Tips to Prevent the Spread of Omicron in Your Community


After the people denying COVID-19 and the anti-vaxxers, we now have a sub-group—people who think that the pandemic has ended. Sorry to say this, folks, but the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, with the virus finding ways to stay relevant despite inoculations and safety precautions. Currently, we are dealing with the Omicron variant, and here are some of the most general tips to prevent the spread of Omicron in our community.


Yes, there has been a lull in Covid positive cases in the country, thanks mainly to the fast vaccination rollout.

Despite the many warnings of doctors and health practitioners, people have become complacent. Weddings, birthday parties, face-to-face meetings, reunions among family and friends have been well-documented in social media.

Medical experts are saying: Meet up but don’t eat so you don’t have to take off your mask. As if people really listen. And there are yet others who wear masks with open mouths so that when they can eat. When they speak, their spittle can still spread everywhere. Ugh. This is not high school where getting away with breaking a few rules makes you popular. That selfish act is endangering the whole community, especially the elderly and immuno-compromised.

Prevent the Spread of Omicron in Your City

With that said, here we go back to the basics. Omicron is another variant or mutation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that has been causing the worldwide pandemic. It is also a virus and it spread pretty quickly.

So far, we have proven and effective ways to stay safe. So here are the same tips to prevent the spread of Omicron in your community—wherever you are.

Tips to Stay Safe and Prevent the Spread of Omicron

Basically, the things that we have done in the past are pretty much the same things that can keep us safe. Prevent the spread of Omicron with these simple safety protocols. The World Health Organization is telling us to do whatever it takes.

Wear your face masks properly.

Face masks should be worn whenever you are talking to other people if you are not from the same household. You can also do this if your housemate is potentially exposed (i.e. healthcare workers or those who work in places that deal with a lot of people).

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~ Do not tempt fate. When out and about, wear your face masks properly–covering the nose and the mouth. ~

The face mask should fit the face snugly and cover the nose and mouth. This may seem simple but also a very effective way to prevent spreading viruses, including common colds and flu.

Avoid large crowds and dining with other people.

People have missed gatherings, but let’s face it. Gatherings like parties, conventions and other meetings where people eat together are super-spreader events.

Doctors recommend meeting people and having conversations, but there should be no taking off of masks. So, they say that the best thing to do is not to meet over a meal. It sounds horrible but crucial in this pandemic.

Wash hands frequently.

The washing of hands with soap and running water is a very effective way to clean the hands, especially if you are outside. However, if a lavatory with soap and water is not available, use sanitizer.

Avoid touching parts of the face.

If we are outside, avoid touching parts of your face with your hands, especially if you haven’t washed them. Remember to always keep your face mask on.

Get vaccinated.

Our largest protection against viral infections would still be getting vaccinated against Covid-19. It is the easiest and most practical way because even infections can happen, vaccines lessen the possibility of hospitalization and other severe complications, especially death. Last time, I have written about the practical benefits of getting vaccinated against Covid-19. If you are qualified to take the jab, please get it for everyone’s sake…and yours.

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~ Our eldest daughter Shawna got her first dose of the Covid vaccine last December 2021. She is 12 years old. ~

Health experts agree that the slow rollout of vaccines or the unavailability in poor countries has led to the mutation of the virus.

Keep your immunity up.

We also need to stay healthy. The basics about boosting immunity would be to eat nutritious food, maintain physical activity every day, get enough sleep, and also have enough sun exposure.

Moreover, we need food supplements to complete our body’s nutritional requirements because food alone would never be enough. Aside from multivitamins, we would do well with an extra dose of Vitamin C with Zinc daily, which we can find in Bewell-C Zinc Protect. It has been well-documented that both nutrients work synergistically to boost our immunity.

As these are water-soluble, you should have a daily dose.

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~ In the past, food supplements are not being taken seriously. Healthy people do not feel the need for them. But in this pandemic, these are now considered necessities and often go out of stock. ~

When You Feel Sick

If you feel like you are coming down with something, even if it’s just a common cold or sore throat, get yourself tested. Or at the very least, isolate yourself from family members. Additionally, do not go out to report for work or buy something anymore and risk infecting somebody else.

