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Is Your Home Clean and Safe for the New Year?


Last year, the pandemic stole our Christmas. It was as if the COVID-19 virus was the Grinch. While things have indeed improved, people are starting to become complacent. We are not out of danger yet, as the pandemic is still a threat. While we can’t do much about other people, we can make our home clean and safe for the New Year. Here are some ways to do it.

Tips to Keep Our Home Clean and Safe for 2022

We might be feeling safer but the Philippines is still not out of danger brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. So while yes, it does not mean that we need to let our guards down since the sickness-causing virus still lurks around.  

Aside from continuously following health protocols, what can you do to make your home free from COVID-19 and other germs? Here are some tips as listed by Pine-Sol, a trusted cleaner for the home since 1929. These will help keep your home clean and safe so you can have a merry, worry-free, and Pine-tastic new year. 

Start to declutter 

There’s nothing that feels homier than a house that is organized. That means no dirty dishes in the kitchen, no traces of shoe dirt on your walkway, no dirty laundry on the floor, and no random food wrappers around.  

Moreover, there is such a thing as indoor pollution with all the clutter we have lying around. Indoor air quality will greatly improve if you throw the many things that you and your family have accumulated over the years.

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~ No matter how small, your room will look big after your have remove unnecessary things. ~

So, unleash your inner Marie Kondo, and start tidying your space as the first step to make your home clean. Also, be sure to throw away the garbage. Remember, less mess and more open spaces mean less stress. 

Wipe down your home 

Regularly cleaning your home after welcoming guests reduces the risk of spreading the virus. This is also applicable when you have grown-ups who work outside the house or have to go out to do errands.

A mixture of water and Pine-Sol Original, the No.1 pine-scented dilutable cleaner, will do the trick. Always remember to clean the places that your guests visit at your home or the areas that you pass by frequently.  

As it has no rinsing requirement except for rubber or asphalt tile, you can just wipe down your entryway, floors, tables, kitchen countertops, bathrooms, doorknobs, windows, and other high-touch surfaces. While it powerfully cleans your home and is safe on surfaces, it also deodorizes terrible odors. The light mixture gives the home a fresh and longer-lasting pine fragrance to enjoy.  

Always disinfect 

Isn’t cleaning the same as disinfecting? For the books, cleaning uses a mixture of water and soap for surface dirt and impurities. Meanwhile, disinfecting uses products to kill germs and viruses. 

We don’t want our home to be the mutation ground of bacteria and viruses that cause infectious diseases, like the COVID-19 virus. That is why it is also necessary to disinfect your spaces thoroughly to kill viruses on high-touch or exposed surfaces. 

About Pine-Sol Original

With the power to kill 99.9% of germs, including the COVID-19 virus, pour a concentrated portion of Pine-Sol Original in a sponge or cloth and wipe it on a wet surface. To effectively disinfect and help control the spread of the coronavirus, let it remain for 10 minutes on hard and nonporous surfaces. These include finished hardwood, cement, ceramic tiles, glass, plastic, carpet, linoleum, and granite. Then wash it off.  

“We at Clorox want to make sure that everyone is safe from the COVID-19 virus. Even if the country is slowly going back to normal, we must protect our loved ones from sickness. That’s why it’s important always to keep our home safe and clean so everyone can have a merry and worry-free Christmas,” said Monique Gonzalez, Marketing Manager for Clorox Southeast Asia

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5 thoughts on “Is Your Home Clean and Safe for the New Year?

  1. Thank you for sharing this!This ideas are very hepful and important now a days mommy Sig.It should be practice everyday so that the virus will not stay in our home.Always disenfect and washing our hands before and after work

  2. Let’s protect our family kaya kailangan talagang malinis at safe from virus ang ating tahanan lalo na sa panahon. Thanks for the tips Mommy Sig. Must have disinfectant talaga ang Pine-Sol Original. Will definitely check this out.

  3. As always Mommy.
    Lagi kong pinapanatiling Malinis Ang Bahay Namin kahit walang Okasyon o kahit wala pang Pandemic.
    Problema ko kasi ang Allegic rhinitis kaya kahit kasuluk sulukan ng bahay namin laging malinis

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