  7. Thank you for sharing these helpful tips para mas makatipid. Laking tulong nito lalo na’t lahat ay nagtaasan at nagmahalan na ngayon. We will definitely apply these tips at home.

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