Cooperative Effort

It takes so many things to combat this worldwide pandemic. The world is not yet cleared, so let’s not be complacent. Remember, we cannot see our enemy. Stay safe and think of others. Let’s protect each other.

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19 thoughts on “Tips to Prevent the Spread of Omicron in Your Community

  1. Thank you for this very informative topic mommy. I totally agree to “Stay safe and think of others. Let’s protect each other.”

  2. We really need to follow health protocols to help prevent the spread of Covid kaya self-discipline is also a key. Bukod sa pagiging malinis at pagsunod sa mga health protocols, kailangan din nating suportahan ang ang ating katawan para malabanan ang virus at sickness kaya need din nating mag-take ng supplements lalo na ang Vitamin C. At maganda nga itong Bewell C affordable at non-acidic pa. Thank for this knowledge mama.

  3. Yes mommy Sig, as the new year enter most of us got sick. Some tested positive for covid19. Maybe people had been complacent, going to parties everywhere and gatherings. Now there is another variant of Covid-19 and is spreading quickly. We need to double our defense and safety against Omicron virus. Stay at home, always follow proper protocol, and most of all we have to boost our immune system. Must have this Bewell C Zinc protection against viruses.Thank you for sharing this mommy 💟

  4. Thanks for the tips Mommy Sig. This post is so helpful and informative. Let’s protect each other by following health protocols to prevent the spread of Omicron variant. And also, alagaan din natin ang ating kalusugan lalo na sa panahon ngayon. Thankfully my Bewell-C na makakatulong satin upang mapalakas ang ating immune system. Must have supplement talaga ang Bewell-C.

  5. Agree Ako sa another set of people who think that COVID is over. Sobrang easypeasy na talaga Ang karamihan ng mga tao. Party dito, party dun. Crowd everywhere. Tsssk kakalungkot lang.

    Thanks for the tips mommy! Very important talaga na mga reminder from time to time para lagi nating naalala Ang dapat nating gawin Lalo sa public places.

    1. As in! may customer kami sa store na nagalit bakit ayaw pa daw namin magpapasok sa store eh tapos na daw pandemic. Hay ewan!

  6. Thank u for sharing the tips mommy.. tlgang sa panahon ngayon need natin mag doble ingat lalo mabilis mkahawa ang omicron need natin palakasin pa ang ating resistensya..

  7. Thank you for sharing tips Mommy Sig on how to prevent this New Variant of Virus.Take note ko lahat ng ito Mommy Para sa Kaligtasan ng Family ko.

  8. Thank you for sharing tips Mommy Sig on how to prevent this New Variant of Virus.Take note ko lahat ng ito Mommy Para sa Kaligtasan ng Family ko.
    Super Laking tulong Talaga ng Vitamins Like Bewell C

  9. Keep safe always and always pray. Prevention is always better than cure. Always follow the government and health protocols. Stay at home kung Wala namang important na gagawin sa labas .

  10. me too . kelangan talaga ntin na protektado tayo kaya magpavaccine at uminum ng vitamins araw araw like bewellc pra maboost ang ating immune system may panlaban sa kumakalat na covid

  11. Thanks for sharing this mommy sig. Stop the spreading of covid. Nakakatakot na talaga, lalo na para sa mga bata. Maging healthy tayo sa mga binibigay na pagkain, at sundin ang health protocols lara maiwasan. Mag take ng vitamins at magpa vaxx na. Stay safe & stay healthy po.

  12. Actually lahat ng namention niyo Mommy Sig ay dpat talagang sundin at gawin. Dibale ng OA wag lang kapitan ng sakit kaso ang nangyayari ngaun sobrang worst na. Kaya a must talagang masunod lahat maiwasan lang magkasakit.

  13. Thanks for always reminding us how to stay safe lalo na ngaun nakakalimot na ata ang iba.. kaya dapat mag pavaccine narin talaga ang lahat

  14. After 2 years now we know what to do. And after 10 months of vaccination roll out, we now know how to live with this virus. Best case scenario is we will get back to normal. If not, at least we know how to stay safe. Just hoping that even though many are still unvaccinated, there will be no more more dangerous mutations.

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