Tips For Teaching Your Child How To Ride Their First Bike

Dindin learning to pedal on her purple beginner’s bike when she was about 2 years old.

Learning to ride a bike is considered a rite of passage among many; imagine your first taste of freedom as you flew out of your parents hands, leaving their proud, gleaming faces far behind. Remember, also, the struggles and challenges you faced, as every hurdle seemed impossible and each triumph was something to delight in; teaching your child to ride a bike allows you to relive the same sense of fulfillment, just on the other side of the spokes. To assist parents just like you, and to ensure the safety of everyone involved, have collated a few handy tips and tricks to ensure your child feels safe, secure and excited, every time.

Begin By Teaching Your Child To Balance

Balance is an essential component to life, not just aboard a new bicycle, but in everything we do. Before you sink into philosophy and draw parallels between your floundering, laughing kid and the universal ponderance of every day humanity, draw your attention to the surface they’re currently negotiating. Is it hard? Rough? Strewn with rocks and debris? Ouch! Part of learning to balance one’s bike is feeling confident and unafraid to fall (within reason); starting off on an unforgiving path or road leaves no room for error.

Start from the seat position, is it lowered enough so both feet are flat on the ground? Check.

Are you choosing to use training wheels until your child gets the hang of this new, uncontrollable sensation? Check.

Have you selected a grassy, gentle downhill slope to start? Check.

You’re balance ready!

Dindin used to push this ride on toy, instead of riding on it. hehe

Resist Holding The Bike To Steady Your Child

Once your child’s helmet is strapped firmly on, assist your child in lifting their feet an inch off the ground, and push them along for a couple of feet. Let the bike go and remind your child to place their feet on the ground if they need to stop. Because the bike will coast slowly, this will give your child a surge of confidence. Continue this until your child feels comfortable coasting without being tempted to brake at the sign of the first wobble.

Teach Your Child How To Pedal

Have you removed the pedals in preparation for your balance based syllabus? It’s time to reattach them! Let your child place their feet firmly on the pedals one at a time and simply coast down along the grass. Don’t forget to explain the importance of correct footwear, as nothing can be more painful than falling off bare foot! After several trial runs, help your child to pedal as they roll. Rinse, practice and repeat until your child feels comfortable enough to have the seat raised by small increments, then try a few more coasting runs. This time you can shake things up by teaching them how to break and when, and make sure they are able to steady themselves if they move to fall.

Trying out bikes at SM back then.

Time For A Bike Ride!

As soon as your child feels comfortable enough with their cycling skills, it’s time to take them on longer bike rides. Show them how to keep pace, and take them to different places to get them comfortable with the changes of terrain. Your child will become more confident once they are able to go from a flat surface to a hard surface without difficulty.

Learning to ride a bike can be a challenge for many children, but with parental guidance and words of confidence, it can become a lifelong skill they can teach to their own children in the future.


30 thoughts on “Tips For Teaching Your Child How To Ride Their First Bike

  1. my daughter irelle,she’s already seven years old,she really wants to learn to ride a bike but very afraid to balance her bike alone,thanks for the tips,i would teach my daughter again to ride her bike..

  2. Oh!my Daughter Cazzandra is so makulit,talagang wish nya nung b-day nya ay Bike,pra daw nakakalabas sya pa minsan minsan ng kanyang mga pinsan,Maganda dn namn ito activity pra sa kanya at Enjoy tlalaga ni Cazz ang kanyang New Bike! super happy nya,gnranted ang Wish nya! 😉

  3. My son who is six wants to learn how to ride a bike too. I don’t know how to ride a bike so I’m leaving the task to my husband hehe.

  4. will recommend this to my relatives who will have a kids in the future 🙂 this brings flashbacks when i was 7 and I taught myself how to ride a 2-wheeled bicycle and it was a success. <3

  5. Many kids nowadays, love to learn riding a bike though it’s not easy and will make you panic if something would happen because it’s difficult to balance, so I think a training wheels will really help at first. Thanks for the tips!

  6. im so excited for my baby to grow up!haha,,because i want to watch her riding on a pink bike soon!oh!i love my baby so much!

  7. I am a mom of 4 year old boy and a two year old girl. My son and daughter love biking so much. At first, my daughter was afraid riding on it till she saw how her kuya enjoys biking. My panganay encourage her to ride in a bike,and teached him how to use the pedal. Glad how they love doing physical activities together .

  8. my daughter is still 1 year old but this will definitely come handy once she’s in that stage. Cool tips, right now i’m still wondering what kind of bike should we start with hehe

  9. How I wish my parents were able to teach me to ride a bike. I never got the chance to learn how to ride the bike because mom did not allow she said it was risky if I could learn but anyways I hope it is not too late to learn though even if I am already 20 years old. I miss my childhood moments haha.

  10. nice post.. i will try this to my son. he has a bike naman kaya lang yung may gulong na dalawa sa likod. nahihirapan siya pagdating sa pag ba-balance. but i kept on trying to teach pa den kahit almost four months na since we buy him a bike.

  11. My son started to want a bike when he was 3 years old, so his lola bought him bike for his 3rd birthday. and he so loved it and up until now he’s into it. he bikes in the morning with his friends and in the afternoon after his afternoon nap. But most of the time I ride the bike too with him.

  12. Thanks for the tips. My eldest son learned biking with out my teaching. But with these tips, I can apply with my bunsuan who is 2 years old. He really likes to get one esp when he’s seeing some kids that biking along the road.

  13. At first, I was so nervous when I first teach them on how to bike because I am afraid of accident but I was able to manage my fright and able to teach them slowly with full gears on them. A balancer really helps.

  14. My son will be turning 2 this March. Hubby thinks we should get him a bike. He giggles whenever he sees children riding their bikes. Thanks for the tips.

  15. noon nag umpisa magbike iyon anak ko babae ay 2 yrs old sobra tuwa tuwa siya kapag nakakasakay siya kaya every morning palagi kami sa nasa labas at mainam din para ang kanyang muscles ay tumibay

  16. Be careful always when to ride a bike, look straight and left & right when to move, stay relax. Take it slow when stll learning to ride a bike, that`s my simple tips…

  17. ha! ha! ha!
    well, anyway i badly want to learn how to maneuver a bicycle. my mother didn’t allow me to try one because she is scared if a fall off or something but i want to learn someday.
    it;’s not that to late right?

  18. this helped me a lot since i live w/my sister’s 3 kiddos (ages 3-6) and luckily they all have bikes. 🙂 thanks for the tips!

  19. Wow. I just wish I’ve read this blog post when I was a kid, it’s embarrassing to admit but I don’t know how to ride a bike without getting hurt hehe. You’ve such a wonderful time teaching Dindin, you’re a great team 🙂

  20. I think this is not just for a child but for adults as well hahaha It’s funny to share but I myself don’t know how to ride a bike (face palm) so as much as I want to teach my nephew how to ride one I can’t, I don’t know why my parents didn’t teach me how to ride or I just really don’t like it before. But hey its not too late to learn I might follow this steps with my nephew to make it more fun. This post is very much appreciated Seriously Thanks sis!!!

  21. I love how you guide your kids. Very very sweet mom. Sana lahat ng mother ganyan at mabasa tong post about sa pagtuturo sa kids nila. 🙂 Very much appreciated sis <3 Love it!

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