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The Teacher’s Loan at BDO Network Bank Helps in Reaching Goals


All of us have goals in life–either for ourselves or for our families. Our teachers do, too. In this regard, the BDO Network Bank opens its arms to our Filipino teachers from all levels through the Teacher’s Loan. Read about this heartwarming story of one Filipina public school teacher who has aced her finances and achieved her goals.

Taking Out a Teacher’s Loan

I studied in a public school and back then, I heard so many derogatory remarks about teachers. Aside from direct selling among themselves and to their student, the next issue was the Teacher’s Loan. It seems that the invoice maker burns the midnight candle for all the loans filed by teachers.

But we cannot blame. From their small salaries to the extra workload that they have to bring home, they could not find a second job to make ends meet. Worse is, I am aware that most of their salaries are also delayed. It would just be good if they had a husband with a business or a stable job. What if they are single or even married but they are actually the breadwinners of the family?

That is why the Teacher’s Loan is so important. With just their payslip and documentation of their profession, they can easily apply for one at BDO Network Bank and augment their current or short-term needs.

Our Filipino Teachers: Our Heroes

Despite all the new systems and teaching loads that they have to handle in this pandemic…

Behind all the smiles and the motivational talks, they are giving their students and the parents…

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~ For many teachers, life is not easy. But with the help of the Teacher’s Loan of the BDO Network Bank, many have achieved their goals. ~

Teachers have their own personal struggles. After their online classes are over, they work on their lesson plans and grades. Then they deal with their own troubles. Read this story about a public school teacher in Sultan Kudarat.

“Isang halimbawa ang kwento ni Teacher Buenalice Balungay mula sa Nalilidan Elementary School, Sultan Kudarat. Si Teacher Buenalice ang tumatayo bilang breadwinner ng kanilang pamilya. Dahil sa Teacher’s Loan ng BDO Network Bank, natupad niya ang kanilang mga pangarap: napag-aral niya ang kaniyang mga kapatid, nabibili niya ang mga kailangang gamot ng kanyang mga magulang, nakapagsimula siya ng munting negosyo, naipagawa niya ang kanilang bahay, at nakapag-aral siya ng Masters.”

In celebration of Teacher’s Month, let’s thank our teachers and all their sacrifices for us. Let’s show our appreciation to them through our Facebook posts. Share your fondest memories with them and post these on your feeds and timelines with the hashtag #ThankYouTeacher.


15 thoughts on “The Teacher’s Loan at BDO Network Bank Helps in Reaching Goals

  1. This is good news ,that I can relay to my mother ,she’s a teacher,this is an important information to all our beloved teacher/ mentor

  2. Malaking tulong po ito satin mga GURO. NAKAKATUWA at may mga ganitong programa para sila’y matulungan at may masandalan sa oras na sila ay gipit.

  3. This BDO loan for teachers is very significant which will support their lives as they are facing this time of crisis.There are a lot of teachers out there who are experiencing many struggles financially and some of them are bread winners. Sometimes, their salaries is small enough to support their needs and their families , this teachers Loan of BDO is very important for them.Im so happy that BDO has this kind of opportunity for them.

  4. Happy Teacher’s Month to all our dearest teachers! 😊 Salamat BDO for lending oir dearest teachers with this kind of financial help for them. 💜

  5. It’s a big help gid sa teacher especially biskan pandemic gabaka baka man sila dyapon ubra modules, gmeet, virtual ang iban bago sa technology but they are doing there best gid to learn man para matudlo nau sa studyante nila. They deserve this, ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Happy Teachers Month to all Teachers ♥️ Ang nice po nyan dahil makakatulong Lalo sa ating mga teachers yang Teachers Loan ng BDO💙💙💙thanks for sharing this mommy😊

  7. Malaking tulong po ito sa mga masisipag nating teachers ,lalo na po ngayong pandemic, may makakapitan sila kun silay magipit..thank you BDO ❤

  8. Even before BDO has evolved to what it is now, it has been finding ways to help Filipinos. From starting up businesses, assisting families in times of disasters and emergencies, and linking OFWs and their families with remittances. I remember when we graduated from college, BDO (as EquitablePCIBank back in 1997) offered our batch free credit cards with a 10k credit limit. No docs, and no annual fees. It was a valuable opportunity for graduates who had need for money and great plans for their careers. They were the only bank that I knew of that offered this to us, Commerce grads.

    I’m glad BDO Network Bank now has this product and opportunity for struggling teachers. That my ka-baro need not depend on the 5-6 that was the uso before, coz that’s the only thing available to them then. Or to pawn off their ATMs because they were desperate for tuition money. Teachers are the most deserving of all happy opportunities. For they are the ones who produce our educated public and professionals…including their own kids who also finish and graduate from college.

    BDO indeed knows the heart and the needs of the Filipino people, including teachers. Bravo.

  9. Happy teacher’s month to all the teacher ..You play an important role in our community. Thanks for BDO dahil malaking maitutulong nito sa mga teachers..

  10. Ang Laking tulong nitong BDO Loans For Teacher..Great Job BDO for appreciating teachers lalo na ngayong Pandemic..Salute to all Teachers

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